SV – 35

Jurgen, who succeeded in teleporting, laid an unconscious Dahlia on a nearby sofa and unconsciously unfastened his jacket’s frustrating buttons as if feverish.

He headed west and into the backyard of the Bluebell Mansion, where a cabana and stone pool was.

The building had eight impressive stone pillars in front of a square grass lawn. It gave a dignified and ancient impression as it had been passed down in the family for several generations.

It used to be Jurgen’s sanctuary and favorite lodgings, but lately, he hadn’t had the time to appreciate it.

He lowered himself on an immaculate grass lawn managed impeccably by a manastone throughout the year and took out a handkerchief to dampen it.

The transparent and bluish water from the pool soaked the cloth. Jurgen placed the wet towel on Dahlia’s burning forehead and remarked:

“I’ll take it off. Don’t misunderstand. It’s to save you.”

The woman’s scalding cheeks were red as she tossed and turned, gasping as if she was suffocating. He had no idea whether she had heard him. As Jurgen took off her shoes, he slowly scanned her body which smelled unusually sweet today and rolled up her stockings.

He uncovered a seal that seemed out of place on her cute pale feet.

“You have them all over your body… . Are you crazy? What were you thinking?”

As Jurgen raised her, sitting her up to take off her heavy tan dress, her powerless hand rested on his shoulder. Dahlia struggled to open her eyes.

“What are you doing… .”

“I’m glad you woke up. Take it off.”

“… Are you insane?”

“If you want to live, undress. Von Klose.”


Dahlia shook her head. However, her insides burned at that moment as blood pooled in her mouth. She cried and spewed out blood.


“Your powers need to be let out but instead your insides are breaking down! You’re going to implode. Right now, you need to take it off. It’s not the time to be modest, this is a life and death situation. I just want to save you.”

She knew best that something was wrong with her body. Her eyes, which looked down blankly at the blood she had spilled, swelled with a sharp clarity.

Dahlia jumped up and stumbled. Silently Jurgen watched her. She unbuttoned her buttons and pulled her arms out of her heavy dress, which dropped to her feet. She turned her back to him, held the couch, and ordered,

“Release me.”

Her voice split as she raised her head. A corset and white lace were visible through her long, honey-colored hair. It was so tight that her breathing became heavy when he only pulled one of the strings.

Her thin waist with a little bit of transparent skin poked through. The white garter belt emphasized her round buttocks with a fastener band wrapped around her thighs. Jurgen undid the cords of her corset at a speed that was neither slow nor fast.

Each time he did, her head tilted, and she tightly clutched the back of the sofa, feeling as if her mind was going to explode. Finally, he untied all of the laces, and the corset fell on the couch. The night air touched her round breasts.

“Ha… .”

“On your stomach.”

Her whole body was covered with activated seals, shining with a bright, blinding red light. The runaway of the seal. It was so dangerous that most wizards kept it to themselves.

The seal of the insignia worked like a mirror containing rays of light; it was just a matter of time before the enchanted would be seriously injured by the force that could not escape.

“Ha, hurry up and quickly do something… .”

Laying flat on the sofa, she took shaky, labored gasps with her eyes closed.

“Be patient. I won’t waste time or hold back either.”

Jurgen tossed off his uniform jacket on the floor and grabbed her ankle. Even her soft, smooth heels were red.

He started with the tip of her toes. Jurgen was going to apply force directly to the seals and destroy them one by one, but inside he was upset at the thought of how painful the process would be. Nevertheless, there was no other way.

“Tell me if it hurts. I will let you bite my hand.”

“Ha, I can stand it… .”

“Save your energy. Don’t say useless things.”

Jurgen carefully placed his lips behind her ankle. It was burning hot. The tender and searing skin was beating. The seal’s light gradually became whiter due to the power applied slowly and evaporated with the sound of glass beads breaking.


As night descended, the night crystal balls planted throughout the Bluebell Mansion began to glow. They illuminated two people next to the swimming pool.

It was the deepest and most secretive space of the Bluebell Mansion estate.

It was the first time in his five lives that he had brought an outsider here. Even his long-time fiance, Princess Julia, had never been allowed to enter his space, this dwelling, and the annex.

But why did I bring this woman here?

Climbing past her ankles, the engraved seal on the back of her knee broke. Each time he used his energy power, on the contrary, her power rushed into his body.

The fact that her force moved naturally just by touching meant that their powers had a high matching rate. He was pleased to see her demeanor and desire become gradually kindled as well.

‘I know. You can’t explain just how good it feels. It’s hot and you want to touch it more… . You want to devour it in one bite. Right?’

I don’t know who the hell told her about that, but you’re loathsome.

A wretched possessiveness boiled over at the thought of someone else other than himself lusting for this woman.

“Oh *cough* ugh… . it hurts.”

“Shh… . it’s just a little longer.”

He licked her sweaty, slippery skin and slowly pulled her underwear down. In her stupor, she raised her ass, and her toes fidgeted.

Even before, Jurgen had thought the subtle lines of her figure were beautiful when she had been wrapped up tightly in the light brown dress that came all the way up to her neck. However, when Dahlia was undressed, she was overwhelmingly dazzling, like a pristine jewel.

He licked and broke the seal on the back of her thigh and bit her ample ass, causing her to flinch.

“Ha, is there a seal there too?”


“It can’t be.”

“Yes, Dahlia, I am going to wring the neck of the wizard who has put so many seals on your body.”

No, it was a lie. There was no seal.

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