SLS – 38

Translated by Jasmine.

So Long For Now, Summer

Chapter 38


Woo Jin-ha seems to have checked what car is blinking. I opened the door and answered.

“Bought. New.” (S)

“I see?” (J)

What Woo Jin-ha wants to ask is, ‘Why is that so?’ He probably wouldn’t have said anything if Shim Hee-joo had bought a car similar to the one he had bought.

“I need something to ride comfortably.” (S)

“Is that car uncomfortable?” (J)

“It was good.” (S)

“Good, but not comfortable.” (J)

“Yes.” (S)

“Then go see a car with me on the weekend. Buy it again.” (J)

“I do not need it.” (S)

“You can see it again with a small car.” (J)

“It’s okay.” (S)

After a meaningless quarrel, there was silence for a while. He picked up his phone and checked something. She was busy standing between the two elevators, taking turns watching the numbers change. And as soon as the door opened, she got on busily. After that, Woo Jin-ha walked slowly, and she felt the urge to close the door right in front of her for a moment, but she resisted it.

He entered the elevator and looked at his phone until the door closed again. Then, as soon as the door closed completely, he turned off the screen and lifted his head.

“…So, are you seeing Kim Yun-hyeong again?” (J)

It was amazing.

“Are you spying on me now?” (S)

“Since you disappeared from this house once.” (J)

“You are here again.” (S)

“There is no way it will never happen again.” (J)

“……” (S)

“Once you are careless, being twice you are mistaken. Being vigilant twice is a matter of intelligence. So, can you tell me?” (J)

“I wish I had thought of that when I slept with you twice.” (S)

He laughs and coughs. She laughed like he did, however, it was cold and sarcastic.

“Don’t be weird. We are nominally married.” (J)

Just then, the elevator door opened. Without a word, he let her off first and then followed. As she entered the front door, she suddenly became annoyed.

“I can’t get a divorce, I’m not able to meet friends, I’ll have to be monitored… What’s wrong with the Woo Jin-ha scene?” (S)

“Be friends.” (J)

“Kim Yun-heyong is my friend.” (S)

“It will be for you.” (J)

Shim Hee-joo didn’t understand. On the contrary, Woo Jin-ha would have known earlier that Kim Yun-heyong and her were not doing anything special if they were to monitor them, but it’s just that their existence itself is annoying.

She turned around and stared at him, but she was annoyed that he was even doing that, so she quickly turned around and went to the dressing room. He doesn’t seem to bother her at all, simply following her into the dressing room and standing on the side where his clothes hang.

The dressing room was divided in half starting from the door. He’s on the left, she’s on the right. They each stood with their backs to one another and took off their clothes. She lost her patience because it was his fault that She had to deliberately unbutton her blouse one by one and keep grooming it in vain.

“Can it be half a year?” (S)

Really, it was an impulse. She had no intention of negotiating with him, but she had already been rejected and had no prospects.

But before she uses outside powers to ruin this marriage, She wanted to ask him one last question.

Even if that’s the case, can’t they finish it first by themselves?

“Half a year?” (J)

“How about a year?” (S)

“So, what?” (J)

“Despite the opposition of my family, I got all kinds of criticisms, and I got married with all my heart no matter what it was. So I do understand. You are saying no right now.” (S)

“There is no objection marrying you.” (J)

“Do I look stupid?” (S)

As she spoke for a long time, he changed his clothes comfortably, shrugged his shoulders indifferently, and headed towards the door. She wanted to leave the dressing room, but then he closed the door in front of her and leaned back against the door.

He stares intently between the open blouse, his eyes even slightly dry. Somehow, her throat was tight and she had a fever. It’s not like he’s never made a face that he’s going to eat her.

She calmly turned around again, unbuttoned the last button, and took off her blouse. Only the bra remained along with the skirt.

He suddenly laughed.

“Well. It’s just pretty.” (J)

“Jin-ha-ssi.” (S)

“Not right now, just no. I told you.” (S)

“……” (J)

“Is your memory that bad? You even signed it with your own hands.” (J)

“Even if there is a prenuptial contract, why do you have to hold on to a woman like me?” (S)

“I want to have sex, Hee-joo.” (J)

“……” (S)

“So, I can’t really hear what you’re talking about.” (J)

She got so angry that she threw the blouse she was holding at him. She was shocked but there was no swearing. But he casually picked up her blouse that had fallen in front of her feet and handed it to her.

With that, the door was unblocked, so she hurried to get out of the dressing room.

But he snatched her waist from behind. She was drawn to the door by him and she couldn’t get out. Biting her earlobe, he whispers.

“I don’t even want to listen because I’m feeling a little bit horny today.” (J)

“For what, wait, let me go…” (S)

Her body was pushed through the door and turned around. His lips clasped hard at the same time, his hands were pushed in close to her bra, and his erect penis pressed against her stomach. She couldn’t believe he was already erect.

His grip on her ass was a bit cumbersome. Enough to make it a no-brainer for her to recklessly push him away.

Now do it, put it on the door and do this. How funny would he look at her… Shim Hee-joo sharpened her teeth and lost the strength she had to resist. In the end, Woo Jin-ha will have sex the way he wants. As the power drained from her hand, the power disappeared from his grasp on her body. She felt like she was being careless and she tried to get away from him without realizing it, but she couldn’t do it very well, and only her body, which had been engaged so deeply, fell while barely touching him.

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  1. He’s…terrible. He can’t listen to her legitimate concerns? Doesn’t ask why she thinks people oppose, treating her like an object. I hope she manages to leave him for the other guy, if it goes in that direction, or find someone new with her bff by her side helping her.

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