SV – 33

t1v: There’s a lot of new terminology in this book so here’s a ‘guide’ and official artwork in this post.

“How unusual of you. Who is the lady with you?”

Dahlia looked down at her glowing red necklace and swallowed a silent swear. The necklace, which had turned red because of Jurgen since before, was now making an odd resonant hum.

She hadn’t paid it any mind, figuring that it was reacting because of Jurgen. She had been too complacent and committed a foolish mistake.

Had it not been for this man, the Crown Prince would not have approached, and even if he had, she would have known it right away.

Dahlia gritted her teeth. She was in the worst-possible and most preposterous situation. Somehow finding herself between two of the seven Luster Sentinels in the world… .

“What will happen if someone who should be at the banquet appears here? I’m sure everyone is looking for you, your Majesty.”

Jurgen’s large back appeared and took up her field of vision as she took a step back. Covering her intrinsically, he grabbed her hand.

He squeezed it lightly. Dahlia fretted, how could she leave? She thought about rearing up her Sentinel powers so that it wouldn’t be discovered that she was a guide.

“How can I enjoy myself without you? It’s too boring. But Edelred…. What are you so intent on hiding?”

In response to the sharp question mixed with laughter, Dahlia had no choice but to hold Jurgen’s hand.

She had not yet gotten a glimpse of the Crown Prince’s face, but she knew instinctively: That the current situation is very unfavorable and dangerous for me.

“I hoped you’d turn a blind eye… . Did your Majesty want to watch me propose so much?”

Dahlia’s eyes widened at his attitude toward the Crown Prince. His hand clutching her fingers trembled, and perhaps because of his mood, her seal was activated.

“Proposal? Of marriage? You?”


“How puzzling, I thought you would marry my sister, Edelred.”

“The Princess is not my type.”

“Then, that woman is?”


This time again, the Crown Prince’s questions were directed straight at her. Since Jurgen had committed an offense, Dahlia had to play along. As her nerves stretched she tightened her grip on his hand, he slowly turned around and narrowed his brow.

‘What?’ he asked silently, and she laughed.

The Crown Prince, who was a little far away, picked up some drooping wisteria flowers and came close to her.

She could no longer hide from Reynon’s presence as he approached.

It’s a proposal that should be rejected, and as long as the Young Duke doesn’t have the ability to move through space, she can run away… .  right?

“Do you think the Emperor will allow you to marry?”

“I plan to slowly solve it.”

“There is no woman in the empire higher in status than the princess.”

“All the same, if the princess married me, she would lose her status as the Duchess. In that case, it would be better for her to marry a prince of another country. His Majesty would wish so too.”

“Ah, so… . You’re going to relinquish my sister’s heart, really?”

The atmosphere between the two men began to twist. Frankly, she agreed with the Crown Prince. She didn’t know the details, but if he had a woman he had promised to marry, betrayal was unacceptable regardless of reason.

Dahlia carefully peeked from behind his back. Spotting garments more colorful than Jurgen’s uniform and a red cloak draped over one shoulder turning heavily in the breeze.

Her gaze slowly traveled upward.

Bright blonde hair like the sun, and her eyes are more translucent than that. His hair, swaying in the wind, half covered his cold eyes and looked straight into her eyes.

‘Uh… ?’

Inadvertently, Dahlia could not help but gape in astonishment.

He was not unfamiliar. Not only was he not unfamiliar to her, but she distinctly remembered his face:

“You would have avoided hearing this insult if you had ever glanced at the newspaper during your jewelry shopping and dress up time. Lady.”

An unknown man who was pouring venom at me. The man I thought was just the family of the victims stood in front of me with a dry expression.

“Oh, I know that face.”

When their eyes met, Reynon’s lips twisted faintly. In that moment, the energy of a sentinel struck her precisely.

Dahlia felt like she was being sucked into the deep water. The ability of Prince Reynon, a sentinel of the mental variety, had the power to induce a kind of hypnosis, obedience and delusion.

Confused by the pressure, she felt the need to kneel before him.

The seals inside her body were activated one by one. All the seals engraved on the back of the hands, calves and thighs, chest and lower abdomen were activated at once.


“You’re making this difficult, sire.”

Seeing Dahlia in pain and dropping her grip on his hand, Jurgen raised his strength and confronted the prince. She took a moment to catch her breath, wrapping her hand on her neck.

Her whole body was hot and stinging as if she had been burned. She had to run away. But deep down rather than running away she desperately wanted to get rid of all these cursed seals.

The moment her eyes trembled, full of tears, the gaze of the prince looking down on her darkened.

“… Seal of the insignia?”

The Crown Prince grabbed Jurgen’s collar intensely, without retrieving his power.

“You answer me. The guide you mentioned yesterday… Was it Lady Von Klose?”

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