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He couldn’t take it anymore. Akkard pressed in his sturdy cock with the tip of his thumb before she could spit out a hot sound.


The heavily caressed vagina was soft, but it was still ridiculously cramped. He furiously pushed his way into it.

The ferocious, large pillar opened the inside without letting it go. The body, which had just come to know the man yesterday, complained of pain. Damia, whose first relationship last night came to mind, sobbed unconsciously and hung herself off Akkard’s shoulders 

“No, I can’t! It’s too deep! It’s in my belly!”

“No, you can do it. Yesterday you shook your waist greedily, swallowing mine. Don’t you remember?”

Unfortunately, Damia’s tears and erotic wails made him even more excited. No aphrodisiac was likely to work better than this.

“Try crying some more.”

Akkard, looking down at her, had a horribly serious and pained look. His sharp eyes frowned and his face cracked, full of concentration which was sensual but somehow aggressively intense. So Damia, who was more scared, cried out something she shouldn’t have

“But yours is so big… I feel like my stomach’s full. “

For a moment Akkad stopped breathing, without blinking he watched Damia’s tearful visage, groping over his lower abdomen, burning into his retinas. The eyes were so intense that Damia literally felt like she was going in them.

“……you really have a knack for pushing a man.”

With his molars tightly clenched, to the point of a vein popping out, Akkard exhaled in a voice heavy in lust. 

He kissed Damie’s eyes as if he were apologizing for what he was going to do. And he put his own, which has grown to its limit, and buried himself deep to the roots.


Damia’s straight toes stretched out and trembled in the air. His penis had entered a place where she didn’t even know existed. The feeling of it flinching inside and moving little by little was still overwhelming. Damia gasped as if it had pierced her stomach.

“Ah… …okay, good Dami.”

Akkard groaned low in her ear. Her insides were truly fantastic. Her inner walls, burning with heated caresses, were tightening from all sides, tightly biting his member.

How pretty her face is with tears in it. Both her eyes and body were inflamingly provoking, just putting it in felt injustice. However, this joyful passion was so restless. 

Damia felt his penis, buried in her narrowest and deepest depths, begin to move slowly. At first, Akkard’s relaxed movements, which soothed her crying, did not last long. As soon as Damia tightened her insides, feeling heavy with an unfamiliar sensation, his impression was palpable.


He exhaled with a deep growl. His straight teeth seemed to draw blood, but he grabbed Damia’s abdomen more feverently and began to shake her waist. His hard penis thrusted from the inside with a dominant force, and began to knead her insides pleasantly.

Damia felt the slight pain from insertion was soon driven away by overpowering pleasure. As if reacting to the thrill of being dominated her body began to drip sweet honey continuously. This made it even more slippery, Akkard’s movements smoother, faster and it began to poke inside in a tremendous amount.

“Don’t tighten like that, I feel like you are trying to break me.”

Akkard inhaled deeper in his dark voice. It was as if she was protesting against the violent intruder but Akkard kept piercing and opening her inner walls wide mercilessly.

Whenever that happened, Damia moaned as she felt white in front of her eyes.

“Huh, ah! Uhh!”

“Do you feel it? You’re holding me tight.“

Akkard dug in, spreading her legs wider. His penis that poked through the inside felt more severe. The thickness of it’s veins itching her insides and the thickness of his roots were growing even thicker than the protruding tendon.

Now the Akkard was moving as fast as a ram’s waist. The inside of his penis swelled up quickly and the elation was palpable.


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