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Left alone in the hallway, Akkard sighed and massaged his forehead. He wanted to jump into the room right away and explain that it wasn’t what Sebastian was thinking. However, if he did so, the misunderstanding would grow bigger, as if he was too embarrassed to admit it.

‘The plague really doesn’t fit the north.’

There was another reason why he quickly returned to the mansion. Akkard, who took out a pocket watch from his vest, glanced at it and clicked his tongue.

“It’s time.”

Akkard looked back toward the bedroom door when Damia woke up, turned his back indifferently.

It was a pity that he couldn’t clarify himself to Sebastian, but he could not keep the prince waiting because of such a trifling misunderstanding.


Akkard arrived at his room and picked up a magic video sphere. It was time to report to the Crown Prince who sent him here.

There was a crackling sound, a bright light shined, and a handsome man with brown hair came into view. The man’s face turned his head this way towards the sphere.

“Oh, Sir Akkard”

“Your Highness, the Crown Prince.”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve heard from you. I was beginning to get worried. But seeing that you’ve reached out like this, you seem to have adapted well to the North. Good for you.”

The prince spoke in a thoughtful tone. He seemed to care for his right arm, and it was a remark that any subordinate would be moved by. However, the drawback was that he didn’t seem sincere at all because he was eating chocolate while leaning back with his feet on his desk.

“So isn’t this your first time in the North? How is it? What’s your impression?”

Akkard duly replied, looking pitifully at the prince’s hands covered with chocolate,

“Of course, it’s boring. It’s small and looks as if it’s at least a decade behind the capital. How can you smoothly devour chocolate when you put people in this place?”

Heinrich adamantly protested against Akkard’s scathing reply.

“Oh my God! How could you say such a terrible thing? With such an important mission, I sent you to the North! You really don’t know my heart!”

On the surface, he seemed outraged, but Heinrich’s eyes were smiling as he pushed another chocolate into his mouth. Akkard saw right through him, knowing the Crown Prince since childhood, and declared coldly.

“If you keep making useless sounds, I’ll hang up. “

“No, don’t hang up!”

Since it was Akkard Valerian, he would hang up. Since they knew each other for so long, even asserting the crown prince’s authority didn’t work on Sir Akkard.

“Please save me, Lord Akkard. Umm? I need you to somehow investigate the Temple. At this rate, the whole kingdom is in danger!”

Alarmed, Heinrich quickly changed his behavior and begged.

Because of the “secret mission,” Akkard, who was the most popular socialite in capital society, was suddenly sent to the impoverished North.

The North was a boring place with nothing to see but snow and minerals. However, the only thing to mention was that there was The High Temple.

It’s home to the Pope, the Saint, and the Paladins. For this reason, the devoted called the North ‘The Holy Land.’ However, Heinrich and Akkard, who roughly guessed at the truth, had differing ideas.

“I know you’re suffering by going to the North. But you have to find a clue to the ‘pollution’ that’s plaguing the South and prevent it from growing. If this continues, it will soon spread to the capital.”

Akkard’s face darkened. Heinrich was right. The South was almost shut down because of the ‘contamination’ that blackened the land and prevented crops from growing. If this situation continued to spread across the country, there would literally be a catastrophe.

The royal family tried hard to find the source of the pollution but could not find any clues. The only place they did not investigate was the North.

So Heinrich sent Akkard as far north as a last resort. It was an extremely risky gamble that relied more on intuition rather than reason.

“Don’t forget, Lord Akkard is the last hope of the royal family. “

And ‘my’ last hope.

The cursed Crown Prince, Heinrich, laughed bitterly. If Akkard found no clues in the North, he would soon be deposed.

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