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“Ah, whoa!”

cried Damia, who lay on her stomach, half on the bed.

The object digging in from behind was so big and hot that she couldn’t get her head around it. Even when it was thrusting and stabbing violently inside her, her body jostled so wildly, making her dizzy.

“So, ah! Deep, slowly ·····.”

She moaned ‘slowly.’

Akkard bit his molars so tightly that his jaw quickly grew sore.

Having a taste of Damia was no different from feeding a beast on the verge of starving to death. He couldn’t resist gluttonously wolfing it down.

Ahh, the body he patiently clutched and held onto was sweet. Akkard grabbed her slender waist tighter. And stuck her from behind her enchanting ass, digging in as if he could put both balls in.

“Oh! Ah, ah! Ah!”

Damia sobbed, shaking wildly while clutching the sheets.

The pleasure was so strong that she felt like she was going to die. Because of this, the two legs that were propping her on the floor eventually lost strength.

Just as her body was about to slide down, Akkard pulled her up onto the bed. And sat her down on the bed comfortably.

Of course, it wasn’t for Damia. He immediately spread her legs wide, then climbed on and pressed down to insert his cock. He could push it much deeper than in the previous unstable position.


Her two white legs convulsed by the excessively intense deep insertion. Her entrance was trembling and she felt embarrassed. But Akkard’s thick torso was sandwiched between her legs, so there was no way to close them.

“Spread your legs wider. Otherwise, I can tie you up and hit it.”

Damia shivered at the dreadful warning.

Taking advantage of her being caught unawares, he clasped Damia’s asscheeks with his big hands, lifted her up, and began to shake and thurst his back in again.

A dark red penis moved in back and forth between the legs, spread out wider than before.

This time, he managed to fit in even the thickest root of his cock. As her inner walls were stimulated to her core’s end, Damia shed tears and cried:

“Ah, Oh, Oooohhh!!!”

Damia’s body shook up and down. Her narrow insides were filled with him, and it felt like she was going to explode. But rather than disliking the sensation, it was thrilling enough to melt her mind.

His hot genitals that crammed in her insides rubbed and mashed into every inch of her sensitive areas. Akkard bent down and bit Damia’s neck as he gave her a heavy thrust. Just as a mating beast marks its female.

“*Gasp*, unngh······!!!”

A soft cry vibrated under the skin of the neck that hosted the bite.

Akkard gently and lovingly licked the bite imprint.

He bit her collarbone, as his lower body was ferociously digging into her narrow hole. Not knowing what to do during the overwhelming stimulus Damia clung to him and wept.


Akkard soothed her with only his lips. Then he began to stimulate her walls faster and more violently.

Whenever his thick and hot member poked up and flexed, it felt like her head was becoming weird.

“No, ah! Please, uh! Slowly ·······.”

The frightened Damia embraced his neck. Akkard paused. It was the first time her arm had squeezed him to herself.

When he looked down, he could see her red eyes and her flushed nose.

Her usually elegant white face was nowhere to be seen and instead bloomed red as a flower, her expression lewd and disorganized. It was a really sexy face just to look at.

It was when Akkard was looking down with bated breath, holding his breath—stunned. Damia, who seemed to be overwhelmed, her long eyelashes trembled.

Then the clear water, which had formed in the corners of her wet eyes, fell down her soft cheeks.

“········[I’m going] crazy.”

The last strand of reason in his head snapped.


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