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The moment he recalled Lessid’s confident declaration, Akkard’s eyebrows frowned. He didn’t know why, but his heart was filled with terrible displeasure.

Didn’t it feel like someone trampled on his white bed with muddy shoes?

“What’s wrong, Lord Akkard? Are you having problems with Lessid?”

Heinrich, who saw Akkad’s chilling expression, also became concerned. He wondered if the two had fought.

“No, nothing, Your Grace.”

What dirty shoes? Akkard clenched his teeth and shook off useless thoughts.

He knew well that he was a selfish boy from birth. His arrogant and selfish heart didn’t have the capacity to love anyone.

Damia Primula was nothing special. It was obvious that Damia only let him tasted her, teased him, and burned his hand, flaunting it in front of him as if she were going to give it to him. Had she clung to him like all the other women and coveted pleasure as much, he would have forgotten her without hesitation as soon as the sweet water ran out.

Instead, Damia’s naked body grew vivid when he closed his eyes. Akkard’s body heated up when he thought of the texture of her skin, which was wet, moist, and hot from the rain.

Because of this, lately, he had been staying up all night. Thinking Damia was lying in his mansion, he couldn’t sleep at all.

‘Don’t even look good in my dreams and fuck.’

By this point, Akkard was beside himself with curiosity.

Had he ever glorified a one-night stand before? Was it because it had been a short relationship or…… If he held her enough times, would his fascination with her body that first night finally deplete?

He’d been in anguish waiting for her all this while, and now, finally, Damia Primula arose.

The corners of Akkard’s mouth twisted when he thought of her. Tonight, Damia will pay the price for his painful burning heart. It was a comforting thought.

‘Once you taste it. You’ll get sick of it soon. As always.’

Then he wouldn’t be at the mercy of Damia Primula. Afterward, if Lessid confessed or not, he couldn’t be bothered to pay attention.

With those thoughts, Akkard felt a little better. Naturally, his report gained more confidence.

“Lessid is very helpful, as promised. But his younger sister, Louise Ferria…. It seems like she is on the temple’s side. I overheard her by chance in a hallway, so I’m sure.”

Akkard briefly reported what he saw and heard in the locker. Except, of course, Damia Primula’s presence.

That day, he recalled Damia’s appearance, who couldn’t breathe properly because he was thrusting his penis between her thighs. She had been red to her ears, crying at a loss at what to do and desperate not to make a sound.

When he thought of it, blood poured into his groin. No matter, Heinrich didn’t have to know what Damia looked like. Therefore, Akkard omitted Damia’s name from the report.

“That’s unfortunate.”

Heinrich, who knew nothing, shrugged.

“The siblings are in different factions with the brother are on our side and his sister on High Temple’s side. Is it the Goddess’ joke?”

It was. No matter how bad a relationship was between siblings, it was rare for them to be this different. Heinrich clicked his tongue but looked at Akkard with pride.

‘It hasn’t been long since you arrived in the North. I can’t believe you’ve already dug up this much information.’

Heinrich was deeply impressed. Akkard did a good job as his right arm. Heinrich, who had been mulling over what he had heard, felt strange and suddenly asked,

“But the one suspected of working with Louise… is it Cesare Primula? I’ve never heard of him before.”

Akkard did not say anything. But Heinrich did not care about his silence. He went on, lost in his thoughts.

“I remember because I memorized the genealogy of each family the other day. As far as I know, the head of the Primula had only one daughter. Isn’t it?”

Akkard, who seemed to know who it was, frowned. It seemed Damia was destined to be discussed at the end of the day; at least it was just her name.

Unfortunately, Heinrich’s words didn’t end there. Suddenly, with an excited look, he leaned forward and asked,

“I’ve heard she’s an amazingly beautiful woman. Since it’s reached the capital, I’m sure it’s not a lie, right?”


“Sir Akkard, do you know who Lady Primula is?”

He knew her well.

He knew not only her face but also her body. Akkard smiled darkly when he saw Heinrich showing a strong interest in her.

Damia Primula must have been born with a very special talent. A talent that attracts men’s attention, whether she wanted it or not.

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