SV – 24

“Von Klose… . Is she the daughter of Count Howell Von Klose?”

“Yes, they came to the capital to observe Earl Gerald Von Klose’s sentinel advancement exam.”

Reynon smiled and nodded coldly. [t1v: his address isn’t ‘highness’ but ‘majesty’ hinting that he has power equal to a king]

No wonder she had looked familiar, it was the same kid who proudly proved she possessed the power of a senior-ranked sentinel in front of him seven years ago.

She was a cheeky, small kid who looked down on people.


A wagon stopped in front of Reynon, who mumbled softly. As they got into the carriage, he asked,

“When will the Young Duke of Edelred arrive?”

“He will be arriving soon. I have been informed that Altera’s coordinates are connected to the portal.”

“I see.”

The carriage carrying the Crown Prince ran at high speed and headed for the Imperial Palace. Following eight escort knights on horseback chasing after them.

Before leaving the city completely, Reynon found Dahlia standing in front of the theater. Perhaps startled by the sound of heavy horse’s hoofs, the Countess’ escorts surrounded the woman who turned around.

A fleeting expression of irritation flashed across Reynon‘s face, but he skillfully masked it and leaned against the backrest, closing his eyes.

It was a dull and tedious day as usual.


“Sir Edelred!”

A portal to the Palace of Imperial Family of Leonardo was opened, which could only be used by authorized persons.

It was Princess Julia von Leonardo who greeted Jurgen who had escaped through the portal decorated with ivory and gold like an ancient temple.

He drew near Julia who had her voluptuous blonde hair up and done, and kissed the back of her hand.

“I greet her Highness, the Princess.”

“It’s been a while, sir.”

With a blush on her cheeks, she beamed lovingly and grabbed Jurgen’s escorting arm.

“Let’s go to the tea room, shall we? I told them to prepare the tea.”

“As you wish.”

As he walked in stride with Princess Julia, everyone’s attention was focused on him.

The Duke of Edelred in the Sentinel Knights uniform’s very existence was notable and eye-catching. Noble men envied him and did not hesitate to imitate him, and women admired and gaped at him even though they knew he was the princess’s man.

“How have you been? I heard that a gate was recently discovered on the border of Tezeba.”

“With the help of Count Von Klose, we took care of it easily.”

“Did you go out yourself?”


“Oh, you need guiding. Shall I help you in the tea room?”

Julia looked up at him, her eyes full of anticipation. But Jurgen’s answer wasn’t what she was hoping for.

“I’ve received sufficient guidance. Thank you for your concern, your Highness.”

While she was panicking, they arrived at the tea room.

The tea room was decorated according to the princess’s taste; there were two cages and various kinds of roses. A server ushered in the two of them.

Next, a variety of desserts and red tea appeared on a cream-colored table. And the coffee brewed according to Jurgen’s taste was placed with the saucer.

Jurgen took a sip of the hot, strong coffee. Julia, who had been staring at his long, straight fingers holding the teacup, spoke first.

“This year’s advancement examination will be significant.”

“I think so.”

“Did you know that I agreed to be a guide at the test center?”

Jurgen put down his cup and looked up.


“Yes, so, I mean… . Will the lord protect me?”

He recalled the sentinels who were on the brink of a runaway everytime a test occured and rushed at the guides. It was more likely that everyone would make it through safely without inducing a frenzy, but there were also sentinels who occasionally crossed the line and even tried to reverse guide.

“I will.”

Jurgen blankly looked at Julia with a pretty blush on her cheeks and thought of Dahlia. In fact, he thought about her almost every day.

He was constantly thinking about how to get his hands on her sweetness, it was like an addicting poison.

By now, wouldn’t Dahlia have arrived in the capital?

It was when he was wondering about her and immersed in his thoughts, forgetting that he was in the company of the princess. The attendant guarding the entrance to the tearoom stomped his feet twice and shouted:

“His Majesty, Crown Prince Reynon von Leonardo, has arrived!”

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