SV – 2

Holding the child, Howell looked around with a puzzled expression.

‘Obviously, the guide lost her life… ? But why… .’

His energy, which had been exhausted and on the verge of a riot, was filling up very slowly. Convinced that someone was guiding him, Howell’s eyes fluttered brilliantly.

‘No way… .’

His astonished gaze moved again to the child in his arms. Precisely, the hand of the child clutching the hem of his cloak.

Without realizing it, he sought and prayed to the gods.

“God… .”


“No, that’s absurd.”

The face of the wizard Rodrigo who laid the smiling child on a cushion hardened in astonishment. Howell’s eyes were twisted as he stood on the table with the children divided.

“Are you saying that it doesn’t make sense even if you see it in person?”

“Ha, but… .”

“Are you sure she’s a Luster Sentinel?”

“Yes. However, the power of the guide is also contained in this child’s body. Since this is not common… .”

“There’s not much precedent.”

“Yes. Those with two powers can’t control their powers properly, so they run wild or go crazy. Not a single one has ever survived.”

Did he say he’s over 100 years old?

Rodrigo, whose hair has grown whiter than yesterday, shakes his wrinkled hands and draws a magic circle on the child’s belly. Then, as he chanted the spell, an unknown seal began to shine around the pit of the child’s stomach.

“As expected… . It is an insignia of sealing.”

“Insignia of Sealing?”

“Yes. Sometimes children are born with too much power. These children can’t control their own power, so they use a seal like this to prevent runaway. The child’s parents seem to have chosen it early.”

Howell nodded, urging him to continue.

Still, the baby blinked her big eyes and moved his head to follow Howell. Like looking for something.

He cautiously gave his finger to the fussy child. Then the child clasped his callused fingers and burst into laughter.

In an instant, the power flowing into her body was as blue as the sea, vast and even as sweet as a ripe fruit.

“But even if the guide’s power is sealed, this child will surely die sooner or later. Two forces cannot coexist.”

The wizard with a sad expression waved his white beard and stood still. Normally, he would have yelled at the ferocious wizard, but now that his gaze was captivated by the child, nothing came into his sight.

“If this child survives.”


“Did you feel it too? A child born with the power of Luster Sentinel from birth. It didn’t even go through an awakening. It’s not an ordinary kid, right?”

“Well, yes, but… .”

The wizard hovered around the child with his hands together like a man in agony. Then he stretched out his hand, saying that he needed to check the child’s body more. Howell violently snatched the wizard’s hand back.

“That is enough.”

The Royal Sentinel’s eyes, after being guiding and recovering, was like a sharp beast. The wizard sighed and took a step away from the child.

“Leader, if I had to say one thing, it is the temple that manages the guides. If this kid really has the power of a guide, she should be sent to the temple.”

That was true advice. Howell fixed his gaze on the child’s eyes, holding my fingers tightly.

“But the child is also a sentinel.”

Howell was in serious trouble, fiddling with the baby’s hand. As the wizard Rodrigo said, considering the child’s guiding power, it was right to send her to the temple.

But she was also a child sentinel. The strongest Luster Sentinel he’d ever seen.

“Even if I were a parent, I think I would deny the power of a guide.”

Howell murmured coldly.

All guides belong to the temple because of the scarcity of numbers. Guides belonging to the temple were treated like objects that lost human dignity.

They existed only for the Sentinel, and most of them lost their lives while guiding indiscriminately. Same thing happened during the previous battle. Didn’t one guide lose their lives while taking care of ten sentinels in front of him?

“Leader… . Surely, the temple will notice it soon. I can’t hide… .”

“What if you increase the insignia of sealing… ?”

Howell lifted his head slowly and stared at him. Rodrigo’s wrinkled eyes trembled.

“Isn’t it possible for you? If you increase the seal of the seal by one or five, wouldn’t it be hard for the temple to find her? Then this child will live as a sentinel.”


“I take responsibility. I… I will take care of this child.”

Rodrigo, who was blown away by the wind, had to accept that he could no longer convince his stubborn master.

“As it is a risky job, I should be paid generously. And as I said before, five will not be enough. The power of the guide is not something you can fully press just by pushing it.”

“Do it anyway.”

“Ha, I see. By the way, you need the child’s name to engrave the seal. It seems that the child’s name starts with a D.”


Howell drew a D with his fingertips on the girl’s supple cheek, pondering it very briefly, then smiled softly.

“Dahlia. Dahlia Von Klose. From today on, this child’s name is Dalia Von Klose.”

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