SLS – 18

Translated by Jasmine.

So Long For Now, Summer

Chapter 18

 Turn Back Time


“Like, buying a child… Something like that….” (J)

His face was distorted inside his roughly dry hands.  He’s right.

Prenuptial contracts are not for orphans like her, but more for those women from chaebol* families (*note: a large family-owned business/ conglomerates.), when they were considering each distribution of their support from both families, while she was only mortgaged by her husband for the rights of their unborn child.

Only when she promised to become a nominal wife and a shell mother could she become Woo Jin-ha’s family. Together with a promise that she could be chased out of the family any time he wants as well.

Since no matter what happens, the child is Woo Jin Ha’s child…….

“What were you thinking? You… What did you even think… ” (J)

That’s right. What was I thinking…

Woo Jin-ha may never love her for all his life, but she did intend to love him for her whole life, so she finally chose him.

He is free to do anything while she can’t do anything. No matter who he met or did, she had to acknowledge that no charges would be imposed on him. 

Likewise, if one day he suddenly wished for a divorce, she must’ve only nodded her head obediently, and of course before, she wouldn’t dare to ask for it first.

Of course, It was because she also had a fair degree of trust in him. 

She knew that even if she is annoying, he won’t meet another woman, and she surely won’t ever do anything that could bother him enough to make him want to break up with her.  

She knew Woo Jin-ha well.  Even if it’s something he doesn’t like, at least he won’t die from it.

But what would break us up is something they never expected instead.

Or maybe it’s wrong to simply depend on the fact that they can be together if they could just stamp on that.

We really went wrong from the very beginning.

No matter how they look at their beginning. She was still laid on the wrong side. 

“I thought that was your idea.” (S)

“…….” (J)

“So I didn’t think about anything, because if you wanted it. I just had to follow.” (S)

A miserable voice somehow still came out when she hadn’t wished for it. But there was no emotion. 

While responding to her answer, Woo Jin-ha’s distorted face was smeared in bewilderment but soon returned again slowly. Like forcing the broken machine to run again.

“…It won’t have any legal effect, so it isn’t valid, Hee-joo.” (J)

“Jinha-ssi” (S)

“It doesn’t matter, forget it.” (J)

“Jinha-ssi, I can’t forget…. That.” (S)


“I won’t forget how badly the choice that I’ve taken just to be with you.” (S)

That wasn’t even the worst thing I’ve ever heard from the lawyer.

“If I could turn back time, I won’t tell Woo Jin-ha anything.” (S)

Neither the child nor her heart, she won’t let him know anything. While it would have been best if she didn’t sleep with him in Busan at all if she could turn back time, however, she still wasn’t willing to erase the fact that the child had once existed even if it was only inside her imagination.

But, the child is already dead anyway.

“So I won’t make the same mistake twice.” (S)

“Is this marriage a mistake for you?” (J)

“I would like to ask Woo Jin-ha if it isn’t true.” (S)

“Oh, no.” (J)

“…….” (S)

“At least I’ve never made a mistake.” (J)

I’ve always been this way. Every time I was about to give up, I was always forced to breathe and inflate with hope again, kept thinking that I’m not alone digging this hole. Maybe, just maybe, he wanted to be with me as well. To some extent.

But that was before she got her throat choked.

“It’s worse because it has been intentional.” (Note: They did it intentionally, as in the s*x activity.) (J)

“…….” (S)

“You didn’t do anything wrong, still it’s very despicable… Of me.” (J)

He held her shoulder gently and stared at her, who had no strength left to resist his hand that swept on her cheek. 

He bent his wide back to meet her eyes.

“Yes, I’m an evil man, Hee-joo.” (J)

“…….” (S)

“That’s the only correct thing you’ve got right. But you can’t divorce me.” (J)

Her face stiffened. He obstinately followed her eyes, staring at her pair of bright eyes. Their lips then touched.

He expertly opened her lips, devouring her lower lip greedily, consuming it. Unconsciously feeling like this was the same prelude before the sex, she tried to push Woo Jin-ha away in vain. But he did not even budge and continued the kiss.

While struggling in his arms, her body collapsed because she couldn’t overcome his strength. As if he had waited, he threw his big body over her, our tongue entangled. Whenever their entangled lips loosen a little, the sound of gasping would burst out now and then.

“You know what? ” (J)

“…….” (S)

“If I was a good guy, I wouldn’t have come all the way here with you from the very beginning.” (J)

Woo Jin-ha said with a smile, rubbing closely to her lips.

As she stared at him blankly, he then bit her lip again before he backed away. She thought he would take off her clothes, but he didn’t even touch them from the beginning.

“Think about it. If you can’t do it right, then you might as well don’t start it at all.” (J)

“……” (S)

Woo Jin-ha went back to his expressionless face while telling her all of that as if nothing had happened earlier.

Then gently stroked her face as if trying to coax her.

“Hee-joo, we can have a baby again any time in the future.” (J)

“…….” (S)

“Your health is the most important thing. You’re alright, that’s all that matters.” (J)

“Jin-ha, it might be enough for you, but not for me.” (S)

“You could have been in danger, too. Maybe it was just fated to be.” (J)

(T/N: ……fated to be miscarriage)

“You spoke as if you were there the whole time.” (S)

“Because I heard it from the shadow… so it’s almost the same.” (Note: The spy. He heard it from the person he sent to tailed her)

There’s nothing he doesn’t know. Perhaps, he was only surprised to hear more directly from her point of view. She simply felt exhausted by now.

“I’m sorry I let you go through it alone today.” (J)

He suddenly apologized. She turned her eyes away.

“I’m sorry I made you alone.” (J)

“…….” (S)

“I’m sorry I made you endure it alone.” (J)

“…….” (S)

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