SLS – 31

Translated by Jasmine.

So Long For Now, Summer

Chapter 31



It was a strange day. Woo Jin-ha was literally by Shim Hee-joo’s side all day and not a minute passed without her looking at him. Plus the next day, and the day after too. 

He hasn’t been to work for a week since that day… Has it been more than a week? She felt the sense of days fade away. Sometimes it felt like weeks had already passed, she thought so too. 

Did he have to combine all the days off in a year for more than a week? He was a crazy man at work too, so what does he want?

He was a human being who seemed to go to work the next day even if his parents died. Go for a work out at 5:30 a.m., go to the hotel at 7 a.m. to eat the promised meals with humans as expensive as herself, and head to work like a machine at 8:30 a.m. He’ll probably play golf that same weekend. Leaving behind what happened a few days ago to his parents, talking about looking at people like himself months later, years later, even decades later.

That’s true, considering that he doesn’t get along with his parents very well. He and his mother were a little complicated, as his relationship with his mother was very much the same with his father.

As a secretary and his wife, she is an outsider who has not changed much, so there was not much she could know about that strange family. But it was clear that it was quite different from the family she thought it was. There’s no need to go far. Woo Jin-ha and Shim Hee-joo were like that too.

She imagined the most unhappy moment in the life of a man sitting right next to her. Rather she thought of Woo Jin-ha, who didn’t seem so unhappy even in such a sad moment. So even if she disappeared, he would still be living like that. It is no more than a waste of time. Perhaps he has never wasted more time in his life.

Even housekeepers haven’t been to clean the place for a week or more. They haven’t seen other human beings. It really was, except for the doctor he called every other day. He stood by her without leaving the house for a while. Unless this house was such a familiar place to her, she felt kidnapped. 

Oh, and except she’ll be very safe.

There was a television turned on in front of her that no one was watching, and she was sitting next to him reading in a casual way. It was one of the few books she took out of her luggage.

She thought of a few things that had nothing to do with the book, turning the pages moderately at speed. He will stick to his attitude that he will not divorce for the time being, and it was meaningless to discuss such a good divorce agreement with Lawyer Kim as long as he is so tough.

The lawsuit itself is ridiculous. She has been a stranger since childhood, and she has never rushed into a fight that was obviously a losing cause. There was no hope for her if this really became a fight. It was not known how far her life would be driven as he accused her of being a gross disgrace to a great family.

But there was one person who would most welcome them to separate.

“When will you tell your mother?” (S)

“What?” (J)

“Inheritance.” (S)

He was silent for a moment. Just in time, her cell phone that she had placed on the sofa rang, so there was no need for him to answer.

She picked up the phone that she had laid face down, hoping that it was her mother-in-law who was calling her. However, it was Kim Yun-hyeong who called.

While she looks down at her phone for a moment, Woo Jin-ha asks.

“You’re not picking up?” (J)

She gently pressed the power button next to her phone to turn off the ringtone. If one doesn’t have anything to say after picking up, she doesn’t know what else to worry about, so it’s better to leave it as something she didn’t get because she didn’t know.

The cell phone with Kim Yun-hyeong’s name still floating was left on the sofa again. It was placed between Woo Jin-ha and Shim Hee-joo just like before she picked it up. Thanks to Kim Yun-hyeong, she could feel Woo Jin-ha’s gaze over her knee, but she focused on the book again.

Woo Jin-ha hated Kim Yun-hyeong from the beginning. She thought it was the same for Kim Yun-hyeong because he was indifferent to most people anyway, but it was hard to think so after he openly said he didn’t like it.

Woo Jin-ha didn’t like Kim Yun-hyeong, so of course he didn’t like being with him. Anyways, Kim Yun-hyeong didn’t meet anyone around her enough for Woo Jin-ha to get involved. Woo Jin-ha wasn’t free enough to interfere in her life, but he made sure to show an unpleasant appearance when he found out. Just like last week in Gimpo.

Shim Hee-joo was once a stupid bitch who thought that the sky would collapse when Woo Jin-ha was offended by her, so she was cautious even though she knew that he actually didn’t care much about her life. At least once every few weeks, the face of a close friend was rarely seen from the start of marriage, and in fact, it was similar even before marriage.

It was perfectly arbitrary at first. After the night in Busan, Shim Hee-joo mixed it up (had sex) with Woo Jin-ha several times a week. The routine was dense from early morning to night, and sometimes even the weekend too. Also just after-work hours, she was busy moaning underneath him. 

It just happened rather than voluntarily. Her world revolved around him, regardless of construction. Then, after being servile, she tried not to get on his nerves.

Is Woo Jin-ha going to be jealous of Kim Yun-hyeong? When she first remembered the question, she remembered that her heart was about to burst. Then, she was depressed by concluding that Woo Jin-ha couldn’t be greedy for something like her, and then at some point, she knew it was jealousy again.

It was no longer overwhelming to know. Jealousy is not really a great emotion. Jealousy was for kindergarten children to do it with a friend, and jealousy also made them feel ugly when someone had something they didn’t really want.

So even Woo Jin-ha can be jealous of Kim Yun-hyeong. Even if Woo Jin-ha doesn’t like her, even if he doesn’t care. It was just like an animal hating another beast roaming in its territory.

They were in an exclusive relationship temporarily, and her aunt said, “Men think they own them after sleeping with a woman.” So maybe she was considered his.

He slept with her. After that, she was forced to get married. Was it a good thing he cared that much? She doesn’t usually look around, but sometimes she growls when she sees a man nearby.

Everything she thought in the past was stupid. She is not smart enough now, but she laughed at herself anew. Just by being in his area.

“What are you both?” (J)

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