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Damia, still unconscious, pulled in and held her arms to her chest in her sleep. But her face looked sadder than before.

Akkard glanced down at her. Strangely enough, he felt guilty—which was utterly unlike him. She had a fever, and she wasn’t going to remember, so it wouldn’t have cost him anything if he had offered a little bit of comfort and treated her kindly.

For unknown reasons, his mouth tasted bitter. Akkard turned his back on her in an effort to shake off his unpleasant mood.


As soon as he had opened the bedroom door, he encountered an unexpected face in the hallway. After seeing him, Akkard opened his mouth in surprise.


It was his butler, Sebastian, who was standing there. A faithful servant, Sebastian, who was from the capital, stood outside with a towel and basin.


Sebastian was also surprised to see Akkard emerging from the guest bedroom. As he knew, the guest had not woken up, so he must have come to check on her.

‘My master can’t be so considerate……!!’

Akkard was a generous, fair, and respectable master, but he was different when it came to women. Even the most outstanding beauty didn’t hold his interest unless she was warming his bed.

But here was Sir Akkard not only bringing a woman to his house but also looking after her illness. Sebastian’s eyes popped open in astonishment and expressed his bewilderment:

“You’re back earlier than scheduled, Master! Did you visit the guest without taking off your coat? What kind of relationship do you have with the lady…?”

Sebastian, who had been speaking rapidly, realized—Why not? There’s only one emotion that blooms between young men and women.

‘Ah, finally! The Master has a special person too!’

There’s no one who blames an esteemed handsome man for having women. But if you go through so many women, how can there be no one in your heart?

Faithful Sebastian cared for his Master since he was born. It was incredibly heartbreaking that the young Master had grown up unfriendly without receiving proper affection in such a harsh environment. So he hoped and prayed for Akkard’s heart throughout the entire time that he stood beside Akkard.

‘If you do everything you want to do in the future…’

…….And Akkard really grew up like that. It had even proven a little too much for Sebastian, who had christened Sir Akkard as “Kind Master” in his heart.

Women were wholly captivated while holding Akkard in awe and fear because of his overwhelming presence, wit, and power. There were plenty of nobles in the capital, but no one could compare to Akkard Valerian.

Naturally, he was surrounded by women that constantly stole glances at him and blushed. Likewise, Akkard was not a person who refused those good women. He slept with as many women as he pleased, and in the end, he always coolly dumped them.

Thanks to this, the social circle of the capital city, which was likened to a wild jungle, shot a drama that would last a long time in history.

‘It’s like a bunch of lionesses in the heat trying to win over the Lion King.’

Akkard’s sister, Sienna, was thoroughly disgusted by his mess. Sebastian felt guilty as if he had misled his young Master.

But in the far North, the Master finally found his mate…!!!

It was indeed fortunate. Now, he could, fortunately, send back the women who were rushing to the mansion and reply to the love letters and hateful letters.

Recalling his hardships, Sebastian’s eyes became teary. Akkard saw his expression and frowned with a sense of foreboding.

“Hey, you’re thinking about something useless…”

“No, my lord. You don’t have to explain anything to Sebastian.”

Sebastian put one hand on his chest, pretended to be ignorant and compliant, and bowed his head. At first glance, it was an elegant gesture as usual.

But Akkard saw it. An irresistible smile graced his wrinkled lips and his heart-warming eyes glowed.

“Seeing that you’ve come back so quickly, you must have been worried about her condition, but don’t worry too much. A famous doctor in the North has just arrived so the lady will be better in no time! Everything will work out.”

Sebastian’s tone was soothingly sweet, as if he was appeasing a young boy. He did not doubt that Akkard was worried about Damia.

“Wait, Sebastian….”

Akkard, who belatedly realized his misunderstanding, was about to correct it in a hurry. Right before he could, Damia’s cough came through the small gap in the door.

“Cough, cough, cough… This is…?”

She seemed to have finally woken up after nearly three days of slumber. Sebastian was thrilled to hear her voice leaking from the inside.

“Come on, let’s go! Doctor, please take a quick look at her condition!”

Sebastian did not listen to his explanation and pushed the doctor’s back into the room. As the doctor walked in, Sebastian requested, “Please take good care of her.” He was already acting like a faithful steward who took care of his mistress.


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