SLS – 13

Translated by Jasmine.

So Long For Now, Summer

Chapter 13

 Ten Minutes


“You’re still going to get married anyway.”

“I’ll have to do it someday, but do I have to tell you that now?”

“No, I’m sorry if you were uncomfortable—”

“—I told you not to apologize today.”

“I’m sorry, it was your private business.”

She apologized firmly, she thought she  could say something else that’s less shameless, but there was nothing to say. 

So for some time, there was still quietness, she wanted to look like nothing happened, but her face creaked like a wood puppet. 

She just wanted to go back to her room quickly and think about how today, she was stupidly ruining her own face to her heart’s content.

Not long after we began to see the hotel we were staying in. She finally felt a little relieved.

“Miss. Shim Hee-joo, I like you.”

 (T/N: damn)

It was a very short relieving moment, until Woo Jin-ha suddenly pushed her back off the cliff.

She couldn’t remember how she got out of the car and got up to his room. 

It was like a vague sense of consciousness that she was not the one who did something like that since her head was screaming, urging her to leave Woo Jin-ha and run to her room instead.

He was a strong man who was very drunk, and he got worse now when he got out compared to before he got in the car, and it was clear that he had become more drunk while he was sitting in the car. 

Or so she’d like to believe that it’s just a drunken, random, sober-ass bullshit.

“Silence is good.”


The subject that filled her mind was currently standing against her in the elevator, she even remembered what day it is. 

Even to the anxious twist that made his handsome face look more enchanting, that made her hate him a little for the first time. 

She couldn’t tell how she moved her body, or how good the state she was in. She couldn’t be too despicable to run away anyway, not with how bad the state he was in.

He strongly refused to let the hotel staff, even tried to touch his body, he’d rather lean back against his shoulder-tall secretary, until finally lying down on a gorgeous bed inside the hotel room, sighing languidly. 

She stopped at the edge of the bed.

She had visited his house frequently, went to and from the hotel room where he had stayed, and she used the other room in the suite usually booked for business trips, but she never saw Woo Jin-ha lying on the bed in front of me. 

And so it was, too, a picture of a drunken sprawl, the embarrassment she felt watching the man blatantly aroused, who’d know he could be that shameless.

He was staring at her face the whole time. She tried to ignore it while picking up the hotel alarm clock, matching it with her watch and still Woo Jin-ha’s gaze is fixed on her face.

She took his phone out of her pocket and set it down on the side table, set it up a few minutes earlier than actual time.

“…You’ll have a breakfast appointment with EG Kim at seven-ten tomorrow. I will be ready at six-twenty and since you’ve had a heavy drink today, I had set it up at six forty.”


“Do you have any further instructions before I leave?”

“The answer.”


“What’s your answer?”

She didn’t know what he wanted. She somehow had managed to hold on to her logic but her heart was beating rapidly.

Do you like me? 

The words had risen to her throat, sank back down dozens of times. She wanted to know, but she never dared to ask. 

Is it delightful to him if I like him?

In a sense, he seemed to want to see her admit it, but what if that pleasure was just something to torment her about? 

If it was so obvious, it would have been quite funny, and maybe he just wanted to be proud of it with a drunken feeling.

At the same time, her thoughts ran to the extremes. Hope began to sprout but denial immediately trampled on the bud.

Woo Jin-ha stared at her and sat up, it made her instically step back as if he had already stood up in front of her.

“Do you hate me?”


She turned her head away and felt him smiling.

“Then it isn’t that good either?”


She never had talent for lying, if she had it, she would have already denied it.

As he says, silence may be a better option, she could not even hold the urge to blurt out her answer due to the fact that once her answer was out, it could never be so easily reversed at any moment. 

After all he’s drunk, so she just need to shut up and walk away.

Then it becomes something that never happened.

“…I’ll be going back now.”

“I’ll wait. Ten minutes.”


“If Ms. Hee-joo doesn’t come, then it will be your answer.”

She turned around and walked out of his room.

While waiting for the elevator, the shoe heel struck nervously on the marbled floor. 

The elevator was at the top floor, so she had to wait a long time before she could sighed deeply as she stepped in.

She went down a floor and finally checked the number on her card key, which was far from the elevator. The thoughts in her head were out of control all the way down the floor.

Please don’t think. Don’t even think about it. 

She sat back on the chair, she saw the clock in front. She was even surprised when she asked herself how many minutes have passed by now.

Ten minutes. Ten minutes. 

She could only take her eyes off her watch, remembering that. 

Ten minutes.

All the while she kept constantly recall that Woo Jin-ha who was still waiting for her. 

Her brainwashing attempt was useless.

The clock seemed to have stopped. Sje realized it was only five minutes had passed. 

Why should I be concerned this so far? I only got a few drinks… 

She kept feeling this sense of discomfort, before she looked up.



There’s snow that fell from the clock like a magic, and it seemed to possessed her. She couldn’t make a decision because he was drunk. So of course it’s something anyone should do.

…but so what, if he’s not in his right mind? Is the world going to collapse if I sleep with Woo Jin-ha?

In those few steps down to the minibar, she had recounted all the worst aftermath.

Woo Jin-ha has no feeling for her at all. If she just wanted to play with him for one night….it  would feel like the time she had spent with him for nearly four years would be all in vain, but on the other hand, it would end this foolish mind that she could never rid off on her own.

Her career wasn’t very important, if she felt dirty, she’d be right off. Slowly become determined to have this casual affair.

I feel I am already drunk.

She drank a bottle of liquor in miniature and took a quick breath, her throat was burning, but she went ahead and opened another bottle and poured it straight into her mouth, fearing it would not be enough. 

Even if he was drunk and won’t say anything … It was still a foolish idea, but the effect of the alcohol quickly swallowed her pathetic feeling. 

She’d have to take another bottle to trample the hope that they…might not be only for one night. 

Her only chance was now. 


T/rant: Her only chance to make a clown out of herself, readers COME ON cheer for her 



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