SLS – 26

Translated by Jasmine.

So Long For Now, Summer

Chapter 26



He merely stood there, staring at her, and she grew anxious with this silence that followed. Then after some time, Woo Jin-ha carefully approached her as though she was a frightened animal, seemingly concerned that she’d run away at any moment.

He took her bag away before she realized what was going on. And as if to see what’s inside the bag- whether there’s anything that he could take to hold her with him, he then put it down after checking the bag very thoroughly.

“Cannot even tell if you’re really going out.” (J)

“…. What do you think you’re doing?” (S)

“That’s what I wanted to find out.” (J)

In normal time, the fact that she didn’t even bother to carry a small wallet that contained her ID and a credit card inside, already looked a bit unusual. But in Woo Jin-ha’s lean hands, those particular things become glaringly obvious. After being reassured that there were several 50,000 won banknotes inside, he then put them back into the bag.

“So you did hold the phone with you but just deliberately did not answer any call.” (J)

“……..” (S)

“Your wallet seems to have been missing somewhere too. Even if you don’t carry it, you could lose it later on…” (J)

“Give it back to me.” (S) 

“No.” (J)

He calmly faced her hostile gaze while shortening their distance.

“It looks very suspicious of you. Yes, it is.” (J)

“Jin-ha” (S)

“If I forcibly hold on to you, maybe you wouldn’t even think about running away from our house ever again.” (J)

The bag was then clutched against his chest.

“So, where should I hide you?” (J)

“……” (S)

For a moment she thought she heard it wrong. 

Doubting her own ears, she looked at him unaware when he pressed his lips against her neck. He bit the skin on her neck and sucked on it. Teeth marks could be seen on her tender flesh, then his lips moved to her chin while he smiled slightly.

“It’s a joke.” (J)

“..… drop dead.” (S)

“Just like how you’re making a joke, I was just kidding too.” (J)

“You think I’m joking with you….?!” (S)

“If this wasn’t a joke, then I wasn’t joking about this either.” (J) (T/N: wtf lol😂)

“……..” (S)

“So, consider it carefully.” (J)

“Threatening me now?” (S)

“Did I say that? I was merely following your action. Secretary Choi and the driver will be here in 5 minutes. Go and get your luggage.” (J)

“Mr. Woo Jin-ha.” (S)

“To be honest, if you weren’t so stubborn, it would’ve been easier and there won’t be any need for me to pressure you either.” (J)

“……..” (S)

“So, this is just me, informing you in advance. Since you are now a patient.” (J)

The hand stroking her hair down to her ear feels very gentle. 

What he is doing now is not a threat, but merely warning me in advance… 

This Woo Jin-ha was very arrogant but considerate at the same time. Although this behavior of his was a bit odd, at the same time looked sincerely serious as well. Just like having a few different masks on.

“Everything has its place. The same goes for people.” (J)

Looks like she no longer could provoke him today. Although seeing him being this angry to the point of acting so despicable, it would’ve been more correct to say she felt a bit confused. Because no matter what, there won’t be a bad outcome for him.

“…How did you know that Yoon-hyeong was here?” (S)

“I saw both of you walk in together and I saw him bringing back a blanket, then he went inside again, and I also saw when he finally came out after staying in for a long time.” (J)

“……..” (S)

“Ah. Also, when his car stopped at the parking lot.” (J)

“………” (S)

“So, I’ve been here for a long time already.” (J)

He has more eyes and ears because he got money. Like a shadow, she had never even noticed it either. Maybe it would be the last time Yoon-hyeong could go out of this house under his watchful eyes.

She occasionally thought that he had this unyielding wall of control. Well, aside from her that is, nonetheless, in almost every situation that had happened. He was indeed a man capable of solving any problem only by predicting and preparing for any possibilities in advance.

Because of that she was the only crack in his wall and she had thought that he loves her albeit in his own creepy way, so although she felt happy, she was also frightened, so he rejected me. But in the end, she was only a small fragment in the lowest place within his solid wall.

(T/N: This is, uh, a bit tricky paragraph, she is telling that Jin-ha has a strong wall of control- takes proper decisions, predicts the correct things etc. The crack is him sleeping with her. So coz of that crack he rejected (was indifferent) towards her but she is just a small crack at the lowest part of that wall, so she isn’t noticeable)

So, it’s safe at all times, and she is not too scared now. He had no doubts about her, and he didn’t put his heart on her, thinking that he was betrayed.

(T/N: doubts that she is having affair)

So, this was great and wasn’t too frightening now. Because, he never placed his heart on her enough to make him feel betrayed, so he won’t ever chase her enough while feeling betrayed by her.

In fact, all the people in his family are like that. They acted like mentally ill, continuously doubting each other, probing, and watching each other. Even though to plant several people, in the pretext of good intent, to monitor others like a CCTV.

She was glad to see how insane he was, being so delighted, even felt it was his way of caring about her, happily accepting to be exposed to that kind of miserable family practice. But then he may instead include her as a person who he has to be on guard against. 

He must’ve been watching her sometimes, being briefed by his people. She was even sure that he was actually aware of what’s going on.

As Yoon-hyeong said, she is a totally insane kid. That’s why she got punished like this.

Seeing Secretary Choi and the driver finally arrive, Woo Jin-ha then held her then walked down the apartment.

She wondered that she must’ve looked like a dog that had run away from home.

-End of Chapter 2-

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