SLS – 22

Translated by Jasmine.

So Long For Now, Summer

Chapter 22



She felt awkward because she felt that she was lying, but she didn’t have the time to explain. Furthermore, she wouldn’t be able to answer anything about how a pregnant woman could carry that much of a load. 

Fortunately, there wasn’t much luggage from the beginning. After she stopped working, there was also the fact that almost all of her current casual clothes wouldn’t be worn anymore and are going to be thrown away, therefore there were only a few clothes inside those boxes.

“What about the house? Will it be rented out?” (Y)

“Nobody asks about it yet anyway.” (S)

“It’s been like this lately. Wait a minute… If you brought all these boxes in, then what if someone wants to rent it later?” (Y)

“I don’t plan to rent it for the time being.” (S)

“Yeah what monthly rent do you need anyway? Do you even need more money from renting out?” (Y)

While Yoon-hyeong was carrying the luggage and talking about how comfortable her life must be, she temporarily had other ideas. she realized that she almost took the car keys.

The car was given by Woo Jin-ha, so it was a given that it should be returned to him. Then after she moved the boxes into the elevator one by one, she ran back into the house to leave the car keys on the dining table.

The old car that she used to ride when she came to work in the company was disposed of after marriage. Nonetheless, she figured because she won’t get any job right away, it would be inconvenient if there is no car.

She put all the luggage into Yoon-hyeong’s large SUV in the parking lot and sat in the passenger seat. Then she immediately said,

“Let’s look at the car on our way” (S)

“Why do you need to see a car?” (Y)

“I want to buy a car” (S)

“Yeah…the wife of the chaebol’s family is really different. You’re able to buy a car along the way to the old house now.” (Y)

“Crazy. It’s not like that.” (S)

“Is 130 million too cheap?” (Y)

“No, just a regular car. An ordinary one.” (S)

“What’s ordinary?” (Y)

“Like the car I had before.” (S)

“Do you want to go somewhere from the city? Pretend to blend in?” (Y)

“Just drive quietly.” (S)

Looking at how he nodded, he must’ve been thinking about some crazy wild imagination.

Anyway, she would have to explain soon or later, but for now, she still wanted to just relax while looking at the scenery outside the car window to see the view since the season has passed a long time ago already.

The sky between the high-rise buildings was cloudless, and the trees on the side of the street are thriving in their greenest periods.

Unknowingly, the end of summer was near.

That day in April when they got married was so beautiful. Just like her wish of how the distant future is waiting for them that day. 

She thought while closing her eyes.

But their marriage could only last one summer. Her wishes never came true.

The weather was still hot, and the old six-story apartment had no elevator, so it was quite hard to move the luggage. She kept on bringing her luggage one by one continuously, climbing the stairs.

Each time she wanted to say some excuse about being pregnant, but now that she had wanted to say something, it was impossible how sweaty she got while climbing the stairs. Hence, she wasn’t able to say any excuse.

Yoon-hyeong moved the boxes two to three times and was able to finish the work quickly. In fact, we they put them randomly inside the house, then they went around a few nearby car dealerships to see cars. She laughed a lot unlike before. It felt very refreshing.

Finally, when the contract was signed, she got exactly the same type of car as my previous old small car. Although she was scolded by Yoon-hyeong for buying it. But she felt more familiar with everything in it since she had used it for a long time before. In that way, it feels like she actually had gone back to how she was before.

“Is it going to be ready from the shop next week?” (S)

“Yeah. Next Wednesday.” (Y)

Back to the apartment, Yoon-hyeong parked, and they came to the restaurant where they used to go to eat with their parents. Before Yoon-hyeong entered the restaurant, she felt his look on her, so she tried to smile happier.

Anyway, no matter where she went, she thought of her parents. Although it had been a long time since they had passed away and the only place she could return to was the house they had left behind. At least there were a lot of precious memories here.

So, it should be no problem at all.

“Would you like to drink?” (S)

“Are you crazy?” (Y)

Yoon-hyeong was stunned at once.

“What about the child?” (Y)

“It’s gone now.” (S)

“… What?” (Y)

Judging by his expression, he certainly wanted to say “Have you gone crazy now?”. 

Kim Yoon-hyeong really was looking at her like she was crazy. He ended up dipping the chopsticks into the mayonnaise, which came out as a side dish, instead of saying sorry like he was planning to.

“Really you have no eyes. You don’t even realize it when you look at my stomach earlier.” (S)

“…I haven’t seen your belly before this. I thought it was just that your belly hasn’t shown yet… No, fuck, this isn’t important… No, I shouldn’t swear…” (Y)

Since he knew that she was pregnant, Kim Yoon-hyeong has always endured several swear words that he often used, now he could only hold it in continuously. He endured it for nearly half a year, which was a lot of endurance.

“Is it an accident… How it happen? Are you okay?” (Y)

“I’m fine. It’s fine.” (S)

There are of course some after-effects, but he won’t notice because it wasn’t so obvious after all.

“…Fuck, no wonder you look like…” (Y)

“I don’t mean to say anything about my complexion. You…” (S)

“And that kind of thing aside, what is it all about today then?” (Y)

“I’m in a hurry.” (S)

“Then what’s the rush… Is related to the lie about having use the room for the child?” (Y)

“Yes.” (S)

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