SV – 21

The man who took off his mask threw away his dignity without any hesitation or regret.

Pulling and loosening the neat cravat, he flopped on the nearby sofa and crossed his legs.

She wiped the knee that Jurgen’s lips had touched, and then straightened her back.

“I would have been content with a thank-you note. So, tell me why you bothered to come to my room.”


She tried not to avoid his gaze, but every time their eyes met, Dahlia was uncomfortable, remembering what had happened on the promenade.

To her, guiding was a very sacred and reverent act. Carefully touching hands, peering into the mad darkness of the person in need of guiding. It took a long time, but the stable and warm act was guiding.

Sometimes she healed her father, Count Howell, and his twilight fell on her. But the source of guiding was light. In a world full of light, darkness was bound to disappear without leaving a shadow.

However, after feeling the other person’s anxiety, fear, depression, dread and fatigue, she also suffered quite a bit of damage in the aftermath.

So, after guiding, Count Howell would carry her on his back and take her for a walk around the mansion and gardens. He affectionately cared for her wounds, comforting, and thanking her.

But what about this man?

He hugged her recklessly, kissed her without permission, and stuck to her like an animal even after the guiding was over.

He denigrated himself, as if he had tasted sweetness for the first time and was getting drunk off honey. And then he wanted to get down on his knees?

Did he think that if he acted like a gentleman in love, she would be fooled?


“Do you have both powers?”

After staring at her with a mysterious gaze he opened his mouth. Dahlia nodded curtly.


“Since when?”

“I do not know.”

“Your seal must have been engraved by Rodrigo Brandel… . Why?”

Dahlia’s gaze turned sharp at his interrogation.

“First of all, I did not want to belong to the temple, and secondly… . I don’t want to die. No one has survived with both powers, right?”

Jurgen was solemn as he slightly nodded absentmindedly. Dahlia secretly pressed her palm on her unbroken seal. She was afraid that it might hurt again after being provoked. Fortunately, all was quiet now, but she didn’t know when the seal would be activated again.

He got up from his seat and leaned against the window looking deep in thought. Needing ventilation, he opened the window wide and looked out, it was getting dark.

“If you’re done with your questions, you can leave now. I don’t want to be misunderstood.”

“Misunderstood? What we did could not be called a misunderstanding.”

“I will not tolerate any further disrespect.”

“I can tell you how not to run rampant.” [t1v: without the seals]

Her fingertips trembled as she tried to pick up the book with an indifferent expression. But her eyes were filled with astonishment.

Jurgen calmly approached her and picked up the book on her behalf.

Then he placed it on Dahlia’s lap and whispered.

“If you’ll be my guide, that is.”

Dahlia’s lips parted slightly. It looked strangely pretty when she blinked in exasperation.

Moreover, she bit her lips making red blood oozing from the crevices were very irritating to him.

“I would rather live like this for the rest of my life. I’ll pretend I didn’t hear your offer.”

She got up, put down the book, and strode towards the door. She seemed intent on opening the door herself and letting him go.

“You must enjoy the pain, my lady.”

After a moment’s hesitation, Dahlia stood in front of the door. Then she lightly put her hand on the lock, and looked back at Jurgen.

“Directly, let’s go.”

“Every time you encounter a high-level sentinel, it will be painful.”

“It’s better than being on the receiving end of vulgar, low-quality kisses.”

“Let’s talk straight. It was you who kissed me. It was my first kiss.”

The lock was released with a click and a sound.

Dahlia warned, clutching the doorknob with a flushed face.

“Get out.”

Only then did he step towards her. With each step Dahlia straightened her shoulders more. Her heartbeat became unstable for no discernible reason, and her mouth dried up. She prayed that she could quickly open this door and make this man disappear.

“By the way, Dahlia.”

Not lady or miss but Dahlia. Yes, the moment this man called her name affectionately, red eyes like the setting sun suddenly appeared and filled her vision.

“Do you know what reverse guiding is?”

A large, strong man’s hand was placed over her hand clutching the doorknob. He grabbed her small hand tightly and grabbed Dahlia’s neck with his opposite hand.

“What are you doing… Ah!”

In the moment when their lips met, the power within her was sucked into Jurgen. Dahlia gasped in horrifying fear. She twisted her head away as hard as she could.

He didn’t force it nor continue. Their lips touched less then a second, but the sensation of her power being ripped away felt as long as a few seconds.

“Haa, haaa.”

After gently patting her back as she panted heavily, he suddenly grabbed her chin with strength, making her head raise and meet his eyes.

His smile had vanished, and instead a merciless, dark gaze poured over her.

“This is reverse guiding. If there’s someone that does this to you… . you should kill them, Dahlia.”

Jurgen, who had released her, opened the door with a smile as if it had always been there. He put on the mask of a gentle nobleman again, abominably.

“I’ll see you next time in the capital, my lady. I’m looking forward to it.”

He went out and closed the door.

Only then did Dahlia allow herself to collapse.

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    1. In the past lives Reynon murdered his sister via reverse guiding so he is definitely warning her since she grew up very sheltered.

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