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The person he thought about every night was standing outside his door. With a very complicated look.

“I-I’m sorry. I just… I woke up and the butler said this was your house. I had intended on meeting you and thanking you tomorrow because it was so late…. The butler sent me saying….’If you say thank you, I’m sure he’ll like it’…….”

Damia, who was usually calm and composed, stuttered in embarrassment. It was very unlike her usual self.

As soon as he met her shaky blue eyes, Akkard instinctively realized: Damia had overheard some of his conversation with the prince.

It wasn’t intentional. And now Damia knew that Akkard also noticed that she had overheard them.

“……I’m so sorry.”

Now Akkard understood Damia’s gibberish words and grasped the situation. He growled between his grinding teeth.

“Damn it, Sebastian-!!”

He should have corrected the butler’s misunderstanding earlier. But he had been too busy and had left it alone.

Sebastian, who misunderstood Damia and Akkard having a special relationship, had been determined to assist his master’s first romance.

He had been tending Damia until she got up, washed, and took soup and medicine. But as soon as she recovered to some extent, he urged her out:

‘Now, why don’t you say good night to my master before you go to bed? What? It’s late? Don’t worry about that! No matter when you visit my lord he’ll welcome it! Definitely! Of course!! Because he’ll be happy.”

Damia broke into a cold sweat when he saw Sebastian smiling widely, as he insisted. He was obviously an old butler with a gentle and courteous impression, but she felt an unknown strong pressure.

It was almost as if invisible hands had pushed her towards his room.

Oops, when she woke up from the pressure, she was already in the hallway. Damia hesitated, glimpsing the darkness that had fallen outside the window. But her escape route had been already tightly blocked by Sebastian.

“If you go up one more floor from here, it’s the master’s room. You can use the stairs that you can see on your right.”

Sebastian smiled as he gave directions. At this point, she couldn’t return to her room. Damia’s shoulders drooped and walked towards the stairs.


A complicated sigh of resignation escaped Damia’s mouth. She hadn’t remembered what had happened in the wagon because of her fever and passing out.

But she knew the situation roughly. Akkard gave her a deep caress, saying he would take off her clothes and warm up her cold body. And after that…

‘We probably did it. Maybe.’

Damia’s face darkened. Even after a few days, when she woke up from the sickbed, her legs were sore. Specifically, the muscles that went up and inside from her thighs that she didn’t usually use. She was sore.

To be honest, she didn’t feel good. Last time he had touched her in a locker and now he even approached a sick person. Akkard was truly a selfish prick ruled by his own desires.

‘Now…… I can’t get involved with him anymore.’

Damia knew herself well. She was serious and intense and Akkard couldn’t be committed, vulnerable, or a serious love interest. It wouldn’t be possible to get to know each other lightly.

She was a very burdensome woman.

But Akkard was a man who was the opposite of her. So the more she bumped into him the more Damia would be cut and injured—it would be a mess.

Between the lighthearted or the sincere-hearted, the sincere-hearted would lose when it came to it in the game of love.

‘Okay, just go say hello. I have to ask about Cecil anyway.’

Akkard may know the identity of the “things” Louise was trying to feed Cecil. After asking that, she would leave as soon as the sun lit the sky tomorrow.

It didn’t matter if Akkard answered as he knew, or if he pretended not to know and concealed information from her. Damia would do everything in her power to protect Cecil.

‘And when I leave here tomorrow.…..’

She would never get involved with the Akkard Valerian again.

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