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The first light of dawn gently brushed around his eyes.

It was a weak gleam that normally he wouldn’t have noticed.

However, Akkard’s eyes were instantly wide open. Anxiety filled his heart and shook him up with an unknown tension waking him wide awake. As soon as he sat up his body turned with a mind of its own and searched his bedside next to him. And here was ······.

‘She’s here.’

A pale beauty fell asleep with her red hair enveloping her. Perhaps because she underwent a lot last night, her eyes looked like they were tightly closed and wouldn’t open anytime soon.

Akkard let out a deep breath of relief he didn’t know he was holding.

He was deeply relieved to confirm that Damia had not yet left. She was sleeping as if she were dead. No matter how much she had cried, prayed, and pleaded last night, it had been worthwhile to squeeze out every last drop of stamina.

Only then did he regain his composure and sweep back his platinum blonde hair with his thick forearms.

Then—it suddenly occurred to him that he had just experienced an intense sense of relief—why?

‘Why am I feeling this way?’

Of course, it was a shocking experience for him to be a ‘hit and run’ encounter for Damia. It was apparent that the same thing happened one more time, it would wreck his lofty pride.

But that didn’t mean he had to be so distressed. If she ran away, it’s enough to catch her again, and if she didn’t like him, it was enough to hold her next to his side until she liked him.

There was no woman who didn’t beg him for love. No matter how much people professed to value silk, learning, and culture, humans were still a part of the animal kingdom. It was their instinct to gravitate towards stronger and superior males.

So she would be like that, too.

Akkard laid down on his side, bending his arm at his elbow and propping his head up on his hand as he studied Damia’s sleeping face.

He followed her lines trailing down from her round forehead to her elegant nose bridge and down her very lovely plump lips.

Akkard used to think she looked like a very luxurious siren. But as he gazed upon her sleeping face she looked like an adorable, innocent young girl.


As he stared at the beauty donning only a sheet, his lower physique began to grow stiff and erect again. It was even a familiar phenomenon for an athletic man with a high- libido such as himself.

Usually, he would have woken up the woman to relieve his own desires without reluctance. But strangely enough, he didn’t want to wake Damia up.

He enjoyed burying and slamming his cock deep inside her, but now he just wanted to lie down like this…….. he wanted to watch her sleeping peacefully.

‘Am I getting old already?’

He wasn’t that old yet.

Akkard frowned and considered his shifts strange. He was occupied and perturbed by his unusual sentiments when Damia’s dark red eyelashes began to tremble.


Akkard held his breath and watched her wake up.

Red-like flowering eyelashes trembled, and the glossy smooth eyelids slowly rolled up, revealing her eyes…..

Her gaze contained the world.

Only then did Akkard realize: his life before this moment had been dismally colorless. It had been numb, shadowy, and bleak—he had felt alone, frozen in time.

But the moment Damia opened his eyes, the world suddenly regained all colors. Suddenly time and air moved with a vibrancy; swirling around with vitality.

It felt positively extraordinary.

If he were asked to divide the day in half, it would be divided into before and after Damia woke up, not in the morning and evening or by the sun and moon.

‘What is going on…..?’

What is this feeling? What the hell is wrong with me?

Akkard’s purple eyes trembled with this foreign shock.

At the same time, Damia had been rubbing her half-open eyes and just found him.


she moaned with her lips slightly open.

Akkard bit his lips because he couldn’t understand what that meant. What do you mean by “Oh”? It was a very short expression, but it was also a word that could be interpreted in 50,000 ways. [t1v: oh fuck he’s fallen hard if he is already angsty overanalyzing]

Was she lamenting over what happened last night?

Damia had made no secret of her intention not to be sexually involved with him anymore. He was strangely anxious contemplating that she may have been intoxicated on wine and the seductive atmosphere last night and thought she made a “mistake.”

Akkard studied her face without blinking, trying to find an indication of regret that may have leaked out.

However, Damia’s reaction was unexpected.

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