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Damia looked very offended rather than amused. He felt apologetic, but Akkard became as pleased as she was displeased.

Regardless, he couldn’t stand the sight of a kid chasing her.

He hadn’t even had his fill of her, nor did he tire of her yet, so he found it annoying that all these flies were hovering around her, waiting for their chance with her if there was the slightest lapse in his vigilance.

Because of this, for the first time in his life, Akkard was overwhelmed with a sense of crisis, worried she would be taken away from him. However, the moment he witnessed the scene that seemed to have turned his worries into reality, more violence than necessary had swelled in his body.

That’s why he had beaten Klaus recklessly. He even punched and crushed Klaus’ pretty face with a fist full of emotion. So even if that face was to Damia’s taste, now there was no reason for her to pay him any mind again.

“……… Thank you so much for your help.”

Damia, ignorant of his insidious feelings, thanked him with a bare expression. Then suddenly, she tilted her head and asked:

“But, Sir Akkard…. How did you know I was here?”

Akkard flinched. He couldn’t say that he had chased her all the way here when he heard she was engaged to another man. It was because Damia, who listened to this, was sure to ask questions such as, ‘Why did you do that?’

Unfortunately, Akkard has yet to find the answer himself.

Of course, he could come up with excuses. For example, information needed to be exchanged, how it was challenging to be involved in the conspiracy of the High Temple. Or that he was a possessive man; he couldn’t allow someone else to steal her away from him before he threw her away.

However, his body acted before he could think of all these rationales and excuses. Even before he could figure out these reasons, he had jumped on the horse and ran.

And while he drove his horse the fastest it could go until they were both similarly panting, there was only one thought that came to mind:

‘If anyone touches her, I will kill them.’

She’s mine. So no one can dare touch her.

Akkard could recall those thoughts clearly. The moment he saw Klaus pressing down on Damia’s body that only he knew so far, his murderous intent took root in the depths of his heart.

All the hairs all over his body were standing up, on edge. Akkard was very unfamiliar with these feelings, so he continued to try to find answers to Damia’s questions.

He was always indifferent outside of bed, and the one who cried and was clingy was always a woman. Their fierce jealousy and strong lingering feelings were as black and hot as melted tar. But even they often froze to pieces and broke when those feelings of theirs hit Akkard’s cold heart.

It was the first time. These ugly, wretched, and pathetic feelings that exposed his underside like this. That’s why Akkard was even more confused.

“Sir Akkard·····?”

Puzzled, Damia stared at him when he didn’t answer. She blinked a couple of times, spoke calmly:

“If it’s a difficult question to answer, you don’t have to. I just asked because I was curious.”

Damia didn’t want to trouble him. She didn’t know how Akkard came all the way here, but all she knew was that he helped her regardless. It was not the right thing to question and embarrass her savior.

“Shall we go now? We have to get out of here before Countess Hwari returns,”

Damia said as she grabbed Klaus’ pants, which kept slipping off her waist.

Only then did Akkard, who belatedly came to his senses, open the window of the drawing-room and help Damia escape through the window.

It was fortunate that they got out safely, but there was one minor problem. Damia looked up at the “means of transportation” brought by Akkard with her eyes wide open.

“I couldn’t bring the carriage because I was in a rush. Do you know how to ride a horse?”

“Ah, yes. I know how to ride, but…”

Damia gawked at the black stallion, who was as big as a house. Its shiny eyes regarded Damia, who was much smaller than his owner as if she were insignificant.


“[sfx] *Snort*!”

The black steed rose his head and snorted at Damia’s awkward greeting. It was a sign that he would not acknowledge a weakling like her. Damia, who is only accustomed to gentle and pretty white mares, became very embarrassed.

“Come on, get on.”

Unaware of this, Akkard casually lifted Damia by her waist to reach the saddle. It was fortunate that she wore men’s clothing, even though the pants were loose. Thanks to this, it wasn’t that difficult to ride a horse.

Fortunately, perhaps because the owner, Akkard, was next to her, the black steed allowed Damia to mount easily.

After putting her on the stallion, Akkard ascended his horse, sitting in front of her in one sleek movement like a leopard. He indifferently held the reins.

“I’m going to start, so hold on to my waist.”

Damia hesitated but then wrapped her arms around his waist. Even though it was trivial contact, it felt strangely unfamiliar.

Wondering why she realized he was always the one who touched her body. However, it was the first time Damia initiated contact and hugged Akkard’s body first, so it felt bizarre.

The large black horse showed no signs of difficulty though it carried two adults. Damia glanced down at the ground and was dizzy from the tremendous height.

‘If I fall from here, at the very least, I’ll have a fracture.’

Naturally, her arm tightened around Akkard’s waist. Her movements made Akkard chuckle and tease her:

“Okay. Hold on tight like that.”

It’s even better if you wrap your legs around too.

Damia sighed at his additional words.

“Don’t say weird things. Let’s just go.”

Akkard’s back and waist under her arms were thick, with solid bumpy muscles moving under her hands. It was incredibly hard for her to believe that such a body belonged to a human.

His body temperature was hot under the thin summer clothes, making Damia feel awkward.

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