SLS – 7

Translated by Jasmine.

So Long For Now, Summer

Chapter 07

 No Better Affection Than Money


“Are you interested in entertainment? You could make some pocket money from the movie distribution business, run a theater and a coin business. My guess is that coming out of the California Institute of Technology (CALTECH) isn’t all you want to do.”

“It’s my duty, so I do my best. I’ve succeeded and gotten where I am thanks to my family, so I have no room to complain.” 

He wasn’t one to complain, but he was one that would never be satisfied.

Because he aimed for the sky, Woo Jin-ha needed a capable woman. A woman with an excellent background to match his status. 

A woman who is as good as he was. The woman she could never be… He was not the man that settled for simply pigging out on his grandfather’s enormous fortune.

Her boss didn’t even spare her a glance anyway. So it was strange that she felt forlorn. She wasn’t suitable for him. Hee-joo silently chewed her food, attempting to swallow her feelings down with it.

“There’s no need for you to save face and not be frank with me. I know what it feels like to be surrounded by stupid, greedy bastards. If you held all the power you needed in one hand, there’s no telling how far the company would go….”


“Those stupid entitled guys are also undermining management because they are from the same blood. Idiots don’t even know what they are selling— they can’t even understand their own Wi-Fi, but they want to eat ICT (Information and Communications Technology) first. Under those various names, R&D expenses will continue to flow to places you don’t even know… As a result they will fall behind, disperse, and finally crush down like dominoes. “


“When your father skipped Taiwan, the WK company was already bound to be divided into factions. Now the question is who will get to be the first to take the holding control of the company. Unfortunately for your father, Chairman Woo was too late, and you’re still being tested. But, what if Chairman Woo suddenly decides his successor tomorrow?” (T/N: “does it Tomorrow” means to decide the successor suddenly, woo-jinha would definitely won’t be selected because he is being under “test”)

“I don’t want to imagine it,”

Woo Jinha answered lightly, merely listening. Chairman Jang burst into laughter.

“You’re right. You’re going to be fucked.”

Chairman Jang’s heavy voice made even vulgar words sound quite plausible. It was a ruthless comment.

Woo Jin-ha suddenly smiled.

“If it’s fucking going to happen, we don’t even start it from the beginning. You still had to reprimand our chairman.”

“There’s nothing more dangerous than believing you have a lot of time.”

“And the filial piety doesn’t do that well, Sir?”

“What kind of affection do you have with your grandfather?”

“There is no better affection than money.”


“My grandfather has already given us a lot. The rest is up to me, the smart one.”

“Take care…”

“So I won’t need the virtue of my wife.” 

That meant that Chairman Jang didn’t even need to offer a deal with his daughter acting as a bridge. 

Even though she was sitting still as if she heard nothing, Hee-joo sighed with relief under her breath at Woo Jinha’s firm refusal. 

It was ridiculous and nonsensical, but she felt a little better. As if Woo Jin-ha’s rejection were not for Chairman Jang’s daughter, but for women from all over the world.

However, it was her occupational disease to look after her superiors. She was worried about Chairman Jang’s reaction, so she couldn’t rejoice, but he didn’t seem to be too upset, unexpectedly.

“How disappointing. I thought Woo would think about it more practically.”

“You know why I asked to see you.”

“So… let’s just talk about the land?”

“Please review the site of the new port.”

“That’s deal is already over. Your uncle is tired of it.”

“The bidding is not over yet. The decision can still be made.”

“Why would I give up that good thing?”

“Aren’t you thinking of investing in me anyway?”

“That would be the story if you were my son-in-law.”

“So the land that is worth less than 50 billion won of investments has more worth compared to your precious daughter’s marriage.”

“A problem?”

Chairman Jang asked in an amused voice and continued,

“With all those ticket sales and affiliates, Is there another large amount of land that is less than 50 billion?”

“You can cooperate with someone like me without wasting your daughter’s life. You won’t regret it.”

“You won’t get permission from the Bureau of Economy if you grab it.”

“It’s the same for us. You know it’s overrated from the beginning. You’re going to save 50 billion.”

“You… Is it because Yoonseo [Jung’s daughter] met CEO Woo Jin-oh [Jihin’s cousin] for a while? Because it’s uncomfortable?”

“I didn’t even know the two had a relationship.”

“What about relationships. She was just meeting…It’s not because Jang Yoon-seo is my daughter, but my wife raised her really well. Her face is also pretty because she resembles her mother, she’s clean, doesn’t touch other kids and went to a good school, and she is a talented painter but also she has my financial sense.” (T/N: “.. No touches like other kids” means she doesn’t has bad habits like the other kids like drugs/sex/smoking etc, the word ‘touches’ leans more on bad habits related to sexual activity)

It was a little ridiculous to use the simple expression of money laundering. When he snickered, Chairman Jang seriously raised his eyebrows.

“Think again.”

“I’ll give you a second chance to think about it, just in case every time I bid for the site in 10 years, you’ll remember my face.”

“You mean you’re going to chase and harass me? You’re going to insist…”

“I’m sorry. “

“Forget it. Just drink today.”

“Let me pour you a drink.”

Woo Jin-ha was about to rise politely, reaching out to the bottle. Chairman Jang’s eyes suddenly turned to Hee-joo.

The eyes, which were invariably gentle, narrowed strangely. It resembled his strange gaze that she did not know its meaning. 

“Why do I have to take the liquor that you pour, and just neglect the pretty secretary Shim?” [a woman pouring alcohol for men not close to her in Korean society is adjacent to flirting and/or sex work]

The unpleasant premonition she got from before when she entered the room had not been wrong. 

The attention suddenly went to her, and she stiffened, her chopsticks were neatly held. In fact, it was the Chairman’s eyes that froze her rather than the insulting demands he made of her.

Now his crooked glare that openly despised Hee-joo was now blatantly sexually harassing her.

“By the way, why have you been ignoring that pretty face? Huh? I would have rather had Ms. Shim instead of having Mr. Lee by my side.”


“Vice President Woo, if you offer hospitality sincerely, it’s polite to have such a pretty woman serve without sitting still… This is rude to the woman. If she has talent, you should take advantage of it.”

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