SV – 14

“What were you thinking, Jurgen?”

A temporary portal had been created near the northwest gate of the Mint. It was an advanced portal created by Rodrigo Brandel, the magician of Count Von Klose.

The Archduke of Leicester, who had just arrived from the portal, stood next to Jurgen, who had arrived first.

The intermediate gate had transformed into an advanced gate of absorbing all the life forms over an area of 60 Herham in one day.

Jurgen, scanning the area turning into a desert, replied calmly:

“It’s just as you’ve seen. I’d like to propose to Miss Von Klose.”

The dark energy of the gate dyed the sky black. It was filled with eerie heavy, dim clouds, as if black rain was threatening to pour down.

As the sentinels of the Knights of Blenheim arrived one by one through the portal, the momentum around them began to change. There was an aura and energy that did not exist in the past.

Jurgen looked at the Archduke of Leicester standing next to him with a fresh expression on his face. Maybe, today would not be his last day with his father.

At this rate, it might even be possible to destroy and close the gate without much harm.

“Don’t be unreasonable. We are already in the middle of discussing your betrothal with the imperial family. As soon as we arrived in the capital, we were going to hold the engagement ceremony between you and the princess— But all of a sudden— what is this?!”

“The Princess the person Prince Reynon wants to get rid of the most, father.”

The Archduke’s eyes fluttered at Jurgen’s assertion.

The princess dies.

The only guide with her freedom guaranteed in the Empire was Julia von Leonardo, the princess and immediate family of the imperial family. However, sooner or later, she will be killed while trying to stop the runaway of the Crown Prince Reynon.

The Mad Dog, Prince Raynon’s reverse guiding, causes her death. That scandal is fuel for the temple to draw up a strict ban against reverse guiding, but that did not bring Julia back to life.

It’s a future thing that hasn’t happened yet, but it’s also a past that Jurgen has clearly experienced.

“If I marry the imperial princess, then Prince Edelred will top the list for targets to be eliminated. He’s aiming for our lives. His Majesty the Emperor’s days are numbered. Doesn’t father know him well?”

“Yes, but you cannot betray his Majesty. I’ll make it clear to Count Howell, so you apologize to the young lady.”

“No, I will not,”

Jurgen’s voice sank to an icy chill.

“I will never give up Dahlia Von Klose, Father.”


Everyone moved through the portal.

They found Count Howell and Gerald approaching them with their bluish cloaks on. A hostility and unwelcome overflowed from the eyes of the two men. Probably because he was the man who proposed to their one and only daughter and precious sister.

Then, shall I show you my dependable and trustworthy side?

Jurgen hid a sneer of ridicule that was about to come forth, and slowly revealed his Sentinel abilities. The red energy that started under his feet began to bloom like flames. With each one of his steps, the floor cracked and rose irregularly as if gravity didn’t exist around him.

Eyes grew of those who were already overwhelmed by the magnitude of his force, already exceeding the size of the gate, now further widening.

‘Obviously, he never received a rating review… .’

Gerald turned to Count Howell, startled by the enormous strength he had never experienced before. To his surprise, his father was the same.

“Weren’t you a man of no rank… .?”

Howell, who was briefly struck dumb and forgot what he had come to do, gathered his wits about him and quickly drew up his power at once. Meanwhile, Jurgen disappeared into the gate with a relaxed smile. However, Howell, who was about to follow in, was blocked and forced to stop by the Archduke of Leicester.


“He has something to check first, my son.”

“But going alone is dangerous!”

“It will be fine. Long ago, he had already surpassed me. So… . I don’t know what he is trying to do, but let’s wait and see.”

The Knights of Blenheim and the Archduke’s party guarded the gate that echoed with tearing screams. In preparation for the shock wave that would occur when the gate was defeated and blown up, a magic circle was drawn up to contain the blast.

And after maybe 10 minutes at most?

Silver lightning and bright flashes began to spread out from within the gate.

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