SLS – 30

Translated by Jasmine.

So Long For Now, Summer

Chapter 30

Indecent Pleasure


Although Shim Hee-joo was weak, Woo Jin-ha gently lifted his waist and pulled upwards as much as he wanted. However, when he found her breasts glistening with milk, he suddenly looked at her as if all his breath had been knocked out of him. 

She didn’t say anything. She was afraid that if she spoke out loud with her mouth, she didn’t know what would come out of it and might just bash her head against the tile from embarrassment.

He looked at her chest for a while with an unreadable expression, then touched it with his hand very carefully. As he touched it, more and more milk began to flow out. It was so deplorable that she had to close her eyes. Not because he had found out that she was leaking milk, but rather the current situation frustrated her. 

He gently massaged her breasts for a long time, letting his fingers rub against her hard nipples to allow the useless milk flow out. He only stopped when there was nothing else that came out of the two hard buds.

It was chilling to feel how his mouth wrapped around her nipple and drank all her milk. She never thought that her first breast feeding would be done by him, and not by her child.

Every time his throat swallowed her milk, a sense of indecency grew inside her. He alternately sucked between her two breasts, drinking all the milk he could. It was so methodical that for a moment, she almost forgot that they were in the middle of coupling. Every suck and bite sent pleasure to her core and yet it was accompanied by a sense of shame.

He slowly worked hard to empty both of her breasts, trailing open mouthed kisses all over her breasts once he had his fill of her milk. She gasped and arched her back slightly when his kisses trailed up and soon his lips captured her. She could see his erection bobbed against the water before pressing against her wet labia. 

While she was so engrossed in the pleasure, her body was lifted up, and she realized a beat later that her body was sitting in the water again, right on his laps. His erection was pressed neatly against her opening as if at any moment it would pierce through inside her. She tightened her stomach, nervous and hating that he had such an effect on her body. He was driving her crazy.

She was eager at the pleasure that he would have brought to her body. The same pleasure that would destroy her body and made her hate herself for looking forward to it. His hand was wrapped around her waist, holding her body close to him and she could feel her face heated.

She had expected him to thrust her from behind, but instead he just grinded their bodies together.

“…Ah… Hng… Eung…!” (S)

She quickly covered her mouth when another moan escaped her mouth. His lips pressed against her ear as he let out a harsh moan, caressing her sensitive ears and sent shivers down her spine.

His cock was moving slowly between her labia, gaining friction with her opening, nudging close to where she was most aroused. Both of their hips didn’t stop moving as they chased their own pleasure against each other’s arousal. Her vagina was twitching crazily, releasing her love fluid out, covering his manhood.

His hand, which was around her waist, slipped down to touch her clitoris. It was persistent caressing with the aim to bring pleasure. Her body shook with needs as he continued to stimulate her and the more he touched her hard nub, the more her hips rubbed against his erection.

Another orgasm soon swallowed her up and there was nothing that held her moan coming from her mouth. It was such a strong pleasure that was enough to take her voice away. As she was about to fall completely in the water, he wrapped one arm around her waist, catching her at the last second.

Their position was close to laying down in the tub and yet he pressed her against the edge as he gathered her legs and wrapped them around his waist. His hard cock pressed even more to her now sensitive vagina, and instead of grinding against her labia, this time he thrusted between her thighs.

He didn’t seem to want to waste any time as he started to thrust at a quick pace. The water which already filled the brim of the tub overflowed, making what they were doing visible to their eyes. When she lowered her gaze, she could see his cock rammed between her thighs, up toward her stomach.

Her breasts moved heavily as she followed his hip’s movement. Even that cumbersome weight gave her a strange pleasure. It didn’t take long for her to reach another climax, her toes curled up in pleasure while she wanted to escape the overload of stimulation. She was afraid that a greater pleasure was going to consume her.

The lips that have been swept down the earlobe and left a hickey under the earlobe. She wanted to curse him because he bit a little harshly.

“Hng… Eung… Ah…! Eung!” (S)

“….Ha…” (J)

When she reached her fourth climax, this time he finally followed suit painting her stomach with his cum. There was a sense of shame that engulfed her, but more importantly her body sagged as if fully submerged in water. She could feel wetness slowly spread from her back. 

His cum even managed to reach her breasts which were not submerged in water. Woo Jin-ha cupped her breasts and slowly rubbed his cum to her skin, as if spreading his seed as a mark on her body before he hugged her tightly.

“Sorry. I thought it would be enough to calm me down, but it was not the case.” (J)

The hand that spread the corrupted seeds on her chest was rough, but the voice whispering from his lips behind her neck was tinged with tender guilt. His penis that already ejaculated once, which was still hard, insistently pressing against her ass. However, it seemed he didn’t want to push it further.

His voice was wet with a strange sense of wonder.

“I was only going to wash you, but I mistook it for your permission…” (J)

That’s right, she allowed it. Raising him with her own hands, imagining him until the moment he inserted. She laughed at herself. He’d rather destroy her to the end. She’ll push him to the bottom.

“…I want to sleep now.” (S)

“You can sleep.” (J)

“Go to bed…” (J)

“I’ll do it on my own.” (S)

A big hand blocked her view. She closed her eyes. 

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