PCP – 89

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“Did Cesare order you to do this?”

Damia, who grabbed back her foot, asked him in a calm tone.

Then Klaus’ delicate eyebrows frowned.

“I’m not his subordinate.”

“But you’re on the same side.”

When Damia pointed it out, he shut up.

His youthful face, which showed signs of anger, was dissatisfied.

Damia shrugged when she spotted it. It was apparent why Cesare would mobilize Klaus and undertake such a cumbersome play.

‘Probably because of Lord Akkard.’

Damia knew him as well as he knew himself.

No idiot would ignore a viper when you didn’t know when it would strike and bite the back of one’s neck. Instead, one would be hyper-aware, observing the serpent’s every move without breathing.

He pretended to be relaxed, but Cesare was nervous. Because an unexpected variable called Akkard Valerian appeared, he was afraid he would ruin all his plans, snatch Damia away and disappear.

“…….Older Sister [Nuna] Damia,”

Klaus lifted himself from her feet.

As a mature young man, he straightened his back, and a shadow fell over Damia, who was sitting on the sofa.


Damia pulled up the sheet and covered her chest a little more, and leaned back. Klaus bent down and grabbed both handles of the sofa where Damia sat. His face was hidden in the shadows against the sunlight.

“It’s been a while, but answer me.”


“Remember, the letter I sent. Why….Did you ignore it?”

“Letter? What letter?”

Damia blinked blankly as if she was unable to compute his words.

Then Klaus got furious and raised his voice:

“Don’t pretend you don’t know!! The letter I sent you on New Year’s Day last year!!

“….Do you mean a New Year’s card?”

“It can’t be like that. I asked you to come out to the vacant lot in front of the temple where we hung out often!!”

The more she listened, the stranger it seemed. She couldn’t be questioned for something she had no clue about.

So Damia replied calmly:

“I’ve never received such a letter.”

“Do you swear?”

“I swear under the name of the goddess.”

Klaus closed his mouth when Damia promptly answered under oath.

A northerner never lied under the goddess’s name.

Knowing this, Klaus’ fierce countenance softened.

Watching him, Damia inquired carefully,

“But why did you ask me to come out?”

“………You don’t have to know.”

He clenched his chin and replied coldly.

Damia mind started to race. She looked around, trying to find an opportunity to escape, but it seemed hopeless.

To make matters worse, Klaus saw her gaze, snickered, and asked cynically:

“Why? Do you want to run away?”

The desire to answer yes was burning her insides but knowing it wouldn’t help, Damia asked for something else instead,

“At least let me put on some clothes.”

“Not allowed.”


Klaus didn’t answer her question. He was already preoccupied with other thoughts.

“The thing is····· Damia nuna.”

Klaus’s forehead had a deep frown as if he were contemplating something, slowly addressing her.

“Then—nuna, what do you think of me?”

“I don’t dislike you. We share fond childhood memories together.”

Of course, it was until Klaus got involved in this. However, there was no need to provoke Klaus by bringing it up.

Not knowing the sentiments Damia swallowed, Klaus’s expression became subtle.

“Even if I’m a half-breed eastern? Don’t you think I look weird?”

“You? No. I think your black eyes are pretty.”

Since this was her honest thought, Damia readily responded.

Klaus shut his mouth and stared into her eyes.

Damia did not avoid his gaze, but instead, he started to blush and lowered his eyes.

“Then I’ll give you an option.”


Damia asked back without much expectation.

Observing Klaus’ tone was so intense, Damia thought he was probably offering a shit alternative.

“······ Promise me that you will be mine. Then I won’t do anything severe now.”

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