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Even if she chose this, it was still shit. At this stage of hopelessness, an uncaring, detached Damia began to reach a state of nirvana. What nonsense are you spouting when we’ve been estranged from each other all this time?

“Does that mean you’re going to betray Cesare? It will be hard to handle the aftermath,”

solicited Damia calmly with a soulless smile.

Flared up, Klaus retorted back with the temper of a young man.

“I don’t care! After all, Cesare is nothing without the Great Temple backing him up—!!”

Klaus seemed to have quite a lot of dissatisfaction with Cesare.

Perhaps it was due to Cesare’s insignificant origins and other reasons Damia didn’t know.

Anyway, it was a good omen that there was a division within the opposition. But when Damia thought about it, Klaus’ proposal was utterly vain and immature.

It was reasonable to be impulsive. But, even at a glance, Damia knew a kid like Klaus was no match for Cesare.

Plus, Damia’s situation was continuing to grow direr. Her beloved father was addicted to brainwashing drugs, and considering the threat of the High Temple behind Cesare…….. certainly, Klaus would be of no help and couldn’t protect her.

“Don’t do this, Klaus.”

Damia, who was growing rapidly weary, sighed and addressed him as she had often done when they were young.

“Stop this and bring me clothes. And let me leave here. Then I won’t take issue with what happened today.”

“········Do I still look like the same kid from our childhood?”

As Klaus said this, he pushed Damia’s shoulder and caused her to fall back on the sofa.

“I was going to be kind to you. But if Nuna comes out like that, I can’t help it!”

Klaus climbed on top of her and roughly yanked off the cravat around his neck.

Looking down at Damia, he roared:

“This is because of Nuna!!”

Damia frowned without answering. That she was treated like this by a junior, who used to follow her around when they were young, hurt her pride and was more unpleasant than she imagined.

Klaus raised his chin and began to unbutton his shirt. Damia took the opportunity to turn her body away, but it seemed difficult to escape this laid-down position. Instead, the sheet covering her flesh seemed precarious and slightly loosened around her due to her struggle.

To make matters worse, the outside of the drawing-room, which had been quiet so far, became noisy. Perhaps this place was near the entrance because Damia could hear several noblewomen laughing while leaving their coats and belongings.

When Damia glanced at the door at the commotion, Klaus stopped taking off his clothes and smirked.

“Do you remember? My mother liked to invite guests.”

“Klaus, you can’t be·····.”

It was only then that Damia realized why he approached her like this.

Damia was not the type to meekly accept this forced marriage even through her father. Cesare planned this trick to corner her.

In order to keep Damia and Klaus engaged, they decided to create a so-called “established fact.”

Only then did Damia feel a sense of crisis. She was now dressed in a sexy chemise and was lying under a half-naked Klaus.

If she was seen by the noblewomen outside in this state·······. The northern rumor mill will soon be in turmoil.


Panicking, Damia struggled even more. Finally, the movement removed the sheet completely, revealing her luscious cleavage and scantily clad breasts. At this sight, Klaus’ eyes became hazy.

“Damia nuna·······”

Klaus pressed Damia’s hands down and bent down. Right when his face was about to be buried between Damia’s breasts. Damia looked up at him with no expression and kicked him between his legs with her knees as hard as possible.


To her surprise attack, Klaus was helpless. It was the first time that he, who was still young, had ever climbed on a woman.

As a result, it was very clumsy, even if his momentum was good. Thanks to this, Damia, who spotted the opportunity, was able to kick her opponent properly in his crotch.

She had barely been able to move due to their proximity, but her knees had been enough to hurt the man.


Klaus, who grabbed his groin, rolled off the sofa. Damia quickly got up and grabbed the straps of the chemise that had fallen off. Then, she ran to flee the drawing-room.

But before she could reach the door, Klaus half-crawled and snatched Damia’s ankle. Damia fell hard on the floor.


There was a fluffy carpet on the floor, so she hadn’t been seriously injured.

Right away, Klaus climbed onto Damia’s body and pressed his limbs down.

“How dare you! I can’t forgive you!!”

Klaus’ boyish face was stained with pain, anger, and oddly enough—betrayal.

Just as he was about to grab Damia’s camise and tear it apart— someone pulled Klaus’ hair from behind.


Klaus’ head was tilted back and screamed. His head had been pulled so hard that he had thought his spine had broken for a moment.

“Get lost right now, you little brat.”

A very overbearing muscular man with silver hair and tanned skin growled.

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