SV – 20

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I should see you off… right? No matter how angry I am, it is according to etiquette.

Dahlia chose a very modest and stuffy dress that she usually avoided. But now she found it helpful to cover up the traces that man left on her skin. Her high collar symbolized her will to firmly draw a line between the two of them so that he could no longer take her lightly.

Freesia combed Dahlia’s long hair and tied it half up and let the rest down. Then, she grabbed her arm with a worried expression.

“Don’t worry, I will get some ointment. But… Are you really not going to tell me who did this to you? I won’t let them off!”

She shook her head, gently stroking Freesia’s greenish-brown hair.

“It’s alright. This is something I can handle on my own. Just fetch the ointment, please.”

The maid pouted her lips and opened the door to bring her meal and ointment. With a gasp, Freesia took a step backwards and collapsed to the floor.

Dahlia’s attention, just about to pick up a book, turned to the door.

It smelled like acacia flowers.

An indifferent and cold light flashed in the eyes of the man who looked down on the fallen Freesia. Dahlia jumped up.

“Sir Edelred.”

Jurgen raised his head and looked at her. She approached, supported Freesia up, and sent her out of the room. Upon making eye contact with Gerald standing in front of her door, she quickly closed the entrance with all her might.

She turned her lock with a stout click. For a fleeting moment Gerald’s shocked eyes tormented her.

“You don’t have to lock the door.”

The tip of Jurgen’s lips turned up lazily in amusement.

“How… Why are you here?”

Dahlia returned to her seat again, ignoring him. She tried not to be conscious of him as much as possible, but it was only a few hours since she guided him, so the presence of the man felt too big.

“You were absent from dinner.”

“I notified the house I would eat in my room. Because of someone.”

“Maybe, surely not— could it be me?”

He was an exceptionally handsome man especially with that bright smile on his face showing off his clear jawline.

Really, amazing.

How could he be so unabashedly shameless? A man who acted like a panting, rutting beast just a few hours ago was now the figure of an impeccably dignified gentleman.

“I… ! Guiding the Lord was purely… . Because the Sir was about to explode. Of course, if there were guides present, I would not have guided the Lord.”

“Indeed. You saved me.”

Jurgen, who readily admitted, approached her and presented a vase full of fresh flowers. Dahlia stared at him with pointed eyes and closed the book on her lap.

“I’ve been constantly recalling your words even through the meal. You said as much, didn’t you? If I’m truly grateful towards you for saving me I better get on my knees.”

“I didn’t mean it. I was just venting.”

“You also called me a crazy lunatic.”

“So what are you trying to say, Sir?”

Her regard broadened as she stared at Jurgen.

“If you want me to kneel, I must kneel. Because you saved my life.”

He smiled softly and knelt in front of her without a single heistation. His large hand encircled, wrapping around her heel and acting like a cushion under her foot. With a smooth grace, he leaned over and kissed the top of her foot.

The book that was on Dahlia’s lap fell to the floor. Through his hold on her feet he felt her trembling. It was he who bowed down on the floor, but it was her face that went red again.

After kissing Dahlia’s white legs and getting up to his knees, he felt a distinct satisfaction.

Even if he’s a new presence in her world, yes. She wouldn’t be any different from the others. With a remorseful expression she might push him away saying “don’t do this!” But inside she would hide the joy of having a higher status person with a dignified, proud face kneel before her, promising that he would grant anything she desired.

Grasping her heel, he swept up her soft calf and grabbed the back of her knee. Then he looked up at her as she trembled like her frightened bird.


However, the moment Dahlia’s eyes met his, a chilling sensation of pleasure ran through Jurgen’s back.

Covering her mouth, Dahlia was holding back a burst of laughter, like someone who had seen a gruesome comedy. With her sight full of the kneeling man at her feet, she showed an unhidden scorn.

Unconsciously his grip grew stronger on Dahlia’s leg. Then she flinched and bent forward towards Jurgen. She still hadn’t erased the feeling similar to contempt shining plainly in her eyes.

“What are you up to? Umm? Sir Edelred.”

It was a voice sweet as poison.

Smiling, Jurgen let her legs go, then got up from his knees. His dark red eyes became cold in an instant, Dahlia’s head followed his movements, still holding his stare.

The mask of the noble Jurgen Axel Edelred had cracked. The man’s eyes looked down obliquely and then grew long in a smile as he swept back his flowing bangs.

“Ah… . Did I get caught?”

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