SLS – 21

Translated by Jasmine.

So Long For Now, Summer

Chapter 21

 Sense of Purpose


[T/N: I’ll be using (Y) for Yoon-heyong]

It indeed sounds more romantic than saying ‘what to do when she is already with child?’

There’s not much to acknowledged, but Woo Jin-ha likes her. That’s what matters the most.

Mother-in-law said her daughter-in-law was a woman that came from nothing and that was true since she really never had anything, she was a human being who had nothing in this house. 

There was no family, no parents, no love from Woo Jin-ha, and now no child as well, so finally, ‘nothing’ perfectly described her.

She only took a couple of things from the bedroom. There were very few things that she could call hers after all. What they bought for her wasn’t hers. All the props mother-in-law bought, and big jewels Woo Jin-ha gave. It’s all theirs.

From the kitchen, the living room, and finally the bathroom. She searched the whole house for what is hers and threw other things all away.

Then she went to an unused room and saw the luggage she had brought from her studio flat. It remained the same even the tape was left unscathed all this time.

She had a pretty good life with some of those boxes once. And that was all she would ever need from the start.

The final decision was quickly over. Instead, she had spent a long time looking for the cellphone that she forgot where she had left it before somewhere in the house. 

As soon as she found her cell phone, she called Yoon-hyeong and prayed that he wassn’t currently working.

– Shim Hee-joo?

After a few beeps, she heard his doubtful voice calling her name instead of ‘Hello’.

“Are you free now?”

– Now? What time?

“I need your car.”

– So, you who haven’t called for a long time, finally call out of the blue just to tell me to hand over my car.

He gave a blunt blow. Kim Yoon-hyeong, who has been a neighborhood friend since elementary school, was working with a college friend just 40 minutes away from this house. 

Looking at the clock on the wall, she calculated when Yoon-hyeong would be able to arrive to this house.

– Your car…?

“Your car is bigger. I need to bring several of my luggage”

– When?


– That’s why we’re suddenly talking about that now?

“Suddenly needed. At work?”

– Is it urgent?

Kim Yoon-hyeong didn’t answer her question, instead, he asked like that.

As long as she said that she was in an urgent situation, she knew that he would come right away without asking the reason. Kim Yoon-hyeong used to be close to her family, and he was very weak to her “emergency” since we were a child. 

She looked down at her flat stomach. Ever since it got bulging, she has always worn loose clothes, so now he wouldn’t easily notice it right away. She stroked her stomach with the palm. Even though It is no longer bulging like before, like it before when there isn’t any child.  

Kim Yoon-hyeong hasn’t seen her in a long time. He won’t know what happened, but she will eventually tell him when they meet. But for now, he doesn’t know why she has to carry this luggage.  

It’s too early for her to tell him.

– Shim Hee-joo?


– Oi.

” …Well. I’m in a hurry. I need it right away. “

– What luggage?

“Luggage from my studio-flat. Now it’s in the spared room, so I wanted to move them to Gimpo. “

– There wasn’t enough room? Why?

“I need to use the other separate place.”

She didn’t tell any elaborate reason, but Yoon-hyeong asked again seriously.

– For the kids?

“… Yes.”

-What about your husband?

“At work.”

She knows it’s not the right answer that he wanted to know about, in fact, he wasn’t asking about where he (Woo Jin-ha) is now, but the reason why he (Woo Jin-ha) can’t do it for her instead. 

Kim Yoon-hyeong was quiet for a moment. Actually, she had never talked to Yoon-hyeong about her marriage, but he always has been a person who’d quick to noticed something without actually being to be told.

– I see.

Probably he has already known that there was no mutual love between Woo Jin-ha and her, so he pretended to be oblivious.

– Is it ok to go straight now?

“Yes. As soon as possible”

– Alright. Send me the address then.

“I’m sorry, Yoon-hyeong.”

– It’s all right.

Quickly the phone was cut off. She washed her used water cup then looked around the house to see if there was anything more she should throw away. There seemed to be nothing different from before as well after. All the things inside the house still looked the same.

She had only looked at the things that she had used, throwing them all away, things like toiletries or toothbrushes, that no one else won’t be able to use after.

The only difference is that she won’t be here anymore. After she had finished sorting out her belongings inside the bag, she sat on the sofa and waited for a while, and not long after Yoon-hyeong arrived.

“Is this real your house? Wow… What kind of apartment is this, does it even have an outdoor courtyard?” (Y)

“Come here” (S)

“Don’t even let me see around your house? After the way you were calling over.” (Y)

“I didn’t ask you for a visit.” (S)

“Even though I’m your best friend that comes to your home for the first time…” (Y)

“We’re not here to play.” (S)

“Shim Hee-joo’s sense of purpose is very clear.” (Y)

“This is the luggage.” (S)

“Is this all we need?” (Y) 

“Yes.” (S)

’Has Kim Yoon-hyeong could already guess what I’m actually doing now.’

There was no mover who was hastily packing the clothes, and neither was there was any other luggage that needed to be taken from the house besides these old unopened boxes that don’t look important but also cannot be discarded that was supposed to be sent to the old house instead.

That’s actually why she decided to never let Yoon-hyeong guess anything strange, although if he knew about what was going on, he would definitely help her, she still doesn’t think he could do any better.

As Yoon-hyeong asked her lightly, she moved the boxes to the front door with him, following Yoon-hyeong, who was carrying her other luggage.

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