SLS – 14

Translated by Jasmine.

So Long For Now, Summer

Chapter 14

 Miserable Morning


She didn’t realise how she walked to the elevator, she couldn’t walk properly with a glass of wine. Or when she took his room card out with her steady hand and opened the door. 

As soon as she opened the door, she met Woo Jin-ha who was standing right at the door.

Her hands were shaking. She seemed to have left something behind. Something she hadn’t able to deliver….

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At that moment, a strong arm pulled her into the room, at the same time he bowed his head down and swallowed her lips. 

When Woo Jin-ha leaned down, he looked so big, she could barely kiss him, her neck felt like it was breaking. 

The sound of a rough grind, the tangled tongue, the lips moved rapidly, the breath from his nose to hers.


Even though she wasn’t naked, a hot sensation came from her ear, as if she were already naked. 

She knew it, since his big hand behind her neck touched her earlobe with his hot fingertips, pressing her lips just below his lips, forcing to open her mouth.

She kissed him, as if he’d given her his tongue, as if she’d never kissed before, and as if he’d never kissed anyone before.

She squeezed his neck and pulled him closer, and he pushed me against the wall. 

Then with a bit of intoxicated sense, the shadow of Woo Jin-ha pushed me with his weight and fell on her. He then pulled her up so that her back was straight.

Their eyes met in a ridiculously equal height, her legs slightly spread apart and completely in the air, her body trapped between him and the wall.

With the power of Woo Jin-ha’s body pushing her and the power of his hands that support the bottom of her hip.

She felt his erection on her lower abdomen. At first, she thought it was his wrist, but it was not.

Her heart pounded loudly. From the moment she opened the door until now her head was still pounding. His chest was touching her chest.

She was embarrassed by her own reactions, she could not bear it, so she closed her eyes, looking like a child who believed that she wouldn’t see anything if she’d just cover her eyes.

He trailed his lips down from her chin to her neck, and laughed for a moment, as if he had found a place where my blood was running, and sucked hard.

 “Uh, uh, uh….”

She wanted to think it wasn’t her voice, that it might not be hers to control anymore because she didn’t have the will nor strength.

She sobbed, like an actress in a sad movie. She wanted him, who could not be reached, pulling his head and neck closer.

Wouldn’t it seem like she’s been waiting for this? looking like a starved woman for this…? 

A negative reason from the corner of her mind briefly rushed out of her head, but she was not in her right mind anyway, those three small bottles of wine were the cause of her indulgence. 

He wouldn’t take her seriously anyway.

She was actually drunk even before she left her room. She must have been too drunk to even notice it. 

She found him in her fluttering vision, and pushed her hand into the collar of his shirt. Woo Jin-ha laughed softly.

“Ms. Hee-joo, you’ve been drinking.”

She loosened a couple more buttons on his shirt, and slipped her hand around his neck to his broad shoulders. 

He felt as hot as she was. He was drunk as she was. She was drunk too, but she liked how they both were in the same state.



“….Why did you drink?”


“Because you’re not going to do it if you were on your right mind?”

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“I’m not sure,” she said, he then bit the flesh that had popped out of her bra, causing her to nodded honestly.

“It’s cute, and I’m a bit….”

“You…..too….drank …”

“We are working, and you did it on purpose, right”

“…hah, uh….”

“You let me have it deliberately.”

Woo Jin-ha pointed out impassively, and even though he was exposed, his composure was gone as he twisted under her chest.

“I let you drink all you want…”


The bra was just pushed up, unscathed and blouse was untied and spilled down to her shoulders, none of it was properly removed. Her chest was naked in front of his eyes.

Instead of pushing her body, he held her hips in his hands, lowered his head and sucked hard on her chest, and she could not look down. She closed her eyes tightly and her senses became clear.

Her nipples were damp and stiff, colliding with the tips of his tongue. He then bit her whole nipples roughly with his mouth. She finally opened her eyes blankly, helplessly gasping from his bite.

His eyelids looked languid than usual, and every time he swallowed her nipple, she bit the inside of her cheek desperately. She tried to concentrate on the wall over his shoulder, but her gaze would eventually turn back to Woo Jin-ha.

And as if he had noticed it, Woo Jin-ha lifted his head slightly and swept her lips wet with his tongue again, her saliva-soaked chest touching the cold air, reacting sensitively. Her eyes and his eyes met.

The perfect boss, who always never seemed in a state of disheveled, stood in front of her in a mess, his hair in her hand, his shirt collar pulled back to his shoulder. 

His muscles parted chest followed his breath between his shirts, and there was a decadent heat on his face, which was always indifferent and cold.

He was a real stranger to her, a stranger with the face she had believed to be familiar with.

She thought they were in the same state, but she still couldn’t tell what he was thinking, his eyes black and sunken. He was staring at her eyes as if possessed, and he twisted his fingertips like he was harassing her saliva-soaked nipples.


“Hee-joo always has too many thoughts.”

If she had a lot of thoughts, she wouldn’t have done this in the first place. She sarcastically pointed to myself.

“Only when you’re in this drunken state.”

“Yes, yes…”

“You’re going to get out again?”

She tried to escape from the dizzying spell to reply to him, but it was not hopeless.

He rolled and pressed down her wet nipples with his fingertips, grabbing her chest in a full of big clutches, and then he tilted his head down to the other breast, began sucking it at the same time.

“eung, well… ooh.. well—”

The man stuck her nipples between his fingers, pinching it and bit her other stiffen nipples in his mouth, sucking it along with his tongue.

The clothes were not half off yet, only barely taken off from her chest. Nonetheless, her pair of stiffened nipples were now completely wet. Woo Jin-ha with his very dignified face finally stood down and pulled it down on her stomach.

It was not the first time she imagined having sex with him, but even then there was never such a scene like this erotically steamy act. It was mostly just like those movies that have plain sex scenes. 

Touching each other, coupled with a few wonderful kisses and falling into bed, covering their vital parts with a moderate blanket.

The reason was so obvious.

She felt like a child who knew nothing when she was in front of Woo Jin-ha.

He was so wonderful, that he didn’t seem to live in the same world as her. She could not dare think of sex that could have shaken a single mattress, squeaking it in her boyfriend’s room.

He was sucking her breasts like an experienced man, rubbing her chest, and squeezing her ass roughly below.

She still could not believe that she was having sex with him even though she was already stripped of her clothes by Jin-ha’s hand and had also stripped Jin-ha’s clothes with her own hands.

Even when I was laid down like this.


She could tell that Woo Jin-ha was heavily so. From his slightly staggering step when he carried her, and from the weight of him falling down onto her. He had never been drunk like this.

She thought about it for a moment, as he came thrusting in while gently spreading her legs. 

Will Woo Jin-ha remember this? 

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Of course, since it had been too long since the last time he had sex, and with how she had never has sex like this before, her then thoughts quickly disappeared. 

She felt a dull pain at first, even though she was so excited to the point of soaking the underwear, but she still could not hide the pain, her legs became more and more stiff. She was so tight, he who could not even insert half of his, grabbed her ass instead.

“Loosen up.”


“I won’t force it into you.”

It was dizzy, she kept on dreaming, but now she was more dizzy, like she was drunk the whole day. He was so hard pressing into her, she liked the sense of dullness in her mind.

He was inside her, she thanked the mercy  of their drunken state and his patience of not forcing to thrust in, but she also hated it. Because it meant that he could know how to be considerate in her current state.

She thought there was no woman. So it must’ve been when he was travelling abroad. She suddenly felt a faint jealousy with a thought that cut her back and forth. She frowned and wrapped his waist around her legs, hugged his neck. 

His naked upper body is in full contact with her naked body, his expression distorted with a low groan at the unexpected arousal.

She felt his back stiff, not willing to follow my wish, so she pushed my toes down his pants and whispered.

“I’m not going to be here after.… so just do it.”

She became a wonderfully easy woman. She heard him muttering a little curse. It had been unthinkable for the past four years, but right now it was worth it. She lost her rationality so she hoped to lose her last wall.

Slowly, feeling him beginning to thrust back in, urging him to put his whole length to the hilt, and he flopped up her waist roughly.

All these words, I would despise them later. So harder, deeper. Just do whatever you want.

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He was too big. He thrusted his thick penis in her tight hole down below but she still couldn’t even get all of him. 

Every time his dick came in deep and every time he pulled it back out of her. Her inside that had been opened to him, curled tightly again and every time he would widen her inside again….the pleasure that paralyzed her made her feel like her head was going to explode.

It was more than she could handle. She was so scared. But it was good, after all.

So she thought she might never be able to forget this moment and for a moment the thought that she might never remember any other moment, as perfect as this one, rushed in her head.

A moment of illusion that she wanted to prove to herself how blind her love is not in vain but the truth is what she had expected never happened. If so she would gladly do it because it would be her punishment.

If you thought in delusion like in a classic fairy tale, you would never be able to turn it back, it would instead be as if you are earning an excessive punishment instead.

He didn’t remember anything, his expression when he woke up soberly, was the answer to all of those questions of her. 

Would he have a little affection towards me? 

Did he like me? 

Maybe he’s gonna…..

But the unpleasant sensation of semen flowing through her legs told her just how unworthy she was.

It was indeed a miserable morning.

-End of Chapter 1-

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