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The north was an insular place. If she got a glimpse at the family’s insignia or portrait in the hallway, she could know where she was. Before going out, Damia studied the drawing room.

‘I think I’ve seen this before.’

There was Eastern-continental style pottery decorated in the middle of the drawing room. It was unique and familiar.

But, in recent years, various items, including tea leaves from the Eastern Continent, had been very popular in the kingdom. So it was not unique anymore.

Damia was unsure if the dreadful hunch she had was right.

As she hesitated, the door to the drawing room suddenly opened.

“What? You were awake?”

The man who slipped inside looked surprised. His face mixed with blood from the Eastern continent had a beautiful and unique atmosphere like a woman. Yet, the corners of his eyes and mouth looked rather apprehensive.

Damia easily recognized him and frowned. She hadn’t expected him but she knew him.


When Damia said his name inadvertently, Klaus exaggeratedly admired her.

“Wow. You remember me? It’s probably the first time we’ve met since we were children.”

······It wasn’t actually the first time.

Damia had recently overheard his conversation with Louise. If she hadn’t gotten a peek at his face at the time, Damia would have forgotten Klaus completely. It had been such a long time since they stopped interacting with each other.

However, Klaus seemed surprisingly happy that Damia recognized him.

Covering the tail of his slightly raised mouth with his hand, he approached as if he were indignant. Then, he sat down on the sofa, and he gestured towards Damia.

“Come sit down.”


“You must have a lot of questions for me, right?”

Fortunately, Klaus appeared very sympathetic.

Of course, compared to others on Cesare’s side.

Damia hesitated for a while, but she had so few options.

Holding the wrapped up sheet around her body tighter, she sat on the sofa opposite of him.

After seeing this, Klaus’ sharp eyes slightly bent in amusement.

“Great. Nice to see you again, Lady Damia.”

His voice was still friendly. It was as if he had playful and a little mischievously addressed her as he done when they were kids.

It was as if a child had cornered a cat and was having fun.

Damia was not a cat, so her displeasure quietly simmered inside.

She asked in a calm voice without any signs of embarrassment,

“You’re the heir of Count Hwari, right?”

“Yes. Do you remember playing with me here when you were a kid? My mother is from the East continent, so she likes to have guests. Especially whenever my sister came, she was very happy. In the East, red means good luck.”

Damia nodded quietly.

The drawing room had seemed unfamiliar but also felt familiar. However, after listening to Klaus, Damia was convinced that she was right.

With her eyes down, she managed to recall her memories, pressing her throbbing temple in the aftermath of the sleeping pill.

‘My father definitely asked me to meet a marriage suitor yesterday.’

And this must be the result of Cesare’s manipulation.

Considering his obsession with her, it was impossible for Cesare to actually let her marry another man.

However, he was in a position that he could not officially marry Damia since he was her stepbrother.

All these clues lead Damia to reach a conclusion immediately.

‘You’re planning a fake marriage for me.’

Cesare was going to tie her to Klaus just as someone leaves their valuables in the storage box for a while.

Klaus was of his faction anyway. Considering that he was four years younger than Cesare, he was probably Cesare’s subordinate.

He was going to pair Klaus with Damia for now, and later take the position for himself. Damia concluded her thoughts and was amazed.

She raised her head, feeling Klaus’ gaze, watching her.

“So. Are you ready?”

asked Klaus, languidly sitting on the sofa and propping his chin.

Trying not to get caught up in his volatile pace, Damia asked back,

“Ready for what?”

“Umm, pretending not to know.”

Klaus rose slowly.

Then he bent one knee in front of Damia, who was covering herself with a sheet, and stretched out his arm.

Her white feet were held in Klaus’ hands in no time.

Klaus grasped her slender ankle like a shackle and playfully kissed her foot

“Ready to be my fiance,”

he said while looking up at Damia, the corner of his eyes smiling.

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