SLS – 29

Translated by Jasmine.

So Long For Now, Summer

Chapter 29

Destructive Thoughts


Shim Hee-joo had been repeating stupid things by spreading her legs and giving out her chest to fill her anxiety because she always wanted to live in a dream. She can’t believe that herself, who had only given up her body with such a stupid dream, looked at his back and thought, she was better than the one she worked for at one point.

Now, while listening to the reply that he didn’t know. It wasn’t the first time Woo Jin-ha had heard it, but she didn’t bother to tell him about it. She can’t be happy to let him know that she wasn’t that big of a deal.

“I need to wash up.” (S)

“Okay.” (J)

Maybe because he saw her vomit yesterday, he didn’t stop her from getting up, despite his displeasure.

She hadn’t slept all night, and her body was drenched in extreme fatigue, yet she did not sleep. As her energy circulated, she felt drowsy and not in pain, but it seemed difficult to fall asleep.

That is if she can sleep, otherwise she’ll be awake and be with him all day, and it’s exhausting. She started getting water in the bathtub. It was to make the most of her time. She couldn’t be bothered to take off her clothes, so she sat down next to the bathtub with her clothes on and leaned her head against the railing of the bathtub.

Come to think of it, when will she be able to take a bath? Already listening to the sound of water pouring into the bathtub, she thought without thinking. Then the swaying spirit, weak in energy, roughly dismisses it. There’s no bleeding, so it’ll be fine.

Even if it didn’t happen yet, she didn’t want to stop taking a bath by confirming that fact. Since nothing is going to work out anyway, she wants to do something that will harm her. Even for the slightest satisfaction. So, she just wanted to quickly dive into the water. She thought it would be better if she didn’t wake up in it again…

Then, she fell asleep.

When she opened her eyes again, she was in the warm water. She can’t even remember when she got into the bathtub. So in a devastating moment, a hand gently caressing her back woke her from slumber.

He was leaning outside the bathtub to wash her. Even knowing the situation, it was equally embarrassing. There have been a few times they’ve washed together like this. Most of it was before marriage, when she didn’t know she was pregnant. 

If there was a difference from back then, he was also sitting in the bathtub. With the expected ending that it necessarily led to sex. But now, he was like a caregiver. So, she was embarrassed by that. When she opened her eyes, more so than the fact that she was being washed naked.

“…What are you doing?” (S)

“I thought I’d just let you sleep in bed, but I thought you wanted to take a bath.” (J)

“…It wasn’t enough to get so many things done. Let go of me.” (S)

As she said that, the hand that held her arm glided down the inside of her arm and went under her chest. She curled up on her own, but his other hand gripped her waist firmly in the water and held it in place. This is where she wantedto escape, but she felt like she was trapped in a dead end.

He just diligently washed away every nook and cranny of her body. When he saw she was nervous, he scrubbed sensitive areas as slowly as anywhere else.

It was itchy for the bath sponge to touch her genital area. It was a shame that her insides tightened up due to habit. She was afraid he would notice. She grabbed him by the arm weakly.

“Jin-ha-ssi.” (S)

“You have to wash up, clean.” (J)

“You don’t have to do this—” (S)

“—I want to listen if you want it, but I want to do it even if you beg me not to…” (J) 

“……” (S)

“I sometimes don’t know what to do when I see you.” (J)

She was the one who didn’t know what to do when she saw him. He wouldn’t actually know anything.

He face distorted.

“What’s wrong with my head? I want to bully you, make you cry, but I want you to laugh…” (J)

“Uh…” (S)

His hand, not the sponge, brushed between her legs going upward before it wrapped around her waist. He devoured her lips as if he was no longer able to hold back anymore. His hand that was barely wrapped around her waist was dangerously close to her pubic area. She could only stay still, welcoming his tongue that invaded her mouth.

The kiss was deep and short, yet it was enough to make her head hazy. His fingers had slipped between her legs, touching right to her sensitive spot and without warning, her body spasmed in pleasure. She had been sitting at the edge of the tub and after almost falling down to the warm water, he pushed her completely back to the tub before he joined her still dressed.

The water shook violently like a wave as he knelt down on his knee. The white shirt slowly became transparent, clinged to his large solid body. He leaned down between her half open legs, eyes fixated on her wet arousal. Having his face so close to her opening, it was exhilarating, it made her body tremble.

“Heu…nng… t-there… ahhnnn…” (S)

Her toes curled in pleasure. This was pleasure that only came from being intimate with someone, regardless of circumstances. Just two people who were naked, while entangling their bodies together and forgetting everything.

What a crude marriage this was.

“Ah, ah…! Jin-ha-ssi, huk, please…” (S)

Even though she despised him, it was hard to swallow a moan right away. Her body was slowly sinking to the tub and she could see droplets of milk coming from her hard nipples, something that he couldn’t see. It was an abhorrent sight. She couldn’t stand it every time she looked down at herself.

Still, there was no effort from her to push his head away from her body.

He leaned his head back on her hand and pulled down his black pajama pants in the water at an angle to take out his hard cock. From her current angle, she could see his butt and she thought it would have been better if he took the pants off completely because now it just looks dirty and erotic.

The erotic sight didn’t stop there. No, when she let her eyes wander, she could see his hand moved around his cock masturbating while sucking her clit. 

It was such an erotic sight, just him kneeling between her open legs, stroking his own hard cock like he was in heat.

But already the vulgar Woo Jin-ha was masturbating while sucking Shim Hee-joo’s clit. Kneeling between her legs, grabbing his penis and waving it like a hound in heat. It was nice and contemptuous. It was exciting and stimulating.

The thought that he was going to fill her up soon was enough to make her body shudder in delight, which only made her hate him even more. She wanted him to ruin her completely. It would push her to lose any love for him… and soon her mind was filled with destructive desires.

She wrapped her hands around his chin and pulled him up from between her legs, raising his face.

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