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Damia climaxed to the peak with Akkard‘s thickness burrowed inside her core. Her insides quaked with uncontrollable, strong contractions, and her thighs flinched and jerked around. The body of joy fluttered in a wave of satisfactory orgasms.

Meanwhile, Akkard, sweating, moaned low and stopped moving. He was almost led into a pinnacle of release by Damia, literally swallowing him whole with her tightening erotic embrace.

His pride would be injured if he was unbecomingly swayed by an innocent woman who didn’t know how to handle men.

‘I must admit this woman….’

Right now, she was naive, but what of a future, more experienced, mature Damia? Akkard had no doubt many would be kneeling before her.

Akkard tongue filled Damia’s mouth with a skillful kiss that made her pant. His hands played with her breasts—pinching and tickling her erect nipples, causing her waist to bounce. Akkard took advantage of that gap and brought her knees up until they pressed against her soft breasts.

“What on earth is this…?”

Damia shook her head with wet eyes in an overly embarrassing posture. She tried to escape but was powerless; Akkad grabbed her thigh firmly and pressed her tighter.

Damia was acutely aware that her wet pussy was clearly exposed and still twitching finely with the aftertaste of its peak. 

It was apparent that it was glowing red because of that magical stimulation. I was so ashamed to imagine it that I couldn’t lift my face.

“Shh, you’ll like it. Trust me.”

Akkard whispered, silently panting and barely taking his lips off of hers. Then he pushed his member back into her entrance, which was still in the afterglow of pleasure.


 Maybe because of the position, Akkard’s penis seemed to be coming in deeper than before. He swung in back and forth, stroking and piercing her insides. His engorged and thick head hit her g-spot relentlessly.

 “Oh! hooo —Oh!”

Firecrackers were exploding in my head.  

His tireless, upright penis stimulated and stimulated my sensitive inner wall.  

I could feel my inner wall greedily clinging onto his organ. 

Akkard pushed into her silky embrace as hard as he could and fell into a dangerous addiction-like pleasure. He rubbed Damia’s ample bosom and sucked her nipples vigorously. Then, deeper and fiercely, I pushed it into her as if hitting her innermost depths.


 “Damia, huh ah…uh, that’s so good!”

Damia half-folded posture under Akkard’s weight gave him a glimpse of her red bottom.

Seeing this, Akkard reached out one hand and grabbed her buttocks. The feverish heat of her soft ass was incredible.

Akkard lifted her legs, clasped her ass with both hands, and pulled her butt closer—deepening his insertion. He squeezed her ass cheeks, and Damia cried out, pushing his shoulders as he stroked and groped her bottom.

“Ah, stop! Again… again ! I think I’ll go. Aah!”

Instead, her screaming pleas ignited the man’s lust. Akkard licked his lips, smacked her ass, and poked his cock inside more ferociously.

“Try begging more. Mor… more crying.”

The sensation of being driven up and down so hard that her fine body hair stood up with goosebumps, and her whole being was on the brink. Spinning to the peak, her climax muted her vision.


Now, Akkard was at his limit. He pressed down the pitiful body of a rattling Damia. And shook his back as violently as he did.

Damier sobbed under him without screaming. The pleasure was so excessive that it was close to pain and seemed to burn my nerves out of excess sensations. 

Every time his penis hit my depths, I couldn’t see anything because my eyes were glistening and blurry with tears.

“Ah, ah…. Ughhhh!”

His genitals thickened and expanded in Damia. With a sensuously furrowed brow, Akkard quickly pulled out his member, pumping it and expanding it to the limit.

Soon his penis was pouring and spewing out semen. So strong was the stream, his semen splashed not only Damia’s intended bosom but also her face. Damia closed her eyes. 

The hot, sticky feel of the man’s body fluid clinging to her cheeks was embarrassing.


Akkard exhaled a huge sigh, with his forehead resting on her shoulder. 

When his head was up, he looked at Damia’s face, smiled and reached out his hand to wipe away the semen.

“It’s an unfair world, that you’re so pretty even when you are buried like this.”


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  2. Akkard pushed into her silky embrace as hard as he could and fell into a dangerous addiction-like pleasure.

    And here is a sign that Akkard is going to be dead addicted with Damia…

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