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“······If my son really did commit such a rude act towards the lord, I apologize in his stead. May your anger be relieved.”

Countess Hwari lowered her metaphorical tail, helplessly. She had no choice but to do so.

If only Akkard could testify here, she had to act more cautiously. At least until after waiting for the knocked out Klaus to wake up, she would decide after hearing her son’s side what to do further.

However, there were too many other witnesses here. Therefore, the Countess determined she had to conclude an agreement with Akkard as soon as possible to shut the mouths of other ladies.  Otherwise, in practically no time rumors would spread all over northern society.

“Fine. I’ve received your apology, so I’ll let it slide this time. From now on, take care of your son properly. And put him in a place like a monastery so as not to cause inconvenience to others.”

Akkard brazenly threatened and received an apology on behalf of the person he framed.

Countess Hwari bit her lips, holding back her outrage. But since there were so many eyes she had no choice but to lower her head and accept the humiliation.

“Hurry up and take Klaus to his room.”

The Countess hurriedly ordered servants to remove her passed out son. She bowed her head towards her inquisitive guests observing this sensational scandal from the sidelines.

“···I’m sorry you’ve come from so far and spent your time thus, only to be sent back out today. However, before leaving, please everyone, let’s have a brief conversation …..”

The Countess quickly disappeared with the ladies. From now on, she had to gently coax them and conceive them to keep their mouths shut.

Finally, Akkard, who was left alone in the drawing room, stretched out like a winner. He nodded and motioned towards the curtain.

“You can come out now, Dami.”

Damia gingerly stepped out from behind her hiding spot. Despite being helped by Akkard, she looked exhausted. Just witnessing his tremendous personality with her own eyes was astonishing.

“……… Thank you. Thanks to you, I was able to overcome this crisis.”

Regardless, she was polite and didn’t forget to thank him. As a result, Akkard felt smug and quite pleased.

“It wasn’t difficult for me.”

There was no man who was not interested in saving a beauty in distress. In particular, after being praised by the beauty he protected, his desire to show off as a man was bound to be thoroughly satisfied.

However, Akkard’s prideful smugness did not last long. Damia, who was rolling up her long trousers so she could escape, suddenly asked,

“However, Sir Akkard. How did you find me here?”

Akkard’s proud shoulders stiffened at her question.

In fact, the story of his arrival was quite long.

* * *

“Something big just happened,”

said Lessid Ferry, who suddenly visited his mansion.

Of course, Akkard frowned because he didn’t know what this entailed. He was in a bad mood, having his leisurely nap cut short.


Lessid didn’t mind his blunt question. Gathering his delicate eyebrows on his forehead, he hurriedly opened his mouth.

“Miss Damia will soon be engaged to Klaus Hwari.”

“… What? What the fuck are you talking about?”

Akkard, who had been drowsy stretching, froze and asked back. It was so sudden that he felt it absurd rather than irate.

Then Lessid shouted, stomping his feet in frustration.

“This is not the time to be like this! A few days ago, I witnessed Cesare Primula in the High Temple Hall. After following him I overheard him say he was going to have Damia engaged to Klaus.”

Klaus? He’d heard this name before. Fervently, Akkard shook his head to shake off the remnants of his nap. He realized where he had heard that name. It was overheard in the conversation in the locker.

‘That day, [she] was awfully pretty.’

Of course, Akkard wasn’t praising Klaus. What Akkard recalled was the sight of an improper and elegant Damia that day.

The memory was so intense that everytime he looked at a locker, his lower part became stiff. Thanks to this phenomenon, he felt dirty as if he had become a pervert lusting after lockers. It was all Damia Primula’s fault that his body was like this.

‘But you’re getting engaged to another bastard?’


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