SV – 26

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“Does your Majesty think they have succeeded?”

“Maybe, because they are confident of success, they haven’t given up for such a long time.”

Aides and escorts follow the two people walking side by side. Walking away from the tea room of the cute princess, the two headed to the Crown Prince’s Palace.

They entered the door to the west of the Imperial Library connected to the Prince’s Palace that opened to the central portal where the blessing of the sun god Icaruso was bestowed.

It was as if they arrived at the top of a spire, it was a space composed of a structure that narrowed as it approached the sky. A gigantic sphere rotated at a consistent speed, drifting around a statue with eagle’s wings and sharp claws. In front of the magic circle where the holy light slowly flowed, Reynon leaned back.

“The more difficult the research, the more astronomical the price. The scale of the experiment is too large for a single noble or criminal group to accommodate. Even just the manastones we recovered since last year, we can’t even estimate their price, but 20 years… . What do you think?”

Jurgen reached out and grabbed the light that flowed like grains of white sand. Then, the light absorbed in his hand gently wrapped around his heart.

The blessing of the sun god Icaruso was light. Therefore, one who had the power of the greatest of guides, called Liberty, was also dubbed “The Blessing of Icaruso.”

He snorted and shook his head slightly.

Liberty’s light? How funny.

What he felt was not light. It was burning hot.

“The Great Northern Empire of Balcantera bordering the Duchy of Bradley. It’s called the Empire of Desert, Sun and Gold. Even so, I suspect it.”

“To suspect… . If you’re sure of your doubts, we’ll have to go to war the Great Northern Empire, not Plum.”

“It is still a friendly country. There is no need to rush.”

“Sometimes the one who puts strikes the knife on the back first has the upper hand.”

Reynon, who spoke lightly, turned and met and held his eyes with a fierce stare, as he grabbed the light.

“But you… . Why are you in such good condition?”

“Did you want me to go amok?”

“I thought you’d runaway. I didn’t know that the Duke who blew up the two gates single handedly would be so healthy, huh?”

Jurgen drew a captivating slight arc of a smile. In front of the Crown Prince, he seemed to be immersed in thought, and even smirked. Then he grabbed Jurgen’s chin lightly and wrinkled the bridge of his nose.

“So you didn’t need to come here… ? Did you find a guide?”


After canceling all schedules, Dahlia returned to the capital’s mansion and instructed the attendant that welcomed her.

“Where are the newspapers from the past year?”

“It’s in the master’s study and library. Shall we prepare them?”

“Yes, I’ll be there soon.”

Yvon, who had just entered the mansion behind her daughter as she headed for the second-floor bedroom, shouted angrily:

“Dahlia, are you really going to do this? There are still many places to visit and things to do—so what are you doing now?”

“I’m sorry, Mom. I’ll go visit the jeweler later.”

“I have to place an order right now, so it will match your debutante dress. Come on—”

“Right now, it’s more urgent for me to know what’s going on in the capital than my debutant.”

“Dahlia, women don’t have to wonder about that. That’s a man’s job!”

“I’m sorry.”

Climbing to the top of the staircase, she took off her gloves and headed for her bedroom. Freesia, who hastily caught up, took off her dress.

Dahlia quickly untied her corset and changed into comfortable, loose clothes.

‘You would have avoided hearing this insult if you had ever glanced at the newspaper during your jewelry shopping and dress up time. Lady.’

Yes, she acknowledged it. Her first priority upon arriving in the capital was not to stop by dressing rooms.

With her long hair tied up, ran down the stairs, leaving the maid to clean the room.

The butler Hansen, holding the key to the study, spotted Dahlia and smiled kindly.

“It’s been 7 years, what a pleasure to see again, miss.”

“Nice to meet you, Hansen.”

Dahlia followed Hansen to the Count’s study. Unlike in Tezeba, the mansion in the capital was not very large. So Dahlia quickly memorized the structure of the manor. At the end of the west aisle on the first floor, there was a study that resembled a library.

Noticing the huge amount of newspapers on the table she laughed in disbelief. Hansen put down the key and bowed.

“Then, after you finish your business. Please lock the door. It is a place with a lot of valuable materials.”

“Thank you.”

“But, may I ask what is going on?”

Dahlia picked up the topmost newspaper. Then, after tightening the band holding up her long hair, he looked at Hansen with a lively smile.

“I am a bit idiotically ignorant in an area… I’m trying to make up for it. Then, I’d like to ask you for that cup of tea, please.”

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