SLS – 16

Translated by Jasmine.

So Long For Now, Summer

Chapter 16



“Then who will do the clean?” (S)

“Madam*. Anyway, she’s supposed to come early tomorrow morning. I thought to call her right away, but I’m afraid you’ll feel uncomfortable.” (J)

<P/r: *Madam here probably means the housekeeper, I believe.>

“It’s okay. I just don’t want to leave it like this until then.”(S)

“Then I’ll call my family.”(J)

“It’s 9 p.m now. Don’t ask them to come all the way here from Woosong-won.”(S)

“Then I’ll do it.” (J)

She was a little taken aback.

“What? Can you really do it?”(S)

“Why can’t I? You’re a patient, after all.” (J)

“Forget it. Leave it.”(S)

He restrained her with extremely careful force. She pushed it away because she thought she could, but she ended up being stubborn.

He grabbed her arm and sighed.

“Why is your body so cold?” (J)

“If I rest, I’ll feel better. “(S)

“Then get some rest. “(J)

“After I clean it up.”(S)

“Did you eat anything?”(J)

“I did. “(S)

Woo Jin-ha stared into my eyes. He looked like he knew that she lied. But without saying anything, he picked up the shopping bag on the corner of the table.

“I bought porridge just in case. I’ll heat it up, so eat it. I was going to come faster, but there was a traffic jam.”(J)

It was already late. She wanted to smile casually, but she just put up with it because it didn’t seem to suit them that much.

“No, just leave it. I’ll take care of it later.”(S)


“Just … later. Not now.”(S)

“So when would this ‘later’ be?”(J)

“I’ve had IV drips earlier, so it’s okay.”(S)

Dissatisfied, he turned silently with his shopping bag, angrily walking away.

His big back looked stubbornly estranged.

She was still annoyed by the mess. To be honest, everything she saw right now was bothering her. 

She calmed down as if the scene when she was out of her mind just a few minutes ago seemed like a lie. 

She couldn’t even know what she wanted to do despite being constantly on impulse. 

She tried to clean up the house quickly and make it clean again, but then at the same time, she tried to destroy the rest of it as well.

The only answer was for her to get out of this house as quickly as possible. 

The old house in Gimpo, where she lived with her parents, was empty after a couple who were renting the house recently just moved out. 

The luggage brought from her studio-flat will stay in another room that is unused at home. Also, when the space is empty, it will be easier to move.

If she moves the luggage right away early tomorrow afternoon, she won’t have to face Woo Jin-ha.

While she was sorting out her thoughts, he brought the heated porridge on a tray. She just watched the food in front of her for a while. 

Woo Jin-ha stood next to her as if he didn’t want to give in anymore, and this ridiculous war of nerves continued for quite a while.

She picked up the spoon reluctantly. Seeing that she began to eat, Woo Jin-ha loosened his tie and went to the bathroom.

She wasn’t surprised. Even if nothing happened, he was kind from time to time. 

It was something that occasionally made me have the illusion. The experience of becoming a fool because of this behavior has happened many times. 

After all of that, this still touches her… really making her want to laugh at herself in a sense. 

She forced herself to swallow porridge but eventually put away the spoon because she felt nauseous.

She thought about tomorrow in a daze again. 

It’s hard to hire people right away…. 

Should I contact Yoon-hyeong? 

Though, she doesn’t know whether he would scold or sympathize with her. 

She wasn’t sure.


Before she knew it, she saw Woo Jin-ha coming to the kitchen after taking a shower, so she picked up the bowl while avoiding his eyes.

“Leave it.”(J)

He gently took her hand off the bowl and frowned at the bowl that she hadn’t even emptied yet. 

But without saying a word, he carried the tray back to the sink. Suddenly at a loss of something to do, she once again saw the messy house.

Because she thought about tomorrow, she wanted to clean up the house before. It’s like a habit of trying to be clean before leaving the rented house. She didn’t have much time.

“Please stop.”(J)

This time it’s clearly an annoyed voice. She could also hear him strode along as she was already aware of his steps, moving closer to her.

“There’s not much time left.”(S)

“Shim Hee-joo. “(J)

“Let me clean up, first.” (S)

“Should I show you a mirror? so you could see what you look like right now?”(J)

“It’s better than it looks. “(S)

“Fuck it, I don’t believe you and I told you I will do it instead.”(J)

Nonetheless, the quarrel wasn’t long. When he grabbed her on her shoulder and pulled her into the bedroom, her vision started to spin. 

The porridge she ate and nausea came up, and She pushed him away with all her might.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take much time for her to run into the bathroom and spit out what she just ate. Blood was drawn to my head as if someone had hung her body upside down. Tears flowed down after the sensation crashed down.

She sat down in front of the toilet, waiting for the pressure to slow down even a little.  Her stomach still felt horrible. The feeling of nausea continued despite nothing else left to vomit.

After a long time, she swept over her forehead that was slightly wet in a cold sweat, and she felt that it was finally over. 

It wasn’t much worse than when she was having morning sickness, but now she is too weak. It takes a lot of effort to get up from where she was and walk to the sink.

She stood as if she leaned against the sink and managed to wash her face again, brush her teeth. Then with the water still running, she laid down again for a long time. 

She could have stayed like that all night long if it hadn’t been for the series of heavy pounding on the bathroom door.

She stood up and opened the door. Woo Jin Ha was standing there. Honestly, she wanted to show him the mirror since his face was in a messier state than her.

“Let’s go to the hospital. Hee-joo. “(J)

“I have already gone to the hospital earlier.”(S)

“You should’ve still been hospitalized.” (J)

“It was just a recommendation, but a must.”(S)

“Nothing could be done at home.”(J)

“The doctor said I could stay home and relax for a while…”(S)

“Is the resting woman supposed to be cleaning?” (J)

“It’s not a major cleaning. It’s just fixing up my mess. That’s…”(S)

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