SLS – 25

Translated by Jasmine.

So Long For Now, Summer

Chapter 25

Come Out


“Give me the reason.” (Y)

“…Auntie will be crushed. Just when I could finally get married… In the end my marriage was merely a sham.” (S)

“……” (Y)

“His parents despised me, my child is gone, and my husband bullied me.” (S)

“Ok.” (Y)

“You bully me too…” (S)

“Enough. Forget it. Then I’ll go home and get you a blanket. Just sleep like this today then let’s go to IKEA tomorrow.” (Y)

“Let’s go? Are you going too?” (S)

“If not, what are you planning to do with your body like that?” (Y)

“I won’t sleep with you” (S)

“Who said we would sleep together? You’re obviously still a married woman… I, of course, will go home to sleep.” (Y)

“Alright.” (S)

“See, I’ll show you. I know lots of stuff too.” (Y)

“Ok.” (S)

“Is it okay if you don’t clean it? The previous tenant must’ve left it in a mess when they moved out. Do you need anything at home?” (Y)

“It won’t take long to move in and clean. It won’t be too difficult.” (S)

While Yoon-hyeong finished the rice, she got more scolding from him. She was afraid that she would vomit it out in front of him. She was rather comfortable not eating too much, scared she’d vomit again if she ate too much later on.

Out of the restaurant, after passing by a familiar intersection, they returned to the apartment. Yoon-hyeong insisted on dropping her off back to the house, and then went to his own house to get the blanket. On the way back, he bought a bunch of biscuits that she used to like when she was a kid at the convenience store.

Kim Yoon-hyeong stayed for an hour and a half, but she reluctantly forgot about his share of the biscuits. She had to finish it anyway. Surprisingly, when she snuck a piece of biscuit in, it wasn’t as disgusting as she previously thought.

She sent Yoon-hyeong out then opened the window a bit wider. 

The night’s cool breeze blew in. The sound of the cicadas could still be heard from here. 

On the fifth floor of this six-story apartment that has no elevators. Even though today was very exhausting, she looked forward to this second new start.

After her family moved to this house, Dad’s career expanded by leaps and bounds, and they lived here since then. Furthermore, her parents love this house. 

After they started to live here, everything seemed to go smoothly, just like an enchanted house.

…. Why would I want to live over there?’

That’s right. The superb bed to lie down, dining table, and all other necessities of life meant nothing. 

The thing inside those boxes that she brought, could also be easily purchased anywhere she goes. Rather, since she doesn’t have anything that’s consumable here, it is a little impossible to live here at this moment.

Of course, that does not mean that this old house is insignificant or has nothing. It’s just that she often had those nightmares before.

‘Am I still going to dream of Hee-shin?’

The strange thing is that the people that she loves all appear in that nightmares. 

Hee-shin even mom and dad… 

All appeared exactly at this moment where she felt like she won’t be able to recover, continuously feeling lost and weak.

Her family always came in those nightmares.

But now it’s ok. Anyway, her life is not a very good dream… So, it’s not bad to be back and live in this home again. 

She then closed the door so that the room located further behind could not be seen.

Now she needs to take her wallet from the bag and go to the supermarket to buy a few things that she needs.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

The only person who came to this house was Yoon-hyeong, so she spoke loudly towards the door, thinking maybe he missed something earlier.

“Is there anything you left behind?” (S)

She went to open the door while throwing the question as she walked towards it. But then she felt strange because even after she asked there was still no answer from outside the door. And the moment she opened the door—

A force suddenly came, pushing the door wide open from the outside.

“Get your bags and come out.” (J)

Woo Jin-ha coldly stood in front of the door.

“Go away.” (S)

As soon as she was about to close the door, his hand reached inside the door. She didn’t want to consciously stop for fear of him getting hurt, but still she stopped closing the door, feeling angry at herself. 

It was because of him.

“Are you kidding me right now?” (J)

“Does it look like a joke?” (S)

“It should be said that it is better to be joking.” (J)

“What-” (S)

“-I saw Kim Yoon-hyeong.” (J)

She frowned silently. Woo Jin-ha simply pushed his arm forward, opened the door, and walked into the narrow entrance. Maybe he thinks rather than waiting for her to go out by herself, it’d be better to take her out by himself directly instead.

“Either let me in or come out with me.” (J)

“…I’ll come out” (S)

It would be worse to bring him into the house. Although this house is so scary that she dares not to live in it for a while, it is also a place full of memories with her family. If they were still alive, they surely wouldn’t have liked Woo Jin-ha too much.

She went back empty-handed for the bag. Meanwhile, at the same time, he pushed the old door further and came in.

Looking around, his eyes looked calmly at her figure who was walking back towards the entrance. 

In that instant, her face was frowning.

“I never said you could come in” (S)

“Is this the place where you lived with your parents when you were young?” (J)

He asked casually. 

Not even willing to answer, she brushed past him and walked through the hall. Woo Jin-ha just stared towards her standing quietly in an awkward position and the messy box.

“These luggages are the things that we never get a chance to unpack for months.” (J)

“…Let’s go now. I’ve found my bag.” (S)

“Planning to come back here later after we come out.” (J)

“……” (S)

“You have such a place to go back to, so are you planning on showing it to me later on?” (J)

“This house is as you’ve already seen so far.” (S)

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