SLS – 2

Translated by Jasmine.

So Long For Now, Summer

Chapter 02



She really hadn’t noticed.  

How her heart had moved towards him. How her heart fluttered like a fool the moment as she entered the wedding hall. 

All day she had laughed thinking of the child’s heartbeat., She had vowed with determination to become a good mother even if it was of no value to the outside world.

Somebody like her wasn’t worth anything.  

It was alright though.  

Their world wasn’t of much value to her either. At least, other than Woo Jin-ha.

Yet, she often recalled that day.

That one day, where everything had started. Afterward—somehow, they had continued to have sex. It had been only that day where they hadn’t used contraception.

He was so drunk that day, to the extent that he wouldn’t remember anything, while she—despite being drunk herself—loved him so much, that she was too busy telling him—like a dumb child—that she would be happy with whatever he did to her, as long as it was him doing it. 

When the morning came, it was as if the world had turned upside down, and he talked about the need for a contraceptive prescription in front of her, as his eyes looked coldly at her.

‘What have you done?’ 

he had asked. And with that, there couldn’t have been a more succinct efficient answer than that. 

‘You had sex with me and you didn’t use contraception.’

A deep feeling of frustration passed over his face. Like someone who had made a very big mistake.

It was only a few weeks later that she found out the medicine she took that day had been completely ineffective. 

Woo Jin-ha proposed directly from the office with a face that looked like they had gotten married and asking for a divorce. 

She had no reason to refuse. 

Although it hadn’t been intentional, she had always harbored a dream to stay by his side for a long time.

The Woo family had turned upside down. She was immediately advised to resign. The reason was that his grandfather disapproved of his daughters-in-law’s economic class.

Her mother-in-law had quickly submitted her (MC’s) resignation, pointing to her forehead, saying, ‘How scandalous and disgraceful would it be if the family’s daughter-in-law was a secretary who was in charge of miscellaneous affairs.’

And soon after, she married him, while being treated like a guest at a party that no one had welcomed.

However, no matter what she did, the stain remained.

She turned her head and looked at the drawer next to the bed. There, a skirt stained with blood was placed. How would she get back with this…… Realistic concerns started to awaken her blank mind.

No matter how long she had tried to clean it, there was more than a tenth of the blood-stain left. 

When no move would come out, she had to open the curtains and prepared to leave the hospital with a miserable expression. 

However, at that moment, there seemed to be nowhere safer in the world except for this bed that was surrounded by curtains. 

The cold wrapped around her whole body. She trembled while hugging her other shoulder where a needle had pierced.

If only nothing had happened that day….

She had often had similar fleeting thoughts over this past six months. 

What was it all for? It was certainly good to love him. 

She had wanted to be with him somehow, hoping later she could admit it had been a mistake.

She deserved her regret. She had caused something that had dirtied his life and reputation. But as the days passed, she held on to the belief that everything was going to be alright in the end.

So there’s nothing for her to be regretful about.

But it was funny now that the child was gone, all she could feel was regret. 

She hated that day now. It’s not an awareness that had just occurred to her, but maybe it’s just something she hadn’t acknowledged until now.

She regretted that day as much as he did. You’ve ruined my life…… when the child was alive and breathing inside her body, those words she could not bear to say were threatening to be spat out before his wonderful face.

She burst into laughter that was too loud.

Who would believe that she was wearing a wedding ring that was several times more expensive than her company’s salary until a few months ago and wearing clothes that were more expensive than her salary?

Anyone could see that she was a lucky woman to fix her fate, and she was a vindictive woman who was relentless in the eyes of the mother-in-law and managed to get pregnant.

It’s not much different from the truth. Because of her long morning sickness, she got up feeling like a habit of vomiting.

Blood was still on the skirt, but fortunately the fabric was dark and not very noticeable. She wiped it with as much tissue as she could and changed into it.

When she opened the curtains, the light poured out. She suddenly calmed down as if she had lost her mind.

She felt people glancing at her as she passed by, but she was so tired that she just didn’t care. 

She walked to the window of the reception and finished her check-out formalities. It didn’t take long because it was a small general hospital. 

She then thought she’d sit on the bench in the aisle for a while, however she just stood next to it because she thought the blood on her skirt would get on the bench.

When she picked up her cell phone, the details of the transfer of hospital bills to her account were still up. 

She didn’t have a wallet, so she didn’t know how to go back home. Her aunt was hospitalized in a car accident, and her helper was off today. Sujin was on duty now… She ended up choosing the closest person among the options.

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