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Akkard immediately pressed her down on the bed so she couldn’t move. And he started shaking his back frantically.

It was a rough movement that made her feel like she was being devoured.

His genitals digging inside her ran wild enough that she could not keep up.

Faster and faster it slipped through Damia’s pussy. A violent and strong climax rapidly engulfed her.

“Ahhhhh aaahhhhh!”

At the same time Damia felt as if she was floating, Akkard’s cock acutely kneaded against her contracting inner walls—and felt more and more vivid.

It was hot. It was so hot that she felt as if her body was about to melt. Her climax hadn’t even subsided yet, but his organ was even more excited and swelled up even larger inside.

“No, no, ah! Ohhhh!!”

The pleasure was too much and it was poisonous. Akkard, who had not yet reached his peak, pushed relentlessly into her convulsing hole. His nerves seemed to burn every time he fucked her sensitive inner walls and pulled out.

“Ah. Damia······.”

Akkard, who had this in mind, groaned lowly.

It was obscene how much her wet hole was tightening and pulling on his cock.

Her hot trembling core surrounded his penis and tightened around him with terrible pleasure—making him feel dizzy. It was a hellish pleasure.

Wouldn’t it be great if he always chewed and swallowed [t1v: aka fuck] like this? If only he could hide her deep in his stomach so that the others wouldn’t see her, take her out whenever he wanted to and hit it roughly.

Akkard bit her round shoulder gently, with a strong desire to monopolise her.

Red spots one by one filled her white-snow-like skin. He was proud to see his traces on her small body. Akkard was not particularly fond of leaving traces on women’s bodies. But Damia’s case was a bit special.

Just like you want to wrinkle up when you see a well-ironed sheet, and you want to scribble on something when you see a clean drawing paper. Damia Primula was like that for him. Damia pushed his lips with her hands because of the brutality of constantly putting teeth on her tender skin.

“No, don’t bite it, it hurts,”

her lips whispering “it hurts” glistened with tears.

It was as beautiful and exquisite as if it had honey on it.

For the first time, Akkard thought he wanted to kiss a woman.

No, only was he thinking, he was anxious.

He wanted to greedily suck that sweet-looking piece of flesh right now.

But instead, slender fingers pushed his mouth away, annoying him.

“Get your hands off me, Damia.”

Before I really tie you up.

It was a hot and bloody warning.

He grabbed Damia’s thin wrist with his big hand, not just using his words, and pinned her hands on the sheet so that it wouldn’t disturb him.


A surprised Damia looked up at him with anxious eyes.

Her thick lips were half-open, revealing a ripe and wet hole and seducing him.

Akkard was willing to succumb to the temptation.


It was a harsh, rough kiss that penetrated and dug into her mouth.

His tongue, which had persistently sucked on her lips now invaded her mouth. Then, he sucked in her little tongue and began to drive through her mouth.

At the same time, his hot cock pried and grew in her core. He bit her with his lips and poked her lower mouth, as she melted sweetly.

“Ah ah! Oh, wait ····.”

A large pillar-like object came in and out, tightly filling up her soaking wet passage. The insertion, which was as heavy and thick, aroused a powerful sense of pleasure.

Both the upper and lower holes were plugged up by Akkard, making her feel helpless. Several climaxes overtook her, her vision going blank.

Her weak legs couldn’t handle any more pleasure and squirmed.

But Akkard grabbed her legs and pushed his own deeper, spreading her legs wider.


She didn’t want to feel it anymore. It felt like strong was wrong with her body—it became hot and sensitive and she saw flashes of light every time he penetrated her.

Damia cried and begged for the joy that went beyond her limits. But all the sounds were eaten into the mouth of an insatiable predator.

“Don’t be a crybaby.”

Because it’s a long night.

Akkard smiled and licked his sensual lips, and broke into laughter.

His beautiful face coupled with his hard upper body was all sweaty and shiny—was overwhelming.

Nevertheless, he looked very lively.

Of course, he had to be.

Because the hungry beast finally got the food it wanted.

It wasn’t an illusion.

Sex with Damia Primula was special. The least he could say was, it was really damn good. It’s a common saying, but it was bloody good enough to beg for.

Once he knew the taste, he couldn’t endure it anymore. By tomorrow, he was going to eat his full so much so that Damia wouldn’t be able to walk.

‘That way, you won’t be able to escape.’

Akkard’s purple eyes glistened with obsession.

He used to regret it every night. On the first night of embracing Damia, he had ended their affair with moderation to be considerate.

Now he couldn’t let her turn her back first again. And if he saw her say goodbye and leave the bedroom, he would definitely go crazy.

He didn’t want to know what this feeling actually was. Perhaps his wicked temper was triggered again on a whim—and he figured it so. Unfortunately for Damia, he was a man of selfishness and the ability to execute his intentions.

“You’re mine.”

At least as long as I want you.

Akkard, who grabbed her, whispered softly.

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