PCP – 63

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He flipped up Damia’s fluffy skirt and spread her slender legs wide. He loosened the waist of his pants with rapid, urgent hand movements and took out his dark red penis, swollen with blood rushing in. And surprisingly, he began to rub it over Damia’s underwear.


Damia twisted her waist to get out of his firm grip. But her actions only helped him to rub against her inner flesh.

She was embarrassed that the cleavage of her secret between her legs was blatantly exposed even under the thin underwear soaked in liquid. There was nowhere to hide with her thighs wide open. As he skillfully slipped his hot penis in front of her entrance through the gap, her sensual clit began to bloom.

Akkard licked his lips and slowly grinded against her bud so he could taste it. They hadn’t even started yet, but it was already delicious enough to make him go insane.

He stretched the underwear over her entrance. He rubbed his fingertips over her tight lingerie. Then transparent love liquid flowed out through the fabric.

It was like a hot, sweet syrup poured over pancakes. Akkard grinned, taking in the sight, and stretched it out in front of Damia, who turned her head red with shame. Akkard calmly licked his fingers and laughed deeply.

“It tastes very sexy.”

Shocked at her own response to Akkard, Damia’s eyes reflected her surprise. Akkard thought her eyes were so pretty it made him harder. She was soaking her panties like this yet refusing him as if she didn’t want him.

Damia’s conduct was both emotional and cute, and his heart heated up. Akkard bit Damia’s cheek, trying to suppress his rising passion. Without taking off her underwear, he pushed his penis through her entrance.


At the same time, Damia’s eyes grew bigger; her insides became tight. Her body, which had only one night’s experience with him, had forgotten him like a lie. But as Akkard’s fully erect penis pushed in, its thick head widened her insides. She began to swallow his organ tightly even though she didn’t know what she was doing.


Akkard’s handsome eyebrows furrowed. Between her legs, where he had been anxious to press in between even in his dreams, was much more ecstatic than he remembered.

Akkard gasped as her insides squeezed him as he twitched his way to her narrow inner core. Her body, unfamiliar with sex, didn’t make it easy. He had no choice but to use the smooth love liquid as a lubricant and push it little by little.

“Hwoo… [exhale]”

At last, a murky groan flowed from Akkard’s mouth as soon as he inserted himself all the way to his root.

It was a truly bloody delicious body. Her insides were wriggling and tightening and hot, that he had already filled up. He haven’t even moved properly yet…. but he felt like he was getting dizzy from the intense anticipation.

Akkard sighed with satisfaction. He looked down. Damia, who had tears in her eyelashes, was gasping as if she was struggling with feeling overwhelmed, her eyes tightly closed.

Her white face turned red as if she had a fever. It was pitiful to see her chirping and not knowing what to do. As he watched her trembling body, he felt an unrecognizable sense of loveliness.


Akkard kissed her cheek, bringing him a heavenly euphoria. And then suddenly he was surprised. It was because the cheeks on his lips were too hot.


At his call of concern, Damia shivered, her eyelids trembling. Under her reddish eyelashes, her bewildered blue eyes were revealed. Damia made eye contact with Akkard for a moment when suddenly her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and she fainted.

“……Hey, wake up!! Damia!!”

Akkard hurriedly grabbed her shoulder, shook her, and checked her eyes. As he scanned her neck, the heat in his hand was unusual. It was clear that her temperature dropped due to rain, but a fever was rising.


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  1. 🤣 It backfired… Like man If it was a uncontrollable desire it didn’t mean you uave to kill her (not literally)

  2. Akkard in the heat of the passion she literally is running a fever. Whew child this cliffhanger, my mind is not prepared to wait to find out if she’s okay. 😫 Thanks translators!

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