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“Sir Akkard? Why are you here….”

Astonished, Damia’s eyes widened in surprise as she looked up at him.

She never thought in her wildest dreams she would see Akkard here. Seeing her dumbstruck face, Akkard clicked his tongue.

“I’ll explain later. First, let’s get out of this situation.”

Outside the room, one of the ladies that were chatting outside remarked, ‘Huh? Didn’t you hear something?’ Followed by various speculations.

‘I have to clean you up immediately,’

Akkard thought after seeing Damia’s barely-there outfit.

Klaus also struggled recklessly, pulling on Akkard’s forearm, connected to the hand grabbing his hair. His plan seemed to be ruined.

“Let go of me! Let go! Who are you?!”

“Shut up.”

Unfortunately for him, Akkard didn’t blink an eye and stuck Klaus’ head on the sofa’s armrest. With the sound of a ripe watermelon colliding with another melon, Klaus groaned.


“Haven’t fainted yet? Then one more time.”

······ he is also bad-tempered.

Damia tired gaze took in the image of Akkard almost smashing Klaus’ head as he pounded it over and over again.

Shortly, Klaus became kneaded as dough. The sight made the corners of Akkard’s lips gradually soar up.


Finally, after Klaus’ painful groan, he passed out.

Akkard threw the drooping Klaus randomly on the floor and kicked him with his foot.


It sounded strange as if a bone had broken. Damia’s eyes shook, Akkard shrugged and added as an excuse:

“I wanted to make sure he had really fainted.”

Even so, it seemed a very emotional, impulsive action. Did Klaus offend and earn Akkard’s ire and cause him to begrudge him? She didn’t know.

Damia glanced at the knocked out Klaus. Then Akkard’s expression quickly showed his dissatisfaction.

Sneakily blocking her view of Klaus with his body, he lifted Damia up with one arm.

“It’s not time to be idle, Damia. Hurry up and take off your clothes.”

“……What? Take off my clothes?”

What does he mean by this?

Damia looked down at her thin camise, which was half ripped off. If she took even this merger covering off she would be completely naked.

However, Akkard did not explain further. Turning around, he began to undress the unconscious Klaus. Damia, who was puzzled by what he was doing at first, soon realized his intention.

‘Are you going to dress me in Klaus’ clothes?’

She had never worn men’s clothes before, but at least it was better than what she was currently wearing.

Shy, Damia hesitated but took off her camise, waiting calmly,  as she covered her breasts with her long hair and arms.

After Akkard roughly took off Klaus’ shirt and pants, he looked back at her. He was about to hand over the clothes, but faltered for a moment.

Holding out her hand, Damia looked around, wondering what was wrong with him. Then, as if he was alarmed by his actions, Akkard quickly handed over the clothes.

“Get dressed, hurry!”

“Yes, yes.”

Was it her imagination? Akkard turned his back to her but the tips of his ears and the back of his neck looked more red than usual.

Confused, Damia’s head tilted while she began to dress.

Although Klaus was slender for a man, his clothes were big on her as she had expected. While she was putting on the clothes, she could feel Akkard’s stare on her. It was a threatening and intense glare as if he was about to attack her at any moment.

Damia’s hand slightly trembled, as she tried to hook the buttons. She willed her hands to stabilize with a sense of crisis and succeeded in putting on the man’s clothes, albeit clumsy.

“Whoo,” Damia let out a breath she had been holding in. “What do you think? Did I put it on right?”

Akkard looked through Damia with disapproving eyes without an answer. He had handed the clothes to her himself, with his own hand, but it was very unpleasant to see her wearing another man’s shirt.

‘It even looks good on you.’

This is why beauty is unfair. How can you be so pretty with a bare face and in men’s clothes too big for you?

However, it was not time to leisurely appreciate Damia’s beauty. Without any time for him to adjust her loose sleeves and pants, the murmur of the ladies grew near.

I’m done with my clothes, but what should I do next?

Damia looked around the drawing room with alert eyes.

Knocked out Klaus had only his underwear on, Damia had taken his clothes and tall, formidable Akkard emitted an overwhelming presence. If others saw this situation, she had no idea what they would think.

Damia was restless, not knowing what to do. Seeing her anxious, Akkard unexpectedly laughed.


Asking her what she was standing around for, Akkard pulled her away. He looked around and pushed her behind a long, splendid curtain that flowed out.

“Don’t come out until I tell you to.”

He closed the curtain.

The curtains densely embroidered with bamboo, imported from the Eastern Continent, made it hard to see inside the room. However, if she put her eyes close from her side, she could peek into the drawing room through a tiny gap in the pattern.

‘What the hell is he planning to do?’

Anxious, Damia watched Akkard. But his next action was beyond her expectations.

Akkard picked up the torn camise, which Damia had taken off earlier, from the floor and he began to put on Klaus’ nude body.


Damia doubted her own eyes.


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