SV – 19

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“These are manastones. Second to none.”

Jurgen displayed three crystals that gave off a bluish light in front of everyone at the table. It was what he found when he entered the gate alone to prepare for a runaway. It was the source of the power that transformed the gate. A medium that also assisted the aberrations to regenerate rapidly, reproduce quickly and amplify their strength.

Magic stones that ‘Plum’ used to create the gate.

“The gates created by Plum can only be completely destroyed by sentinels above the Luster level—at least that was what everyone thought until these manastones were discovered. A Luster Sentinel working on the case solved it by blowing up the gate with the manastones.”

Jurgen sat and held a glass. The ice in the glass clanked. He continued to speak while gazing at Dahlia’s empty seat.

“But now even ordinary sentinels can destroy Plum’s Gate if they work together. If they find the magic stones hidden in the gate, not only can the regeneration of the demons be prevented, but the power of the gate itself will decrease.”

“Ah, if only we knew before… .”

Howell’s fists trembled, repressing his rage. The faces of his colleagues and subordinates that had been sacrificed to the quelling of such gates flashed through his mindseye.

As if he understood Howell’s feelings, the Archduke of Leicester patted the back of his hand. He continued:

“Furthermore, the highest-grade manastone can provide temporary power to sentinels and guides. The temple will make potions with the manastones recovered from gates and supply them to the Order of the Sentinel Knights.”

“If it’s the Sentinel Knights… . You mentioned them before.”

“Right, everything has already come together. Only the decisions of each family and the dean of the Sentinel Academy remain. Your decision included.”

Howell was deeply troubled, but he could not easily answer. To entrust the family to Gerald…. his son was still lacking. It wasn’t just about his ability as a sentinel.

Howell could not entrust his beloved wife, Yvon, to anyone. Even now, she did not leave the chapel, hoping that he would return safely from the subjugation.

She was a timid, lovely and good-natured woman. So Howell couldn’t leave her, even to his heir and son, Gerald.

“Can’t I join the Sentinel Knights on behalf of my father?”

At that moment, Gerald, who had been silent until now, opened his mouth.

At his unexpected request, the eyes of the Archduke, who was chewing food slowly, narrowed.


“Yes. If I pass this advancement test, I will officially become a Royal Sentinel. I want to work as a knight and build up my strength. Also, my mother still needs father.”

Gerald smiled briefly, then glared at Jurgen, who was sitting opposite of him. He didn’t like him from the beginning.

From the time he opened the portal without permission, from the instant he looked down at him with a smirk, to the time he saw Dahlia standing opposite him from the balcony on the second floor.

“Hmm… . It’s a tempting proposition. But in that case, the position of the 1st general will still be vacant. The leader’s position is not a seat that anyone can fill.”

“Then, wouldn’t it make more sense for the Duke, as a Luster Sentinel, to fill that seat?”

At Gerald’s provocation, Jurgen, who swallowed a cold drink, smiled as if he found his triviality amusing. He met his sharp glare.

“I… Luster Sentinel?”

“No, I think you might be even more than that.”

“Really, and why would you think that?”

“On the balcony… . The lord crushed my strength ruthlessly. Unless there is a difference of more than two grades, it’s impossible.”

Jurgen felt like he had been hit.

He recalled his mistake he had made on the second floor balcony: The act of brutally destroying the pride of a Sentinel.

Yes, it was impulsive. He humiliated Gerald in contempt for brazenly revealing his possessiveness and obsession with Dahlia Von Klose in front of him. He had to admit, it was childish of him and in poor taste.

But why he had done it was still unclear. Just after receiving flawless and replenishing guiding, that had lifted his spirits so high—why did he get so annoyed?

“So, Archduke. I think that the Duke of Edelred, not my father, should take up that position.”

A clear bell rang in the chapel. It was a clear and thick sound, cutting the uncomfortable aura. At that moment, the air heavy with tense confrontation cracked.

Embarrassed, Howell warned Gerald with a stern glance and then raised his glass.

“Gerald, mind your manners. I don’t think this is a conversation we should have over dinner.”

It was their last meal. After they finished eating, they would return to Altera, Edelred’s own territory. Howell was also curious about the true nature and level of Jurgen’s power, but he deferred his interest in hopes to end this episode without further agitation.

“Let’s think deeply about Earl’s proposal. By the way… . I don’t see the young lady.”

“She’s a weak child. Don’t worry, the servants will bring her meal to her room. Thank you for your concern, Duke.”

“Ah… . Your body is weak. If it’s not rude, I would like to see the lady before I depart. Would you grant permission please? Count.”

It was Duke Jurgen’s request that he, a Count, could not politely refuse without reason.

Howell hid his uneasiness and with a cheerful look..

“Of course. Gerald will lead the way.”


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