SLS – 17

Translated by Jasmine.

So Long For Now, Summer

Chapter 17

 Sorrow Flew Away Like Dust


“Don’t you know what resting means? Lying still in bed.” (J)

“I always did this whenever I am home” (S)

“How long… Half a day?” (J)

“Yes. Anyway, now that I’ve had enough rest, you don’t have to pretend to worry now. I’m really fine.” (S)

He is a man who comes back to work like nothing happens even if his wife has a miscarriage. A man who’d even come back late at night only after he has done all the things he should do.

How much thought did he care to spend on their divorce?

I don’t care about his sincerity at all.

Woo Jin-ha didn’t say anything, even after she passed by him.

It felt cold. Seems like she might have a sudden fever.

She was afraid that she won’t be able to carry her luggage tomorrow. Perhaps she should go to the hospital early in the morning for an IV drip.

“I called professor Han.” (J)

She was going to say she didn’t need it reflexively, but she nodded when she thought about tomorrow’s work. She slowly sat on bed feeling dizzy.

She was silent once again. She couldn’t get any closer to the foot of the bed, and she couldn’t lie down because he was too close. 

The air had an uncomfortable balance. Thus soon, she ran out of patience.

“……It won’t take long.” (S)

“Pardon me..” (J)

“Divorce consultation is really simple. It’s more if you don’t have children.” (S)

“…….” (J)

“I don’t have much time to prepare for things like documents… I’ll talk to Mr. Kim tomorrow. Jin-ha, you’re busy. I won’t bother you.” (S)

“…….” (J)

“I can do it right away from tomorrow…” (S)

“Shim Hee-joo. ” (J)

“Yes.” (S)

“I didn’t answer you.” (J)

“…….” (S)

“I haven’t said anything, not yet.” (J)

“Wasn’t that a silent affirmation?” (S)

So even that was something he couldn’t bother to remember. Feeling in vain as soon as she spoke, she turned her head away.

“Be careful. You’re smarter than this.” (J)

“I’m being careful now.” (S)

“Don’t do anything you’ll regret in an instant.” (J)

“I won’t regret it.” (S)

“…….” (J)

“Since I met Jin-ha, I’ve regretted all kinds of things by myself, but for certain I won’t regret this at all.” (S)

“There’s nothing you would get right now.” (J)

She looked at him in disbelief when she heard a slight sneer at his words, signs of little sarcasm.

He looked more incredibly angry. All because of the word ‘regret’?

She looked straight into his fierce shining eyes and answered sharply.

“I know. I read it with my own eyes and signed it with my own hands.” (S)

We have a prenuptial contract. About what her situation would be on that piece of paper – of course, it totally depends on whether she will be having a baby or not. 

From the beginning, she was the woman who married because of a child, chaining Woo Jin-ha’s ankle.

“As for the death of the child before birth, all also have been explained by lawyer Kim in detail before marriage.” (S)

“…….” (J)

“From miscarriage to stillbirth. In that case, as a result, I can’t get anything because I’ve contributed nothing to this marriage.” (S)

“…….” (J)

“That’s right. I agreed.” (S)

“…..Mr. Kim told you such a thing?” (J)

“He gave me a detailed example on how prenuptial agreements could have a wide range of implications.” (S)

“Did you sit back and listen to it and agree?” (J)

Woo Jin-ha smiles with a sharp face. She then asked while looking at him because she couldn’t understand.

“How did you think I was able to get married to you?” (S)

“Are you crazy?” (J)

“What’s different about what Jin-ha is trying to say to me now?” (S)

He looked at me as if he had been hit hard at the moment. She laughed secretly.

“Since there is nothing to take, and I know what the result would be, thus isn’t it better to throw it away?  Jin-ha, do you even need me? Bullshit.”  (S)

“…….” (J)

“Go out and meet any woman. That’s all you used to do after we got married, and because you could actually do it even while we were getting married that was why I signed so that you can meet another woman as much as you want.” (S)

“Don’t talk like that.” (J)

“Or are you offended because I didn’t tell you before? I thought you would thank me for alleviating any hardship.” (S)

“Shim Hee-joo. ” (J)

“Did I sit still and agree?  Yes, I did.  Of course, I didn’t feel like I was going to fly away with joy.  When a baby is born, no pregnant woman agrees to have a paternity test two months before birth and still feels happy.” (S)

“…….” (J)

“Why… Is it the first time Jin-ha has heard about it?” (S)

” I had just heard about this for the first time. ” (J)

“Didn’t you even bother to look at the premarital contract?” (S)

“Because it’s a common practice.” (J)

To her, Woo Jin-ha, who seemed the most mature in the world, looked like a child instead, for a while. 

I didn’t know this would happen, I didn’t know how this could happen… with those anxious eyes, staring at her as if he were saying that.

If she were to see such eyes of Woo Jin-ha a few days ago, perhaps she wouldn’t be able to stand by not hugging him.

How is it possible that Woo Jin-ha didn’t even have the slightest idea about the terms of our divorce? That would simply be disgusting bullshit.

“… Then you simply never care enough even to insult me.” (S)

(P/R: like saying that Jin-ha is in fact never bothered to even know/care for her (existence) at all, not even wanting to bother sparing an effort/thought to insult her. Completely treating her like she doesn’t exist in her life at all. THIS CRAZY SON OF A BITCH)

She felt stupid and sad when she thought it was all Woo Jin-ha’s decisions.

Should she be happy now that he said he didn’t want it?

But now that I tell you the truth, I won’t laugh while crying at the same time. 

Woo Jin-ha was simply never interested in her at all. That’s why she didn’t even worry about eating away his great assets by using the child as an excuse. She didn’t have to.

Sorrow flew away like dust.

“I received the report. There was no such thing in the report.” (J)

“He (Lawyer Kim) wouldn’t have to report it to Jin-ha. Of course.” (S)

“You agreed with the bullshit.  If I knew the content in advance—.” (J)

“—Even if you know… What will change.” (S)

“….At least I won’t let you hear that kind of shit.” (J)

“…….” (S)

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