SV – 16

t1v: There’s a lot of new terminology in this book so here’s a ‘guide’ and official artwork in this post. 

Her fingertips and toes tingled. She gasped as if someone was strangling her. At the same time, the heat she felt last night poured from the top of her head and flowed into her.



She instinctively knew. What Rodrigo’s warning meant, and the incoming pain of breaking the seal. And that Jurgen Axel Edelred was on the verge of exploding and experiencing a runaway.

Hastily, Dahlia turned around and began running away. Her long hair swayed in the wind, and a burning pain came from her seal-engraved skin.

It felt like her whole body was being ripped apart. A fear exceeding  her pain choked her breath and made her run faster.

As she leaped out of the sacred forest lake and onto the northern promenade, Dahlia screamed in surprise at the strength of the arms around her waist.


They flew in front of a tree overrun with nameless grass and moss blooming profusely. A small flock of birds flew up, and a flower the size of a little fingernail fell.

Dahlia, who had her eyes tightly shut, realized that the embrace that held her tightly in her arms was too hot, and she slowly lifted her head. It was Jurgen Axel Edelred who was embracing her as if he intended to crush her. It would have been but a small task for him.

It was too scalding and agonizing. A horrific pain pierced and stung to her abdomen like her dress that was clinging to her skin. Dahlia panting in agony grabbed Jurgen’s hem tightly.

By touching his chest she sensed his heart beating fast. Dahlia twisted her body to get out of his arms as he held her. But the more she did, the rougher Jurgen’s breath pouring down from the top of her head got.

Was a man’s body this big and hard?

Gerald’s arms, after growing up, were rather manly, but not stronger or bigger than these. His heated breath touching her cheek made her shudder. She called out her name.

“Sir Edelred, what— !”

“Wait, be still.”

He murmured softly as he took a deep breath with his nose stuck in her shoulders. With every deep shaky breath he took, Dahlia’s cheeks began to glow. She couldn’t stay still. What the hell was going on? She could not raise up her sentinel powers.

“It must be quite painful… . the lady is very patient.”

Jurgen whispered with a low intensity and caressing her lower abdomen slowly. The red seal that was clearly visible through her dress. Whenever his hand gently stroked her, the seal lightened and darkened repeatedly, as if gaining and losing strength.

Jurgen’s eyes grew deeper and subsided darkly upon taking in the sight and raised his elegant lips.

“D-don’t do that.”

She tried to push Jurgen’s shoulder. But as she tried to get up, he grabbed Dahlia’s wrists and lowered her upper body in an instant.

“You said you were a Sentinel but it’s too obvious.”

Dahlia took in a deep breath and opened her eyes. Her shaky sight was filled with leaves that densely covered the sky.

His breath was touching the insignia of the seal. She could clearly feel the man’s hot tongue and saliva sweeping through the thin fabric. Clenching her fists, she groaned from the sensuously tickling that mixed with the unbearable pain. Dahlia, unable to withstand the unfamiliar and exotic sensations, twisted her body haphazardly.

Every time she twisted her body, the scent of crushed acacia* flowers bloomed thickly and permeated her skin. But Jurgen did not let her go. She then realized what he was going to do.

“You are crazy—Are you going to kill me?”

Jurgen’s face suddenly appeared in her field of vision, bending her waist while holding her hands. A cool smile was drawn on his face as he held her lower body closer together.

“Then… You shouldn’t have hidden your powers so clumsily.”

“I just did it to live… ! Ha!”

Before Dahlia could finish speaking, Jurgen bit her earlobe. Every time she spoke, the smell of her was driving him crazy.

Her guiding powers began to leak faintly as his tongue wrapped around the smooth surface of her pearl earring. Then the  tip of his tongue brushed against her soft flesh.

Her faint strength was so overwhelming, how much would it be if her seal was broken?

He released Dahlia’s hands and grabbed her chin firmly. His eyes widened at the sweetness that blinded him and made the tip of his tongue tingle. In the haze of his runaway, his brutally infested desire he needed to immediately devour the guide in front of him.

He shuddered at the shiver that made his skin quiver, and pressed his swollen lower half between her crotch. Desire, impulse, pleasure, satisfaction. No words could express this feeling towards a woman.

“Dahlia Von Klose… .”

He called her name in a wet voice, licked around her eyes wet with embarrassment, and then grazed her lower lip with his thumb. His fingers dug in as he pulled her lower lip down.

A small, soft tongue rebelled trying to push the finger away. But he persistently poked and pried open her mouth. The saliva she couldn’t swallow spreads across her lips, and Dahlia’s cheeks turn bright red.

It was cute, as if dyed with the pigment of flowers.

“You have to open it up properly.”

[*t1v: acacia flowers symbolize rebirth and reincarination.

Dahlia flowers symbolize:

  • New beginnings and fresh starts
  • Diversity amidst a boring world
  • Enduring kindness and grace, even when things are hard
  • Commitment to what is good

green dahlia flowers symbolize big change and new beginnings while remaining true to oneself
and if they are red: perseverance and the ability to overcome
if they are purple: royalty
and if they are black: betrayal and murder]

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