SLS – 28

Translated by Jasmine.

So Long For Now, Summer

Chapter 28



Earlier, Shim Hee-joo couldn’t even lift a finger, but now she has enough strength maybe because of how quickly she was able to take medication or if she was just supported by a momentarily minor evil. As she entered the garden and tried to close the door hard behind her back, Woo Jin-ha who followed her, pulled the door open again and followed her in.

“…Should I go back in?” (S) 

“No.” (J)

His answer wasn’t important anyway. She ignored his answer and returned to the living room. As expected, he just followed after her. It wasn’t just her feeling, it was obvious that he was following her around.

“Why do you keep following me since dawn?” (S)

He thought for a moment as if he didn’t know the words were directed at him, belatedly realizing and said, “Oh.” (J) 

It was so absurd, causing her to belatedly respond back after a while. 

“…Isn’t it time for you to go to the gym soon?” (S)

“That’s right.” (J)

She sat on the sofa and turned on the TV right away. She could feel him sitting next to her a little further away from where she sat. His action completely contradicted his answer.

“Won’t you go to the gym?” (S)

“Yes.” (J)

“What’s wrong with you?” (S)

“I thought you would be gone again.” (J)

“……” (S)

“That’s why I’m asking you to hold on for a while.” (J)

The way he said it with a calm and even voice, makes her feel like it was a simple matter. In fact, it was laughable that he actually tried to pretend and act like a child who was worried about her mother’s disappearance with such a dull, cold, and indifferent face.

Thus, she just continued to ignore him and kept changing the channels, but nothing caught her eye. He seemed to think so too, since all he had been doing was just looking at her face. She then stood up after sitting idle for a while, looking at a documentary on TV to which she was not particularly interested in.

“I’ll prepare a meal. So go and get ready for work now.” (S)

Being with him has proven to be harmful in many senses. But not to the point of changing her mind, more like she felt time stood unpleasantly still instead .

So she couldn’t wait to be away from him. And as if not caring about her blatant intentions, he persistently followed.

“Don’t do that. Something like that.” (J)

“If I don’t, who will?” (S)

“I’ll do it.” (J)

Hearing that, she was dumbfounded and actually wanted to laugh her head off. Soon after catching up with her in the kitchen, he then stopped her.

“Go wash up.” (S)

“You want to send me away so soon?” (J)

“Honestly, yes.” (S)

“Since you’re lying, I’ll take it as you lied about that.” (J)

“I don’t really want to see your face.” (S)

“That’s it? You just don’t want to see me for a while right?” (J)

“Not really.” (S)

She has seen his face before anyway. No matter how much she longed for itbefore. And since it was the case then she doesn’t want to see him anymore.

“I don’t want to see you at all .” (S)

“I can’t listen to that.” (J)

When she saw his determined figure. She wondered how stubborn he could be, even though it started to look as if she were looking at an immature child instead. He no longer looked like the perfect adult man as he used to be.

He must’ve been a little embarrassed right now. He was actually beaten in the back of his head by a woman he was looking down upon. Plus maybe with a strange sense of compassion attached as well, a perfunctory guilt about the child.

She won’t even try to put it into words to convince how good it is for him anymore, whatever it is. So now she just thinks they need a little more time. That’s all. 

It was only a matter of time after all. Then he’d come back to his senses after saying that he made a mistake once in a while. Exactly like that haunted morning .

Thinking about what happened last night, it might be better to wait patiently than to scratch and stimulate that judgement. Do what he wants, until he comes back to his senses. However, the sadistic thought of wanting to scratch the arrogant and iron-like hard judgement also raised its head. She wanted to shout that she hated him so much that she couldn’t stand it. ‘Cause even if it’s a lie it’s fine.’

Either way, however, is left to the imagination. Neither do evil nor remain completely innocent. Just stubbornness, just reality.

She was just like that, Shim Hee-joo.

“Oh, and I’m not going to work today.” (J)

“……” (S)

I stared at him like I had eyes on the back of his head.

“I’ll be home all day, so hang in there.” (J)

“Jin-ha-ssi” (S)

“It’s a runaway punishment.” (J)

So, it seems that he will monitor her right in front of him. It was so ridiculous and stupid that she couldn’t believe it came out of his mouth that she laughed without realizing it.

“I’m not running away. You came like that yesterday.” (S)

“Would you believe me?” (J)

“Believe it or not, if I were you, I wouldn’t waste that kind of time.” (J)

He ignored her advice and briefly prepared breakfast. She was forced into seating. The scrambled eggs smelled a little disgusting like two months ago when she felt like vomiting when she smelled eggs. It’s amazing that her body is still acting like it has morning sickness. She only took a few bites of toast.

He frowned, perhaps noticing that she had finished her meal in an instant.

“Have some more.” (J)

“I can’t eat it.” (S)

“Are you going to starve to death?” (J)

“I don’t plan on it, but I’d rather do it now than eat it. I haven’t had eggs since I had morning sickness.” (S)

“……” (J)

“That’s still the case.” (S)

He looked surprised for a moment as he had never heard of it before, and then became expressionless again.

“I didn’t know.” (J)

There was a brief period of time when she taunted the back of his head when he got home from work without him noticing it. She used to tell him a funny story about how he had to recall everything he ate just by smelling the omelets he passed by in the restaurant. She liked eggs the most, and as such she complained that there was no other tragedy like this. Until he rushes at her as if all he wants is her body.

There were quite a few days like that. Then one day she just stopped saying anything and waited for him to run. They only had sex. She liked having sex with him, but wantedmore than that, it was the only thing she had been able to do with him since they got married.

Of course, she also liked the moment he dug into her body very carefully. They haven’t actually had sex quite like that for a few times since they found out she was pregnant.

There were a lot of relationships that didn’t even lead to insertion, and she felt sorry for that, but she found it sweet. He thinks of her and cherishes her on the grounds that just inserting into her body and ejaculating is not the standard of sex. Tenaciously biting and being quick is probably like love.

On the other hand, it seems that he has fallen in love with her to the point that he wants to keep wanting her even after being pregnant. She was happy to think that way, and she could do anything for him.

When he was satisfied with her service, She felt proud, as if it was of great value. She felt relieved and anxious about this marriage. 

The relief she feels while sucking her husband’s genitals is, of course, an illusion that disappears before the night is over.

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