PCP – 8

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Damia sobbed, unwittingly pulling her hips back.

“T-too fa-fast Haahhh oohhh! Ahhk! Slower! Ahhh!”

“If you don’t like cuming quickly, you shouldn’t have tightened it up like that.”

Akkard, who calmly inculpated her for it, poked around. Because of this, the cream of her arousal thickened from the inside and clung to his lower abdomen. The sound of wetness, slapping of skin and the suction of squishing noises filled the room.

Akkard whispered with a smile.

“Can you hear it? It’s your easy lewd juices. You’re looking very happy. You enjoy being a slut, don’t you?”

“N-no….. hah ahhh ahhh!”

Damia shook her head and tried to deny it. Then, Akkard bucked and dived in deep. He felt a sense of building elation as if his nerves were tinging with fire as the sound of a squish reached his ears from deep inside Damia.

“You suck me all the way inside, keep gripping it—yeah just like that. Just suck it in. That’s so damn sexy.”

“Don’t say th… tha…ha..ha.. ah ohhh!” 

He leaned forward a little more to change the angle of his thrusts slanted from the top of her entrance, stimulating her swollen clitoris, to the bottom. 

In that state, whenever Akkard shook his core, the root of his cock rubbed against her clit as he was immersed in the erotic thrill of plunging in and out of her. 

Damia felt delirious off of the delicious pleasure Akkard gave her in that position. Her mind couldn’t compute her ecstasy and her mouth was parched.

Damia’s lower abdomen seized and buckled. At the same time hot liquid rushed out of her as her legs trembled violently.

“Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!”


Akkard bit her sweaty throat and smiled merrily. Then, his lower belly was pressed even closer to her and began to shake his waist, ferociously grinding with increasing intensity.

Damia felt a thrilling throbbing deep inside her body with Akkard’s viciously erotic movements. At first, it smoldered and sparked small flames, but then bursts out all over her body.


 Damier culminated in his stuffing. The inside was constricted, and my thighs flinched and twitched. Her body, full of joy, fell into a satisfying wave of orgasms, struggling.

Damia climaxed to the peak with Akkard thickness burrowed inside her core. Her insides quaked with uncontrollable, strong contractions, and her thighs flinched and jerked around. The body of joy fluttered in a wave of satisfactory orgasms.


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