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“Cesare Primula is the Count’s stepson that he gained after his remarriage. Since he’s a child from the second wife’s side, there’s no blood relation.”

Akkard didn’t want to uselessly mention Damia so he briefly reported on Cesare.

But Heinrich did not give up. Aren’t the interests of young people alike? He slyly smiled and naturally brought up Damia.

“Really? Count Primula remarried. The lady suddenly had a big brother. It must have been uncomfortable for her.”

Uncomfortable, indeed. Akkard had sensed the strange atmosphere between Damia and her stepbrother. But Heinrich, unaware of the dynamic, was simply curious.

“So, have you ever met Lady Primula in person? What do you think?”

“Indeed……She’s beautiful.”

Akkard had no choice but to respond to his persistent questions. His strong eyebrow creased slightly, showing that the topic made him uncomfortable.

“What’s with that expression? Sir Akkard…… don’t tell me you’ve already touched her?”

This time, there was no answer back. Only then did Heinrich catch on belatedly. The person he was talking to right now was also called the legendary stallion ‘Ahal Teke’ in capital society.

“Oh my God, Akkard Valerian!”

His eyes grew big and he laughed.

“I have no choice but to respect your skills. How long has it been since you’ve arrived and you’ve already captured the most beautiful woman in the North?”

Heinrich expressed his sincere admiration but the compliment only soured Akkard’s mood.

‘What capture?’

It was Akkard who suffered from ‘hit and run’ from a first-timer, the innocent Damia Primula.

Every time he thought about it, his pride was hurt, so his anger exploded and his heart hurt and pounded. But if he leaked out this story even by mistake it was obvious that after a deep laugh Heinrich would bring up the story for the next 10 years.

‘Damn it I feel like I was played.’

Damia Primula was a natural talent in the bed. Thanks to her, Akkard’s head was spinning after years of experience.

Thinking of it, Akkard felt a previously unknown sense of defeat. In order to make Damia pay, he needed to finish this report quickly.

“I observed Lady Primula’s terrible relationship with her stepbrother, Cesare. So her being on his side, the likelihood… is extremely low. But I’ll look into it a little more just in case.”

“Yes, if you stay close to her, you’ll have a chance to approach Cesare, which will naturally make it easier to dig up dirt on the High Temple!”

The capable Sir Akkard, Heinrich nodded with satisfaction. It seemed to him that Akkard had slept with Damia, to gain information.

Akkard was grateful that the prince had misunderstood the situation. Akkard quietly shut up. Then Heinrich, feeling hopeful and lively said whatever he wanted.

“Use your handsomeness or whatever it is to obtain Lady Primula. For the poor South suffering from pollution. When you’re done, well, you can take her pretty hands and come up to the capital together.”

Heinrich smiled gloatingly, revealing his chocolate-stained front teeth. He thought he could hear the royal family’s dignity falling, but Akkard didn’t tell him. It was a petty revenge on Heinrich, who unintentionally reminded him of his broken pride.

“Then I’ll see you at the next report, Sir Akkard.”

At last, the magic communication channel was cut off. Akkard put down the magic tool and frowned in thought.

‘Obtain Damia.’

If he could, he wouldn’t really want to. But Damia was a woman who wasn’t interested. She didn’t expect anything from him and she didn’t know anything about him.

So she was hard to handle.


Akkard clicked his tongue in frustration. At this time, he suddenly felt a presence in the hallway outside the bedroom.

‘The butler?’

Akkard thought casually. He hadn’t slept very well since he came to the North. His surroundings changed, but that wasn’t the only thing bothering him.

Just as alpha males had a strong desire to breed in the wild, so did Akkard. His well-disciplined, manly body rapidly grew hot. In the capital women always rushed to his side so it was relatively easy to quench his lust.

‘Except for that woman.’

Akkard mutter to himself in irritation. He was a man with a clear sense of purpose and drive. Therefore, he had no intention of pursuing another woman just because Damia was temporarily uninterested in him. That was the mindset of a loser.

But his desire for sex persisted, all the same, so Akkard often lost sleep at night. He had a fit body that grew feverish imagining the fairy-like woman crushed under him.

‘Poor master. You must be having a hard time sleeping because you are in an unfamiliar bed.’

Sebastian, who knew nothing, sympathized with his master. So at night, he would often bring warm milk or herbs and scents for a good night’s sleep.

Akkard, who assumed it was Sebastian offering a drink, casually opened the door.

But met his eyes was not his butler but Damia.


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