SLS – 36

Translated by Jasmine.

So Long For Now, Summer

Chapter 36


“…I can’t do that.” (S)

“Anyway, the most important thing for you is to be next to him. What can’t be done?” (A)

“……” (S)

“Wait a minute, I wonder just how, as I’ve been struggling like this.” (A)

“I don’t want to have any more children.” (S)

“It is now… But where does your husband come from, he’s no ordinary man, and no son? After getting married on the pretext of being pregnant and having a hard time getting pregnant, where are you without children?” (A)

That’s perfectly correct. As she quietly nodded, her aunt closed her eyes fiercely.

“Your mother-in-law’s polarity is horrendous again. Say goodbye to giving birth to a son, don’t even think about at least giving birth to a girl.” (A)

Naturally, the arrogant mother-in-law and her harsh aunt had a bad first impression of each other. Her aunt has a peculiar expression when she gossips about her mother-in-law, and whenever her mother-in-law despises Shim Hee-joo. She often thinks of her aunt’s expression and falls into a different mind for her.

“Look at this girl. I’d turn on the lights to kick you out…” (A)

“So I’m going to get kicked out.” (S)

“What?” (A)

“Because I don’t want to have any more children, and I don’t want to live with them any longer.” (S)

Thinking of her mother-in-law, her grimly distorted expression changed completely.

“Your husband must have been sad because he’s such a busy person, but… don’t be upset. Why are you doing this after getting married well? Let’s sell the year in full bloom… Nothing happens in your life, but now only one thing went well. Why are you kicking your fortune on all fours?” (A)

The person who told her to be careful before getting married doesn’t know what to do when the wedding is nearing a divorce. Her aunt slapped Shim Hee-joo on her shoulder with her strong arm, and then slapped her in the face… Again, she spoke calmly.

“I just live like that. What does love feed you?” (A)

“I don’t give it.” (S)

“Is it not? Other women go crazy with envy when their husbands are too busy to give them money and say it’s over. To be honest, even if you don’t see his face even once, it’s better for you to sit in that house… Where else can you find such a jackpot?” (A)

“It’s like a beggar to sell.” (S)

“That’s what the chaebol’s daughter-in-law says…” (A)

“I feel like a real beggar, I just…” (S)

She put her head down on the bed. Tears that seemed to have dried up forever flowed out. Her aunt doesn’t even know how to pat her on the back. Her father didn’t even give her a hug once in her memory.

A heavy sigh subsides. ‘At least there is one person who is upset because of my selling…’ Shim Hee-joo thought without thinking and wiped her tears with the blanket.

So this was enough.

Kim Yun-hyeong usually worked in the studio during the day, even when he’s not working. So Shim Hee-joo didn’t even have to ask where he was during the day.

She skipped her medication once, so it was hard to climb the stairs to the fourth floor. She opened the door that he had not locked beforehand.

He was working on graphics in front of the computer, startled as if he had seen something in vain, and then suddenly straightened his hair. He had his hair tied up and round glasses on, but it wasn’t strange, rather he was busy looking in the mirror without looking at her. One day he said he didn’t want to look ugly, no matter how friendly the person he was with.

Meanwhile, she walked right behind him.

“Why? You are handsome.” (S)

His hair, which had been tied up for a while, remained slightly raised despite his efforts. He thought it was better to be disheveled because he couldn’t sort it out, so he messes up his hair naturally. Then he was surprised that he still looked like a college student.

“Is it difficult to make a phone call? Why did you come all of a sudden?” (Y)

“Somehow, you are dressed beautifully. Where did you go?” (Y)

“I went to my aunt’s hospital.” (S)

He clicked his tongue. Ever since she was in college, he knew she wore the best clothes whenever she went to see her aunt. He said that it was like visiting a teacher on Teacher’s Day.

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