SLS – 6

Translated by Jasmine.

So Long For Now, Summer

Chapter 06

 A Woman of His Kind


“Since I first saw him, I knew Mr. Lee is a really smart young man. Since it only takes a moment for a smart man to decide to do something wrong… But the more I observed him, the more I saw he was also loyal. He has a good academic background. Yes, he’s always looking after me. That’s why I’m afraid that I hadn’t been allowing the development of his great talent by just keeping him by my side…”

“No way, sir. It is my honor to be by your side. By that, I am already successful.”

“Look at this sweet talker. I feel sorry for him. He even got divorced last year because of me. Because of work he couldn’t go back home all day and all night.….”

Lee’s boss went so far as to include a rather useless and embarrassing story, to get to his  main point. 

Hee-joo felt sorry for Manager Lee, forgetting that she too had been matching Woo Jin-ha’s inhumane work pace for a while. 

(T/N: it means she forgot even she is kind of similar to Lee)

As his personal history that no one asked for came forward, Lee quietly raised his glass as if he was thirsty, obviously embarrassed. 

Next to him, Chairman Jang was still lamenting over Lee’s failed marriage, waging his tongue with a fantastic expression as if he truly thought he cared for his subordinates. It was an ironic and hypocritical scene..

She gave a smile of understanding this time when Lee put down the glass. Nevertheless, he was ashamed, avoiding her eyes and lowering his head. 

As she looked back at Chairman Jang, she suddenly felt as if he was looking at her and Woo Jin-ha, her boss next to her.

But when she glanced at Woo Jin-ha courageously, he was still ignoring her. 

Thankfully, no eye contact. 

But a part of her was uneasy by his cold and indifferent attitude, wondering with anxiety what mistake she committed.

“A man who only knows work may succeed in society, but that’s it. It’s not a success in life.”


“Look at Mr. Lee, I made him get divorced at his age, because he couldn’t spend a lot of time with his ex wife. I think he has worth when it comes to his work, and I treat him to the extent that I don’t feel sorry, but in the case of Mr. Woo, you are in a different position. Every man needs a family, but especially someone like you….”

At that moment, Chairman Jang’s eyes turned to Hee-joo. He had a strange gaze that she couldn’t read as he regarded her.

“…You need to quickly find stability. It’s not good to put your marriage on hold because maybe there will be no one to do big things and cross milestones with you in the future.” (T/N: he is saying no to put his marriage on hold)

“Thank you for your advice. “

“This is what I said before: A house can only be successful if a talented woman is running it well. Mr. Woo, you should meet a woman who can understand you 100 percent.  Meet a woman who can support you now. Meet a woman that’s like you.”

Unfortunately, Hee-joo had predicted the direction of the conversation when Lee’s private life had been shamelessly used as fodder.

A woman who could understand and support Woo Jin-ha. 

A woman that’s like him. His kind

“You have to meet a woman who can support all your goals.”

When Chairman Jang spoke of understanding and support he was not talking about emotional or mental support.

It was code amongst the wealthy. Understanding and support was the kind that could be useful to gain profits, status and power.

Chairman Jang was not making idle marriage talk that well-meaning elders took part in urging adults to find love.

The understanding and support would not just come from any randomly unknown woman with whom Woo Jin-ha would marry in the future.

It was a marriage deal that Chairman Jang was proposing with his family to Woo Jin-ha. To give something, one has to receive something as well.

Hee-joo tried hard not to look at Woo Jin-ha. When he had not responded immediately, she tried not to imagine what expression he was making as he was mulling over the suggestion.

It would only hurt me anyway, moreover it has nothing to do with me.

Woo Jin-ha’s marriage.

A woman under Woo Jin

(T/N: in bed she means, not literal under him). 

She had been constantly trying to pretend that she had no interest in such a topic for the past few years.

The shape of my heart is already miserable, I can’t show it to him. I don’t want him to look down on me any more than he already does.

“There is no other time as important as now. It is well known that Chairman Woo has a lot of other legitimate grandchildren, thus for Vice President Woo, choosing not to marry could be a disaster for you.”


“You are a person who is more than capable, and you know it. Those people, who can only depend on their family name and connections(affiliates)….I’m sure you want to shout at them out of frustration. You’re not like them. Even if you were born without Woo’s last name, you are smart and you would’ve still done something remarkable by now.”


“Well—no, you were born with Woo’s last name, and was exiled… But because you are like your grandfather, you have a natural talent for business, so wherever you have a setback you have the ability to climb right back up like you did in the past….”

Even if Hee-joo crawled up all her life, she wouldn’t even reach Woo Jin-ha’s feet. But it was amazing that someone in the world could make Woo Jin-ha look unfortunate.

She stared at him unconsciously. He was just looking at Chairman Jang with a straight face.

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