PCP – 92

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The sexy camise she had worn was for the bedroom. It had a thin, light lace material and was decorated with cute pink ribbons.

No matter how slim Klaus was, he was a man with vastly different proportions. The camise’s boning looked disastrous as it was forced across his body.

The chest and thighs were so tight against the clothes that they were on the verge of bursting, and under the tightly stretched lace his brown nipples…… both were clearly visible.

Even his bulging crotch protruding under the soft, flowy skirt…. She couldn’t look more. [t1v: I’ll look for you]

‘My eyes.’

Damia covered her face with both hands. Not in a physical sense, but mentally her eyes were burning.

At this point, she was dying of curiosity. Why the hell did Akkard switch her clothes with Klaus’?

In the midst of this, the presence of the women continued to get closer. Now she could hear the sound right in front of the door, but Akkard didn’t even seem nervous. Rather, as if to welcome them, he sat on the sofa as if he was in his own home and even looked majestic and dignified.

“I kept hearing strange noises from this drawing room. Is it just me?”

“Is there someone inside?”

“That can’t be.”

The door suddenly opened, and the first person to enter was Countess Hwari, the mistress of the estate. She froze, flabbergasted by her son’s ridiculous and humiliating appearance  on the floor.

“Klaus? What’s this…..?”

Unfortunately, she was so embarrassed she couldn’t close the door quickly. The curious ladies peered into the drawing room over her shoulder through the open door, and were taken aback.

“Oh my, my oh my!!”

“Oh my goddess, what’s going on?”

The eyes of the ladies shook wildly when they saw Klaus’ ghastly appearance on the floor. Among the frozen women, Countess Hwari was the first to come to her senses.

“Oh my god, Klaus!! Sweetheart!!!”

Terrified, she ran to Klaus, who was unconscious, and shook his body. It was natural to be worried about her son, who had been fine this morning, was now on the floor. [t1v: that this is her first reaction makes me love her]

But her technique was not particularly useful. As she shook Klaus’ body, the skirt, which had been barely covering his crotch, slipped off. Thanks to this, something small and precious to Klaus was completely revealed through the well-ventilated summer underwear opening. [t1v: LMAO]


“Oh my goddess!!”

Suddenly, the ladies who suffered fatal eye damage were on the precipice of fainting—stumbling as if they were about to collapse. Only then did the Countess realize what she had done and hurriedly lowered her son’s skirt. She stared fiercely at Akkard sitting on the sofa.

“You—Who are you?! Did you make my son like this? How dare you in my house—?”

Her accent mixed the inflection of the Eastern continent was sharp like a knife made of bones. However, Akkard was not at all intimated and expressed his displeasure.

“Oye, this is what I wanted to ask.”

“What are you talking about? What did you do to my son? What happened······?!!”

The countess shouted fiercely with her eyes full of tears.

Akkard frowned as if his ears hurt at her cry. Then, he pointed at Klaus in the explicit tight camise. Especially at his bulging groin.

“Ugh, gosh. You don’t know even after seeing that? The perv was about to attack, why wouldn’t I hit him?!!”

He shouted loudly as if he wanted the noblewomen gathered in the corner to hear.

Of course, the one that Klaus had attacked hadn’t been Akkard. Extremely vicious, he cleverly omitted the subject and announced it. The ripple effect that his words brought was beyond imagination.


“Did you just hear that?”

“This is ridiculous!”

The trembling eyes of the ladies alternated between Klaus and Akkard…. and, towards Countess Hwari, who was processing this tremendous news.

The Countess’ countenance turned pale upon feeling their curious eyes. She raised her trembling hand, pointing to Akkard, and asked back in disbelief:

“What···m—my son just now… attacked you·····?”

“Yes. He suddenly asked me to come because he had something to say, and when I arrived, he rushed at me like that. Well, it’s nothing weird. My body is extraordinary even to men.”

Akkard raised his chin without blinking and slowly swept his hair over. Then, over the shirt, his thick forearms, hard chest, and a well-formed abdomen were emphasized.

The eyes of the ladies who took in this sight became hazy. He was such an attractive man that no one could dare deny it if they had an ounce of discernment.

Even Countess Hwari could not discount or disregard his beauty. She was often burdened with her son’s sensitive temper, so they had not able to talk very often. Therefore, she didn’t know who Klaus liked or what kind of taste he had.

So she could not be sure that my son was not a pervert. As the Countess’ teeth clenched and shook, a winning smile donned Akkard’s mouth.

“I want to publicly sue your son immediately.”

Shrugged Akkard as if he was disgusted and cut short the end of his speech [t1v: he is not tagging the ‘yo’ at the end of his words and so he is not bothering to show her respect]. Then he added, pretending to show tolerance:

“But, I don’t like it when things get bigger because I’m lazy. So, choose. Whether to apologize to me here and quietly cover up this matter, or we can solve this in court.”

······ He was really no different from the devil.

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