SLS – 24

Translated by Jasmine.

So Long For Now, Summer

Chapter 24



“Yes… Do you want to drink more? No. Don’t drink. Right? Not allowed. When…” (Y)

She guessed he wanted to know about the accident, but couldn’t quite get the question out.

“Yesterday.” (S)

“… What?” (Y)

“It happened yesterday.” (S)

“…….” (Y)

“I had the miscarriage yesterday” (S)

“…Are you crazy? But you… Ah really, Shim Hee-joo. I’m going insane… Why would you directly move out the next day plus even carrying that luggage of yours earlier?” (Y)

“Aren’t you the one who moved most of it though?” (S)

“…you… really, I don’t even know how to scold you, what was that boy was doing… Your husband… what did he say?” (Y)

“He said, there will be no divorce.” (S)

“What does that mean?” (Y)

“I told him I want a divorce.” (S)

“……” (Y)

“He said no. That bastard.” (S)

Kim Yoon-hyeong was speechless. He merely unconsciously swallowed a few more pieces of meat, kept chewing it, but still said nothing, simply looked at her quietly, then once again continued to put a few pieces of meat into his mouth, chewed and swallowed several times before finally stared at her and asked.

“Speak from the beginning” (Y)

“Can’t repeat anymore.” (S)

“Shim Hee-joo” (Y)

“I really can’t take it anymore. Yoon-hyeong…” (S)

“… So, you actually hate that son of a bitch when you got married?” (Y)

She didn’t know as if it was expected but suddenly the name ‘Woo Jin-ha’ was downgraded to ‘that son of a bitch’ all at once. If it was before, she wouldn’t allow him to be called like that, but now she didn’t know whether to be mad or not.

“No. I loved him.” (S)

“Ah, now you’ve done it. Look at you now. That was one hell of a shit.” (Y)

“That’s why it’s so laughable…. My life has become like a piece of shit.” (S)

“More like it got fucked.” (Y)

“What should I do… Yoon-hyeong.” (S)

“What else to do? You want to divorce, and he won’t give a divorce, then go file a lawsuit. Would you like to be introduced to the lawyer that this brother knows of?” (Y)

“Could the lawyer you know win…” (S)

“Let’s think more about it later…” (Y)

“We should go to see the car later, I need to buy some furniture first.” (S)

“What happened to the furniture?” (Y)

“I want to move to my old home. Then looking for a job again…” (S)

“…How could you live there…” (Y)

There is an unsaid word in Yoon-hyeong’s sentence. A reminder of her thorns.

Gimpo’s home has memories of the best period in her life as well as the worst period.

She had wandered around ever since she left that house. A very peaceful journey. Like becoming a new person… That was before she met Woo Jin-ha.

“… If I go home now. I don’t know what we are going to quarrel about again.” (S)

“Don’t quarrel.” (Y)


“What did that bastard say?” (Y)

“He doesn’t want to divorce…” (S)

“No, not that. Before that happened… What did he do wrong?” (Y)

“Nothing’s wrong. He didn’t do anything.” (S)

“You love him so disgustingly deep, so something must’ve happened for you to be tired. So, what happened?” (Y)

Although her eyes felt hot, there were no tears. Because she already stopped crying, she finally could talk about what had happened yesterday. It took no less than 5 sentences to explain what happened yesterday morning.

Also, Woo Jin-ha was very indifferent during that period. She loves that person, but that person didn’t love her, so of course, it was already expected…

Yoon-hyeong was so infuriated while merely stared at her in silence.

“Yeah. Lawyer. Let me take care of the cost. Woo Jin-ha. That fucking son of a bitch. Bird shit guy…” (Y)

“I have my own money too.” (S)

“What do you have that money for then? Do it now then. You…this insane…. What did you do yesterday? Still didn’t call me—” (Y)

“I felt embarrassed. Since my husband wasn’t home… And to suddenly have you come, even if you’re my best friend…” (S)

“…….” (Y)

“I know it was stupid.” (S)

It never crossed her mind at all because she did not want to meet anybody, even her childhood friend while wearing a skirt completely soaked with blood. But now she knew if she could’ve just told him, even when she thought no one would care, he definitely would.

She didn’t like the fact that she was no better than Woo Jin-ha.

“Anyway, I want to divorce first. It could be because that person felt a bit prideful right now or there is a situation where both of us mustn’t get divorce for the time being…” (S)

“So, what if it is indeed something? Are you just going to let it slide?”

Even if she knew he still wouldn’t tolerate it, what would Yoon-hyeong call Woo Jin-ha?

Somehow, she blankly imagined there would be more swearing than just ‘son of a bitch’.

“No, I just wanted to get out of the house as soon as possible. Of course, I wanted to divorce. But now I pretended that I wasn’t well, and just moved out of the house.” (S)

“You’ll just be dragged back again if you go on like this. I know you so well. This is the first time you’ve been completely charmed by a man.” (Y)

“I won’t change my mind.” (S)

“No. Complete madness.” (Y)

She oddly agreed with his sentence of her being complete madness. Yup. Even madness couldn’t fully explain this.

“Ha… The furniture store is closed. It’s useless if it is open. Even if you ordered the furniture like one ordered fried noodles, those things won’t be ready for you right away…” (Y)

“I know.” (S)

“What the hell are you… why didn’t you tell me sooner? The day is already gone.” (Y)

“It’s okay. I’ll just sleep on the floor.” (S)

“Nothing in the house? Not even a blanket?” (Y)

“It is summer now…” (S)

“…this is crazy… Just go to my mother’s house to sleep then.” (Y)

Yoon-hyeong’s parents, who were close to her family, got divorced when they were both still in high school. Yoon-hyeong’s father left the house and left Yoon-hyeong with his mother, just like that, their dispute came to an end. So, to this day Yoon-hyeong’s mother is still living in Gimpo.

Thinking of the warm familiar face she once loved, she immediately refused.

“Ah, no.” (S)

“Why? My mother likes you.” (Y)

“I like Auntie too” (S)

“So…” (Y)

“Because it’s embarrassing to see Auntie…” (S)

“What’s this nonsense that makes you refuse to meet everyone that you know of? Didn’t my mother also get divorced.” (Y)

To casually say “My mother had a divorce” is so like him who often said every day ever since they were a child that ‘there was never anything that’s too complicated’

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