SV – 34

“Your abilities have no effect on me, Your Majesty. So let me go and withdraw your powers.”

“No, no… . answer me. Is that woman a guide?”

The forces generated under the wisteria created a round waveform, encircling the entire huge tree. The sight of the two forces facing each other was even majestic and awe-inspiring, but Dahlia could not pay attention with the agony that felt like her body was breaking.


The splinter that started in her thigh slowly spreads. The seal engraved on her body broke, crumbled and began to scatter like sparks.

The pain resembled what she felt back home, ultimately so terrible that she couldn’t recall it.

You have to live.

Somehow, you have to live.

‘Stay alive, sweetheart.’

An unremembered voice pushed her back.

“P—Prince Edelred!”

Dahlia, who barely managed to call his name, reached out and grabbed the end of his uniform. Pale, tired, slender fingers trembled.

Her face was drenched in cold sweat, her red eyes filled with tears.

Jurgen noticed that it was not because of fear, but because of the pain of the seal.

He bent down and hugged her as she panted. A new sneer full of ridicule flows from the prince’s lips at that sight.


Damn it.

Jurgen stopped the swear words from leaking out, and turned around with a renewed facade.

“How can that be?”

“No? Liberty… . you’ve brought something very interesting.”

One of Reynon’s eyebrows lifted slightly as he whispered happily. The prince seized some hair from the trembling woman that shook like a frightened herbivore. In an instant, Jurgen’s eyes changed, but Reynon didn’t notice.

The eyes of the prince, who buried her face in her hair, slowly sink. The moment Reynon was convinced of her strength, Jurgen couldn’t stand it any longer.

“… Forgive the rudeness. Majesty.”

The moment Reynon raises her head, the space quickly twists.


Jurgen smiled calmly as he watched the prince’s face turn cold. While he lowered his lips to Dahlia’s dazed forehead his gaze was fixed on Reynon.

“See you tomorrow.”

A strong light dazzled under the wisteria along with the sound of the pod. All the people who ran in after noticing the disturbance was startled by the glare and had to stop to close their eyes tightly—except for Reynon.

He clearly captured the very moment Jurgen disappeared.

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty, the Crown Prince!”

“Brother! Are you okay? What is going on! Everyone, inspect the area!”

“Yes! Your Highness, the Princess!”

As soon as the intangible aura that surrounded the entire garden disappeared, the guards and Julia came running.

Those who witnessed a sudden burst of sentinel energy, assumed that a gate had opened on the castle grounds. Thus, knights and guards were urgently summoned and Julia realized that Jurgen and Reynon were there together.

“Sire, are you alright? A little while ago, I definitely felt the energy of a runaway. Right now, you need a guide… .”

Princess Julia, who ran to Reynon, who was standing still, hurriedly grabbed his hand. Obviously, Jurgen’s power was also felt, but he was nowhere to be seen, and there were no traces of a gate.

When Julia grabbed Reynon’s limp hand and was about to guide him—

“Get your dirty hands away from me!”

Julia’s cheek was cut by the cold hand brushing her away. It was because the sharp edge of a ring cut the princess’ face.

Blood drips down. All those watching were astonished and ran to summon a doctor.

“Older brother… .”

Julia looked up at Reynon, who was shining brightly, and covered her cut cheek. But Reynon looked down on her with no remorse, and straightened his disheveled collar.

“How dare you. Not even Liberty, know your place…. . don’t touch my body. This is a warning.”

“There is no Liberty Guide. They died long ago, brother. If you keep refusing guiding like this, you’ll end up running wild. How long do you think you can rely on manastones!”

Unexpectedly rebellious, Julia got up on her own without the help of those around her and glared at him. A faint smile graced the tip of Reynon’s lips as his chilly eyes fixed on the spot where Jurgen disappeared.

“No, Liberty exists. Shut down the banquet. I am tired.”

Reynon, who brushed off the hem of his red cloak, turned around and walked away. Those around him retreated politely.

As he walked towards the Crown Prince’s palace, he rubbed his lips with a hand and burst into laughter.

It was comical and infuriating that Edelred had captured the cute prey that had fearlessly set foot in the imperial court, with the seal of insignia engraved all over her body.

Dahlia Von Klose.

Plainly, she was a woman who had proved her sentinel powers years ago. But now  a guide. Liberty too… ?


At the calm call of the Crown Prince, a person hiding in the shadows appears quietly and walks at the same pace.

“Check where Duke Edelred has gone. And send someone to Tezeba. Go now.”

“I hear and obey your orders, Sire.”

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