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“I’m saying I’ll heal you. It’s not a big deal for me, who will become a priest anyway, so why are you refusing?”

Damia blinked at his unexpected question.

She had taken the same class with Lessid for months, but it was the first time he had spoken so many words to her.

Damia carefully chose her words with her eyes cast down and finally opened her mouth:

“Well…. I just need to take care of myself. I’m definitely a nuisance.”

“What? A nuisance?”

“Yes. No matter how much you want to be a priest, it’s not natural to use your power for me. You’re not obligated to do that in the first place,”

Damia said, “I’m sorry” and blurred the end of her sentence.

Strange, the words she said were thoughts that had been long buried deep in Lessid’s heart.

Why do they take my service for granted? Why do they feel entitled to me? It’s not my fault that I was born with healing powers. Why do you feel permitted to my efforts when you didn’t do anything for me?

Lessid couldn’t understand peoples’ shamelessness and brazen way of thinking. Nonetheless, there were too many irregularities and hypocrisies in the world. Everytime, he bumped into them, Lessid felt his mind and heart slowly breaking down.

At this point, when Lessid had doubted himself and thought he might be the insane one, Damia spoke his thoughts out loud. He was not going crazy.

Lessid was touched by her words.

But, being in the midst of puberty, overwhelmed with confusion, he masked his feelings with dishonesty, spoke in a sullen tone and reached out his hand.

“…It’s because I can’t concentrate because of your loud coughing and wheezing. Don’t you know it’s more of an inconvenience to keep talking as you cough next to me? So keep still and let me treat you.”

It wasn’t deliberate, but what he said acutely pricked Damia’s fear of being a burden to others.

“Then, excuse me.”

Hesitant, Damia closed her eyes and let him put his hands on her face looking as pretty as a fairy.

Lessid tried to defuse the heat in his red cheeks. He generously used his holy healing power on Damia.

“It’s done. You can now open your eyes.”

Damia, who opened her eyes, looked surprised. Until a while ago, her fever rose, her tonsils were swollen and now her sore throat was much more comfortable.

Damia, who touched her neck absentmindedly smiled at Lessid.

“Thank you so much. As expected, you’re amazing as people say.”


Lessid, who managed to arrange his facial expression, turned his head away. It was the most special and pleasant thank you he’d ever heard.

Thanks to this, he had grinned for a long time while recalling the memory, to Louise’s ire.

“What’s going on with you, brother? What’s wrong with you these days? You keep bumping into things—it’s annoying!”

Of course, Lessid ignored his sister with a pathetic look.

Damia, who was the same age, was so thoughtful and dwelled on subjects deeply.

Anyway, it was thanks to Damia he had come to accept his healing abilities positively.

‘And probably from then on…. My heart, too…’

Lessid stared at Damia, who held the antidote preciously in her arms. She looked much more mature and beautiful now, but her talent in thanking people was the same now as it was back then.

“I will never forget this grace. I hope you’ll accept a small gift in return….”

Meeting his eyes, Damia spoke sincerely, her gaze full of emotion as if she were looking at her savior.

Her moist blue eyes were too fatal. Lessid, who couldn’t bear to look straight into her eyes, was embarrassed and quickly waved his hand.

“No, it’s fine. I don’t need that.”

“But…. I’m deeply indebted to you. Please let me express my thanks.”

Damia’s hands came together and stepped towards him. Her hair flew in the wind and a sweet smell wafted towards him. Overwhelmed and short circuiting, Lessid uttered something in confusion before he could stop himself—trying to stop her approach.

“I don’t need a reward! If you must, please send it to Sir Akkard. He’s the one who asked me to make an antidote as soon as possible.”

Damia’s eyes grew at the same time as Lessid, who finished speaking, realized his mistake.

“What? Akkard·····Really?”

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